IAIK Ch 119

Ch 119

At this moment, Alexander was on the roof of the Castle.

“Hm, I’ve already analyzed the entire large City, but apparently there really isn’t anyone who is affiliated with Kuroinu…”

He thought he had just checked from end to end in the City, for the trail of anyone who had anything to do with Kuroinu in any way, shape or form, but nothing, absolutely no one seemed to be so.

“Truth be told, I’m not surprised, since in the Anime, by the time they got here, they pretty much had the region in their power, which is why Celestine had had to surrender so quickly.”

It was evening, the Sun had already set, and Alexander was immersed in thought as he sat on the roof.

“Also… doesn’t my memory remember everything, completely everything?”

Alexander was embarrassed to note in the afternoon, that the whole Castle had heard Celestine and him, having sex.

Not only that, but Celestine happily announced to everyone of her marriage, and by everyone, he means “everyone” the World…literally.

The whole City knew, and messages were sent to the other Fortresses… or at least, the ones that could be sent.

Alexander thought that if Celestine were in her former World, she would go out on the balcony of her apartment to shout that she was married….

The reaction, of course, from the Capital City, was quite vociferous as it was yet another reason to have a party, even with a winding attack over their heads.

Those of the Board who ran the City apart from the Castle, quickly and without delay sent their congratulations to the Castle, and not only them, but all the other nobles of the City as well.

It was something certainly surprising, but it was well received because it seemed like something out of a fairy tale, “Hero Marries Princess”.

It differed a bit, but that was the same feeling people had when witnessing something like that.

And of course, in the same way, there were certain… men, who shed tears of blood while hearing that their Goddess, Celestine-sama, had already married the Hero-sama….

For Alexander, all this was a mixture of embarrassment, discomfort, joy, and so on….

And, judging by the many hot looks he was receiving from all sides inside the Castle, they hoped that it was not only his Lady, to whom the newly named “Hero’s Bliss” was extended….

Alexander wanted the earth to open up and swallow him up at that moment, but….

“Well, it’s past what happened.”

He downplayed it majestically as he continued to think about different things.

Now he was calmer because at least, he was sure that Kuroinu had not extended his claws here, and had spies or “friends” in the Capital.

Alexander was surprised that in fact, there were not the fat and rude nobles, or slave traders that he used to watch the Anime, or those young masters who were very arrogant like in the Chinese novels.

He made sure of this as the first ones he checked out completely were the nobles.

But no, he was surprised that here in this City, crime was at an extremely low rate of occurrence, it seemed that the nobles were pretty clean, Alexander attributed this to the vast majority being, of course, women.

Alexander kept thinking about different things, like for example, about his Multiversal journey that would start in not too long…

A subject that made him very expectant, certainly.

Also, in the same way, he thought about what would happen once Celestine had the unique Ability of her Wives, Goddess Ying Body.

Since Celestine had the kindest body he had ever seen, even, though not that much, a bit more than Aki, Alexander thought as he was still not completely sure.

Her Skill, Goddess Body Ying, was a natural Skill derived from the Yin pronunciation of Chinese culture, something he created explicitly for his Wives, to a level where it took over the entire Skill even at naming scales.

Ying, instead of Yin.

He really didn’t know what would happen with Celestine, but if she still became even more beautiful than she already was, with Olga also becoming more and more Milf with each passing time, Alexander felt he would have to upgrade Unique Soul to fully resist his own body’s sexual urges as he looked at the two of them….


He sighed and then stood up to walk down to the Castle, straight to Celestine’s room, and entered through the large window it had.

He flew with Telekinesis and entered until he stepped on the floor in the room, an act that had been observed by two surprised people….

“Alex-sama, welcome~”

Celestine quickly got over seeing her Husband flying, and greeted him with a masterful smile demonstrating her teeth that looked like white pearls.

“Oh, I’m here.”

“A-a-alex-sama… t-that…”


Alexander turned to Sylphy who was with a very excited face looking at him and was biting his tongue having several verbal tics.


Sylphy coughed a little and said, “Alex-sama did you just …. did you just fly?”

Alexander laughed as he shook his head, “Haha, no, actually, I’m using an Ability that allows me to move things with my mind, to hold myself up in the air, see, for example, don’t be scared, Sylphy-chan, that nothing will happen.”

Mind/Energy Manifestation.

Alexander made Sylphy float in the air several centimeters above the ground and then a few meters.


Sylphy was flushed with excitement and opened her little arms as Alexander sent her flying across the room.

“Alex-sama… I…” Alexander looked at Celestine, and saw that she was looking at him with a pitiful face, “I want too…”


Alexander likewise grabbed Celestine and with Telekinesis sent her flying all over the place, amused at their reactions, both Celestine’s, and Sylphy, who looked like little girls from the adorable giggles they were making.



Right now it was a little later in the evening, and Alexander had recently gone to the Castle kitchen to cook for them all.

There were a large number of people in the Castle, but he still gave enough to cook for each and every one of them.

Of course, while Alexander was cooking, so were several other people who were proud to accompany the Hero-sama in the kitchen, too…. Well, there were many middle-aged royal cooks who looked at Alexander with hearts in their eyes….

Celestine also had a little apron while cooking with Alexander, though she didn’t know what she was doing, and Alexander had to teach her step by step, even, in those moments where he would stand behind her and with his strong arms would take Celestine’s to help her and guide her to peel vegetables well and so on, they were particularly repetitive moments as Celestine seemed to be very bad at peeling vegetables, simply, too bad… and seeing her not improving, it was almost like she wanted to “keep” being bad at it….

For Alexander to help her.

It all ended with several people having overreactions to tasting the food, from extreme to extreme… literally, but in itself that had been the most delicious meal they had ever tasted.

Now Alexander and Celestine were sitting at the table in the Main Room, with her sitting on his lap, while Alexander quietly caressed her.

They spent a few seconds in quiet, just there, and then he shifted his body a little so that he had Celestine in front of his face.


Celestine didn’t know why Alexander would do something like that, but she let him do whatever he wanted with an everlasting smile planted on her face.

Alexander put on a serious face, though he also had a soft smile, “Would you like to meet my other women, and your Big Sister, in my Asora Pocket World, Celestine?”

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