IAIK Ch 120

Ch 120

Celestine was surprised to no end by this question from Alexander, and her face for a moment, recognizing what the question meant, quickly changed with different expressions….

Joy, nostalgia, sadness, longing, bubbling happiness….


Celestine nodded with a big smile of happiness, and little tears at the tips of her eyes.

“Then let’s go.”

Alexander stood up, Celestine did too, and just like that, the two of them disappeared from that World while their hands were clasped tightly together.

When Celestine noticed, she was already in a different place that was not her room, it was a large lake in front of her, surrounded by slightly elevated grounds, and behind it a small wooded area that looked like the domain of some nature god….


Celestine looked all around her.

“This is amazing…”

Alexander looked at Celestine, “Welcome to Asora, this is my personal World, growing alongside my Power, and it is now also yours to enjoy.”

Celestine walked a short distance and brought her nose to the flowers nearby leaning a little.

“Ahh, even nature itself seems to be content here… I’ve never had this feeling while surrounded by it before…”

“Mn, to tell you the truth, for me I still think it’s quite incomplete, I mean, so far all that can be observed in this great World, is just the trees, plants, flowers and so on, but no animals to go with it, though I have a feeling that it’s not long now, in a short time all this will be filled with life.”

Celestine looked up at Alexander and still had the look of wonder on her face, then smiled confidently as she said proudly, “Something like this, something as magical as this, is normal for… my man.”


Alexander put his hand behind his head.

“But even so, it still seems so perfect in this place that it’s something almost dreamlike…”

“Hehe, it’s true.” Alexander stood at the water’s edge of the lake and bent down to lightly skim the edge of it, “I remember long ago this was just a small pond, big enough only for a few people to go inside, but now, as it grows with my Energy, it is so… it is not only this, it is also the World itself that grows with my Energy, so…. it can still go on and on and on growing…”

Celestine looked at Alexander’s back, and then she went there to hug him from behind.

A few minutes passed and Alexander caught Celestine’s attention, “So, is it time to see the girls yet?”


Celestine nodded and the two stood up.

“I still haven’t warned that I was on my way here, so it’ll be a surprise, hehe, a big surprise for all of them.”

Alexander smiled a little and took Celestine’s hand to lead her to Nothing Manor, at the epicenter of Asora’s World.

Along the way, he showed Celestine different things about the whole place, and in general they stayed talking comfortably for a while.

When the Mansion came into view, Alexander noticed that Celestine’s hand seemed a little…. nervous? Or at least, it felt that way.

He snuggled Celestine closer to himself, and they kept walking.


The large three-building Mansion came fully into view.

They walked a little further and now they were just outside the Mansion.

Celestine saw the other strange buildings on the sides of the Mansion, but her heart was pounding hard right now, as she looked at the door in front of her.

Alexander and Celestine looked at each other, and Alexander smiled, “Olga.”

He said at a neutral voice volume, normal enough for two people several feet away from them.


With his particular hearing, Alexander heard Olga’s voice from inside also speaking softly, only they knew they were talking.

Alexander heard Olga’s footsteps from inside, approaching the door.

“Anata~ Good thing you came, Luu Luu-chan started furiously touching Ak-‘s breasts….”

Olga walked out the door with her face in a mildly amused grumble as she said to her Husband, but when she looked behind him, she was completely speechless.



Olga stayed where she was, without any reaction.



Alexander saw that both Celestine and Olga were standing there like pegs in place, calling each other’s names faintly.

Alexander smiled and pushed Celestine’s back a little, “Come on, don’t you want to hug your Sister?”

Celestine looked quickly at Alexander.

(Thank you.)

She whispered and turned to Olga.





Alexander watched as the two ran to each other while crying.

“Olga-oneesama buaaahhhhh!”


Alexander laughed in happiness seeing these two Sisters reuniting after God knows how long….


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