IAIK Ch 121

Ch 121

Kaguya: “So, it’s like this, isn’t it?”

Prim: “Yessssss… It’s like that…”

Alicia: “Hm… I saw it coming but… it’s still simply too surprising…”

Chaia: “Even to someone like Celestine-sama…”

Maia: “W-well, it’s also true that Alex-sama is…”

Luu Luu: “Uhh… even that cow…”

Eleonora: “Um, Luu Luu-chan, that’s Celestine-sama, Celestine-sama…”

Chloe: “Danna-sama is very charming… just, too much…”

Aki: “…”

Claudia: “Alex-sama…”

The girls sigh in tandem as they look at the situation in front of them….

Alexander was in the middle, Celestine was on the right side of his chest, and Olga was on the left, both of them were all over Alexander’s chest in a tight embrace between the 3 of them, on the main sofa in the living room of Asora’s main room, and Alexander was just gently stroking both of their heads, and it even seemed that in a little more time, they would fall asleep.

It had already been several hours after Olga and Celestine had met….

Their reunion was extremely emotional and did not end until recently, then Celestine came out of her stupor to also greet the other girls here, who sweated a little when Celestine finally noticed them after several hours.

And not long after that, Olga and Celestine, as if in sync, gave Alexander a hug on the couch, and they’ve been like that for a while now.

The girls, each and every one of them, already completely knew the story behind Olga and Celestine, due to the fact that in the slight moment before Olga and Celestine “hugged” Alexander, he explained them to them, so they couldn’t interrupt something like that.

Not even Aki, who was more than surprised to learn that Celestine had been a real Goddess, that is, an existence as abstract as that, and even greater… that Olga herself was one too, however in a lesser magnitude.

Claudia had originally planned to pay Alexander a “visit” tonight, to reaffirm their relationship… completely, but now she simply thought that something like that could wait.

By this time, she was totally fine and naturally accepting of everything.

Chloe too, she had never seen her Queen like this, but since she knew this was a very good thing, she just let it happen with a smile, but….

Everyone, absolutely everyone, was still surprised that their Husband had already laid his hands on Celestine Lucross, not only someone who was a Reincarnated Goddess, but was even, one could say, the person with the highest command and authority in this World….

After that collective sigh, and with Alexander’s nod, they left them alone in the room.

Chaia turned off the TV, and was the last one to go up the centre stairs.

“So, are they okay now?”

Alexander asked the girls into his chest.


‘Will they be asleep?’

Alexander wondered and tilted his head to look at the girls’ faces, but at that moment ….


Olga finally raised her head, her bangs didn’t show one of her eyes, but just like the other, she had tear marks visible on her face, only….

At this moment, Olga had a cute smile on her face.

“I love you, I love you, I love you so much… but so much…”

Alexander just looked incomprehensibly at Olga’s gaze….

Olga smiled and kissed him on the lips, while the kiss they shared was too soft, Alexander could tell that this kiss was different… the feelings Olga wanted to convey to him with this soft action were… really unimaginable for Alexander….

“That’s not fair, Onee-sama…”

Olga turned away from Alexander with a feverish look, and smiled amusedly as she looked at Celestine, who now had a pout on her chibi face.

Before Alexander could speak, Celestine kissed him directly on his mouth as well, even going so far as to insert her…. …tongue into Alexander’s mouth?

Olga watched this with mixed feelings, to her, Celestine was a Little Sister, she always was, the way she saw her was as part of her royal family… so, at first, a little concern reigned in her mind about Celestine and her Master’s relationship….


Olga saw that Celestine also desperately loved Alexander like her, not “exactly” like her, but she was in the same way…

This made her discover something new…

Olga suddenly blushed completely, her breath quickened, as she saw the lascivious kiss her Imouto was sharing with her Master….

Olga felt a huge arousal at this moment, tears of pleasure formed in the corner of her eyes, she bit her lips and her hand went to her crotch, while the other one squeezed Alexander’s chest a little….

She had previously thought of the situation that she and Celestine would someday share Alexander and service him in bed, but at that moment… she took it as one of the kinkiest erotic fantasies that had ever occurred to her….

So, seeing Alexander and Celestine like this, Olga’s arousal level reached an unprecedented point….


Alexander and Celestine parted their lips, and as always, although the gaze was a bit lost, Celestine still greedily slurped Alexander’s saliva….

She then looked towards her Big Sister, and it wasn’t long before Celestine’s white skin was also blushing furiously, guessing what her thoughts were.


Alexander sincerely believed that all of this was beyond him, so he just went silent, waiting to see what they would decide between the two of them….


“Cele-chan… Are you thinking the same thing as me?”

They both looked at each other and their faces first, at the same time, took on a complicated hue, then… they smiled in a way that, though he was not the target of a smile, Alexander’s skin bristled.

Olga then, gently, and looking sideways at Alexander, kissed Celestine on her lips, Celestine was stunned for a moment, but the next she strained all she could in that kiss….


Unique Soul.

Unique Soul.

Unique Soul.

Unique Soul.

Unique Soul.

Unique Soul.

Unique Soul


He didn’t even count the attempts in which he actively tried to use his Skill, but to no avail….

Alexander watched as his penis rose so high that a gigantic tent was pitched in his nether regions….

“Ara ara~” Olga, who had already finished kissing her practically, biological Little Sister, one could say, and looked at Alexander’s tent with…. hungry, very hungry, her gaze was indescribable and her one eye now visible, glistened a little….

“Onee-sama… looks like we have to properly thank our Master like his Wives and Slaves should, right? Nfufufufufu~”

Celestine also reached an irreversible state of arousal, to the point that her nipples were so hard right now that they hurt a little, but the blush on her face, contrary to the confident way she spoke with, was too outstanding….

Alexander watched as his Wives, his indentured slaves, the women he would be with for eternity, looked at him with succubus-like eyes that wanted to get his essence….


He couldn’t help it, but his penis contracted and his throat swallowed audibly….

Apparently, in the next few moments….

… A lot of things would happen… really a lot of things….

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