IAIK Ch 122

Ch 122

It was possible to see the green meadows and mountains far and wide in this place.

Entire islands covered with green of different sizes, in a completely virgin area…

It was also possible to appreciate.

Normally, it would be possible to quickly realize that a World with only nature in it, that is, without Animal life… was something, a bit weird.

Yes, like those Japanese novels that don’t have so many clichés in them…

Certainly, to find a really good Japanese novel that is not guided by its worn-out plot of stupid clichés, it takes work, knowledge, sweat, fast internet, etc, etc, etc.

Of course, the situation is not the same with Chinese novels as they have other problems, such as, for example, their multitude of names and repetitive plots, Chen Cai did this and it was amazing, Chen Tai also did something that nobody could do, amazing, Chen Xia is not left behind either, everybody wants to marry him and so on… etc, etc.

And with the Korean novels-….

*Cof* *Cof*

Ahem, the topic got a bit sidetracked….

But it was really weird, seeing a place so full of nature, almost looking like a fantasy, without a single Animal.

It wasn’t just the place of forests and plants, in the deserts of that place, in the great unexplored and deep seas that dwelled there….

There was no Animal of any kind.

It was, truly, something strange.

In fact, if it was something as unique and unnatural as this, then this place could not be normal….

And in fact, this place was not normal, no, not at all….

If there were some people somehow being able to know the whole situation, then they would easily realize that, this place….

Was Asora!

That’s right.

It wasn’t LAPUTA, it wasn’t Heavenly Paradise, it wasn’t a World out of a bad Science Fiction movie, it was, in fact, Asora!

A World that was granted to Alexander Smith as one of his 5 Wishes.


Oh, wait a minute.

And at the very center of this great World, was that man, Alexander Smith, sleeping peacefully in his room in the elegant Nothing Mansion he had built.

And a strange thing, was that he was alone, sleeping all alone, when he had already adapted to sleeping next to his Wives.



Yes, this man had been saving each of the Seven Fortresses of Humanity in a somewhat strange Isekai World… but in fact, he had not only earned and conquered each Fortress….

But he had also conquered the hearts and bodies of the Princess Knights, extremely beautiful and lewdly dressed women who ruled the Fortresses!

Not only that, but also at the beginning of his journey he also won over Milf Olga Discord, Queen of the Dark Elves and her Right Hand Chloe, formerly and once Tsundere, being only Dere now… and yes, they had devilishly lewd clothes on them too!

And if that wasn’t enough…

One of them was a cute girl with girlish looks and he shamelessly made her his Imouto to raise and later make her his Wife!

In Alexander’s room, when he was all alone and placidly sleeping, a quick shadow came through the door into that room….


Consciousness was slowly coming to me, as I was awakened by a pleasant dream….

Well, not so pleasant.

The truth is, it was decided that there was one day a week that no matter how much action at night you had, you should wake up alone.

Naturally, I didn’t like something like that too much, since I was used to sleeping with my pretty Wives, and waking up seeing their beautiful and Kawaii faces, but it was strange that between all of them they had decided it.

Not only my Wives, but even Luu Luu-chan, Claudia, and Aki were also completely and almost pointedly okay with it.

According to things I’ve heard, it was something like this to maintain a small percent of normalcy in my life….

Personally, since I’ve already spent 10 years experiencing a life of fantasy, and well, loneliness too, something like this wouldn’t affect me, no, not at all….

But I could also tell that they were holding back too much by imposing something like that on me….

And noticing their concern for me, I was so happy that without complaining I let them arrange that schedule as they wanted, seriously, they were very cute.

I smiled faintly as I felt a bit of diabetes in my blood again.

“… isama~”


I think it was because I wasn’t fully up yet, but I thought I heard a voice from very close by.

In fact, I could feel an extremely small weight on my waist, but since it happened to me almost every day, I didn’t even notice this detail.

Unintentionally, my hands went forward, or it felt that way.

To be honest I was still a bit sleepy old man, as I had slept I imagine only two hours, as my biological clock was just fine, plus I myself was the one who allowed myself to feel sleepy like this, as this was something I liked, even if it wasn’t necessary in the first place.


My hands touched some sort of strange place, and I heard a very weird, but also damn Kawai sounding noise.

My eyebrows drew together a little, and as I woke up, I fully regained the feeling in my hands.

*Puik* *Puik*.


Yes, it was something… how to say, very small, that is, very little skin or a body part that was smaller than my hand, yet there it was, and I was touching it repeatedly at this moment….

What caught my attention was the voice, it was so cute, so immature and so….


Wait a minute, a little girl?

I opened my eyes wide…

“Oniisama… hmg~ S-still too fast for a-love but… if you want it then we can do it now~ Hunnng~”

Luu Luu-chan, a person who looks like 11-13 years old, with even younger voice, was blushing sitting on my waist, she had a pyjama with pink details and little hearts there, which was probably created by the girls in one of those sewing classes, from the book “How to be a good Wife? By Olga Discordia” …

Luu Luu-chan was there looking very, very erotic, too erotic for someone like her.

“Luu Luu-chan!”

The dream left me and my eyes opened wide, I realized that my hand was caressing Luu Luu-chan’s small breasts above the thin pillama, and she was reacting to that in a… dangerous way….

“O-oniisama~ G-good morning, I have come here to wake you up with a b-kiss for breakfast…. Hmmnhhg~ … b-but you got naughty~ … Oniisama~ Do whatever you want…. Luu Luu is your Little Sister, this is just her duty~”

Luu Luu-chan spoke breathing heavily, with moans that occasionally left her mouth curved into a faint smile, I noticed that she was still caressing Luu Luu-chan and so I quickly removed my hand from there, though what struck me the most was that in the microsecond I removed my hand, I thought I saw the disappointment on Luu Luu-chan’s face….

‘I’m not a Lolicon! I’m not a Lolicon! I’m not a Lolicon! I’m not a Lolicon! I’m not a-…!’


As I grabbed my head to recite a mantra deep inside me, Luu Luu-chan’s crying voice rang out and I instantly looked over. Luu Luu-chan had tears in her eyes as she looked at me still sitting there and with her little hands resting on my abdomen….

“Luu Luu-chan is bad?”

She asked in a very weak voice….


I quickly stood up on the bed with Luu Luu-chan in my arms, like a princess.

And smiling energetically at her, I said, “Good morning, Luu Luu-chan!”

“Ejeje~ Oniisama, good morning, c-chu~”

She said with a smile as if her previous state of sadness had been an illusion, and kissed me seemingly a little nervously, but on the lips, in a small contact that lasted less than a second.

“Ejeje~ Yatta~!”

Seeing her celebrate like that, so prettily I….

‘Ah… sugar… sugar… sugar… I need a lot of sugar…’

That was my thought as I threw myself back on the bed with blood pouring out of my nose like a broken fountain….


“Ok, I must admit, that was very dangerous.”

I was just now calmer in front of Asora’s Lake, sitting on the grass there, and I removed the cone-shaped papers on my nose with a sigh.

I shook my head afterwards, and then thought about different things as I lay there on the comfortable grass with my arms under my head.

“5 Days, huh?”

It had already been 5 days since I arrived at the Capital of this World, at the Seventh Fortress.

I had spent 5 days in the Capital, of pure joy with my Wives, and the others, wandering all over the Seventh Fortress.

At first, the one surprised with the reaction of the public or citizens there, I have to say, was me, as although it did cause quite a stir in the City, it was not what I expected.

I learned that Celestine had already conveyed to her people, who were the ones around me.

By this time, everyone knew perfectly well something like this, even, more than anything else, Olga and Chloe themselves were the most surprised that in the Center of Humanity of this World, they, a Dark Elves, would be instead of despised, quite appreciated by people.

I remember that even Olga was numb when the older people and children came to ask her questions of all kinds, and she, in a dazed attempt to answer everything she could, blushed….

That was kind of adorable, hehe.

Also, 5 days ago, I remember it clearly as never before….

It was the first time I felt like I could pass out from excitement….

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