IAIK Ch 123

Ch 123

At that moment…

It was a surprise for me, for Olga, and for Celestine.

I mean, naturally, in the short time of my happy life (active sex life), I’ve had an incredible amount of sex sessions so far, I’ve achieved milestones that I thought would be the epitome of excitement in its purest expression…

But, it is my duty to say that I knew nothing, I was blind.

Me, Olga, and Celestine…

We had sex for 20 hours straight, the last 3 with a swooning Celestine with a silly grin on her face.

There, I felt at any moment I could pass out too from how excited I was…

it was even amazing that Celestine was able to last so long, I mean, she is different from Olga who already has a lot of experience with me, but Celestine, oh my god, she is a very enthusiastic girl, to extreme levels…..

Personally I think it’s because she didn’t want to lose to her Big Sister, or something…

But for her to have put up with all that, on her second try, is… at the very least, remarkable.


I sighed a little while lying down in the grass.

“That Chinese proverb was right…. [There will always be skies and mountains greater than what you’ve already seen] …”

Just when I think I have seen it all….

… I experience something beyond my belief.


I sighed again.

Also, a smile graced my face as I thought of all these 5 days since that moment….

From there, we began to stay for the full day at Celestine’s Castle, in the City itself, and at night we returned to the rooms here in Asora.

Celestine became completely a resident of this place, and although she was a bit jealous of the others and pouted a lot the first day, I gave her so much “Love” that in some strange way her character became more mature, much more than it already was.

Although the childishness was not taken away from her, she was certainly a lot of fun.

Especially when she was bonding with Prim.


The girls too, if they previously got along well with Celestine, for being the person who chose them as Princess Knights, plus she was like a Big Sister to all of them, at this moment she was one more of my family, one more Sister to all the girls here.

Even for Aki, Claudia and Luu Luu, it was like that.

Claudia had told me what she wanted to do, recently, that she had waited to affirm her relationship with me, and I asked her for some more time, at least, until she defeated Kuroinu’s group completely, for that….

Her disappointment, which was very visible, was removed when I started doing other things with her, which made her cum on numerous occasions.

She happily agreed with me, and the only reason I did something like that, was because my special senses were telling me that most likely today, or tomorrow, Kuroinu would arrive in this City, the Capital and the main assent of the Humans of this World.

With Aki it was exactly the same.

She knew it, and so did I. The day of our promised appointment in the City, was the day we would finally be together.

I am completely convinced of it, for two days ago while conversing with Aki, in this very place where I was lying, about her past and her friends in her previous World, as I saw her state getting sadder and sadder, I kissed her on the lips.

It was not a lascivious kiss, it was not long lasting.

It was completely normal.

Instantly I was worried about Aki’s reaction, as even I could see that I was too invasive….

But when I saw that she jumped on me to kiss me back, I knew that all was well, and with a mental sigh, for not having somehow scared off a person I value as much as she does… I actively responded to her.

After there, the subject took an unexpected, but happy, turn for both her and me.

We looked like two hopelessly in love who were wasting their time.

And, I agreed with her to have that date after Kuroinu was completely eliminated by me, when already this stupid rebellion is finally over.

I also quickly realized that the relationship between Celestine and Luu Luu was more like a caring mother, and a rebellious teenage daughter, well….

It was that way until “it” happened.

Celestine saw through Luu Luu’s doubts and insecurities, and revealed an incredible piece of information not only to me, but to everyone else as well.

Dwarves, or more specifically, Dwarf Halflings, used to grow very, extremely very motherly and of generous proportions as far as their body was concerned….

That is, although their size remained the same, their breasts and their Milf charm was on full display in the period of adulthood, however Loli they might have looked before that.

At first, Luu Luu took something like this as a lie, but when Celestine went out to her huge library, and came back with a book containing pictures of many Dwarf Halflings, and seeing that they were all very beautiful large-breasted women…

Luu Luu’s loud crying could be heard all over Asora as she hugged Celestine.

Celestine herself was apologizing to Luu Luu for not telling her something like that before, and well….

From that moment on, Luu Luu treated Celestine almost like a Royal mother, as strange as it may be….

Although from my point of view, it was hopelessly adorable to see something like that.

These days, other than that, everything has been going slightly normal.

Occasional outings around town with the girls, visiting different places of main tourism in the City, and so on, while people used to follow us in groups.

Also all the girls interacted with the people in the Castle, from the noble people to the workers there.

And it really wasn’t strange to see the nobles questioning some of the girls while looking at me, sometimes, I would see from afar how Olga with her characteristic naughty cat smile, would whisper things to the nobles, and they would turn to look at me while swooning with a big blush on their face, even some of them would jump back while blood was gushing from their nostrils….

That… Well, that was strange.

But yes, these days have been quiet, pretty quiet so far.

By this time, or by today, already the people on that Board, which functioned democratically in the City separate from the Castle and under Celestine’s unwritten direction, had already devised and implemented methods to keep the entire population of the City safe, with the mages, being the main echelon of that strategy.

Originally I wanted to make them believe that something like this was not necessary, I also wanted to tell the people under Claudia that they were not going to have to fight in this “war”, but thinking better of the feeling of self-assurance that something like this created in the people of the City, I said nothing.

I just lay there thinking about issues like that.

My senses were telling me that something would happen soon, it was not certain when it was, but it would happen very soon.

I had already accepted my place here, in this World, and also the role I had given myself….

Unique Soul.

Thinking of Kuroinu, I couldn’t help but get silently angry….


Olga’s voice in my ears made my eyebrows relax as I slightly stood up to look back.

Olga had a complicated expression on her face, and seriously said to me, “They are already arriving at the Seventh Fortress…”

That was my cue.

I got up from there, and took Olga, to disappear from Asora, as I knew the girls were in the Castle at this time.

Olga should have come here personally to warn me quickly.

Already the main army of Kuroinu was here, to attack the last and Seventh Fortress of the Seven Shields Alliance… of Mankind.


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