IAIK Ch 124

Ch 124

There was no need to talk, no need to coordinate anything.

It didn’t take long.

He was already standing at the exit of the Capital of Humanity, just several meters from the large sign there.

“Stay in position, nobody does anything until I order it!”

Claudia was shouting to her army, which was retreating all along the wall, managing to cover a great distance of 300 meters on each side, and she was giving different orders mainly keeping calm. The army group, or the central part, was behind Alexander, and behind them was everyone else.


Specifically at the small wall, people and people crowded as they could there, at the main entrance of the Seventh Fortress, as spectators, the small towers at every so much distance on the wall, were also crowded with people, and the same thing was happening at the high places from where one could see beyond the wall to the outside.

At this moment, about 30% of the population of the great City-State, those who were mainly the few men present and the women who had the conditions to fight, were perfectly viewing the entire terrain and landscape in front of them in awe.


Alexander looked back, next to the entrance of the Capital.

Olga, Chloe, Alicia, Prim, Chaia, Kaguya, Maia, Eleonora, Aki, Luu Luu, Claudia, and Celestine….

All the girls Alexander was intimate with were there, each one looking at him with complicated expressions in their own way.

Claudia was a bit in front, being the tip of the long triangle of Women Knights who defended by their position, the girls, but just like not only them, but also the large number of people looking ahead, Claudia had a complicated expression.

Alexander smiled under his mask as he looked at them, each of them, looking back at Alexander, they knew very well that he was laughing, they knew that their man was laughing….

And they also knew that it wasn’t a smile to originally reassure them, no, it was a smile that exhaled a lot of reassurance naturally….


Olga looked at Alexander and then sighed relaxed.

From Alexander’s expression, she could see that everything was fine.

Everything was under control.

She remembered what she saw in the First Fortress, first hand, and also became more calm.

“Anata, he’ll be fine, he’s too strong, so much so that a mere army of men and demons won’t even be able to make him sweat.”

Olga, still not letting Alexander out of her sight, said to the others.

“That’s right, I still remember Danna-sama dealing with Kuroinu’s army from the First Fortress, in just seconds, his strength is many times that needed to triumph here quickly.”

Chloe, who rarely spoke so much, also nodded to what her Queen said, and looked with indescribable emotions at Alexander’s rear figure.

His broad back, encroached upon by his loose scarlet hair, radiated an unprecedented sense of security and confidence.

The girls, especially Prim and Luu Luu, relaxed their faces greatly and then made determined faces.

The others were no different.

They were calmer than before.

Olga, seeing her little family like this, thought that sometimes, some kind of situation-specific support was needed, no matter how simple, or difficult it might seem in that case.

She smiled to herself, thinking of the majesty she would see from her Husband today.

Luu Luu even for a moment thought of fighting hand to hand with Alexander, on the front line of combat, but….

She looked towards her now family, and made up her mind to stay there, she would leave the main thing to her Oniisama, and she would defend as much as she could the people she valued most in her heart right now.

Even Celestine, who was very worried before, let out a sigh when she saw what her Big Sister said.

Kaguya, with a now confident expression, had the sleeves of her Kimono held by her fingers, as she was ready to cast various incantations, should they be needed….

Maia was at peace as she looked at Alexander, her eyes did not leave his figure for a second, she wanted to see with her own eyes how Alexander was when he demonstrated his power on the battlefield, for she had not had the joy of witnessing that moment.

Chaia and Eleonora were side by side, they had prepared themselves after what Olga said, while the trust they had their Master didn’t even waver before that, they were the only ones who were perfectly calm there, almost as if they took Alexander’s strength for granted, even, seeing their Master’s heroic bearing, with a glance between them, they both realized they were a little wet.

Aki was also feeling her energy circulating throughout her body, ready to activate it at any moment and unlike the others, she was the most visibly worried on her face about her man, the person she loved, and the one who would be later, her Husband.

They all had their own thoughts, but overall, although they were fairly certain that Alexander would easily get out of any situation, the tension of that moment, of the image they saw before them, and of the omen present, was still a bit uncomfortable in their minds….

Alexander sensed all this, looking ahead, but said nothing, they would simply see what he could do, for themselves.

A smile spread across Alexander’s face, thinking that he could show off before his Pretty Wives….

But gradually the smile left his face….

Until it reached a point where one did not know which was colder, his deep blue eyes, or his face in general….

The sky was overcast.


Light, distant sounds of lightning could be felt throughout the place.

Though they were somewhat overshadowed by the growls and roars like wild beasts of the Ogres, Orcs and demons.

Somehow, this weather was a considerable factor in the nervousness of those watching, added to the terrifying and frightening screams of the monsters.

But everyone, after a few seconds of silence had passed, each and every person there, those who could, watched in front of them, watched as men, numerous demons, or other beasts began to emerge from the distant forest, in such a magnitude that it seemed to span almost 2 kilometers in distance from one end to the other.

For the people of this Fortress, though I had heard and many had even seen the figure of demons, Ogres, Orcs, Dark Elves, mercenaries and even very strange creatures such as, for example, those wolves in human form that had a lot of fur all over their bodies….

The sight of so many gathered together was definitely something that would make even the manliest of men shudder.

You could tell all this by how not so far away they were from these beasts.

Between 300 to 250 meters away.

Alexander wasn’t looking at this, Alexander didn’t care about this.

He was just standing there normally.

His Sharingan swiveled in his left eye as he looked at the leader of Kuroinu, Vault, who was towering over the large group atop a horse, as if he was only a few meters away from him….


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