IAIK Ch 125

Ch 125





Volt yelled at an Ogre who had started roaring very close to himself, apparently wanting to catch up with the others of his race who were also roaring very loudly all over the place.


The ogre turned away still looking at Volt with some resentment on his big ugly face.


Volt spat with contempt, then moved his horse forward a bit past the army and Kin did so behind him as well, then pulled something out of his tunic.

“Hey Kin, what can you see?”

Kin lowered his telescope as he put it away again, and his expression was somewhat strange, “Volt-sama…”

Volt didn’t understand why Kin suddenly fell silent, and looked at him impatiently.

“What’s the matter, speak the hell up!”

“…” Kin put on a complicated expression on his face, “That man Olga Discord summoned, the same one who defended the First Fortress… is there at the head of the entire Capital’s army, apparently they already knew we were coming, even…. Olga Discord herself is still there, together with her Right Hand…”

“That piece of shit!”

Volt gritted his teeth, remembering earlier when he had run into Alexander, fury boiling inside him.

“… Not only that, Volt-sama, all the Princess Knights from all the Fortresses are there, along with the army that apparently, Claudia Levantine commands, likewise, Celestine Lucross is also there.”

Volt was immensely surprised by what his second in command and closest person in the mercenary group told him, “But… but if those whores are here… that means…”

Kin also had a bad feeling, “Yes, if they are here then most likely the attacks on the previous Cities have failed, and considering they haven’t contacted us until this moment… I think they have been neutralized or…. annihilated altogether.”


Volt frowned as he tried to process all this, “Shit!”

He was frustrated, very frustrated at this point, and his ugly middle-aged face let out his voice several times darker than normal.

“That bastard Grave was a useless fool!”

Volt cursed the Levantine family completely in his mind, and even more so his main figure for not dealing properly with the strongest person in all of Eos, Claudia Levantine.

After a few seconds, he turned to Kin.

“Do you think that piece of shit had anything to do with this?”

Kin knew his Boss was referring to that man the Queen of the Dark Elves had summoned.

“Volt-sama… for all we know…” Kin shuddered slightly, “That man is very powerful, I wouldn’t think he had nothing to do with it if he could be this way, simply in front of the army of the last Fortress of Humanity, in fact…”

Volt, expression even darker, looked up at Kin, who seemed to realize something, “What?”

Kin rummaged through his tunic for a moment, then pulled out a small, old, yellow paper that was wrapped in a roll.

He opened it and read it again later to remember what it said.

Suddenly, Kin’s face became more complicated and dazed, reading straight through the small message on the paper.

“Rumor has it that a Hero has risen in Eos to defend Humanity! Also that he turned his Wives to the Dark Elves, Olga Discord and his right hand, Chloe!”

Kin looked towards his Chief in one swift movement.

“Volt-sama, I had received this message some time ago, but I was so busy preparing that spell that I didn’t even read it properly!”

Volt knew specifically what that spell was that Kin mentioned, so he didn’t even blame his most loyal follower.

“That’s not important, so, the shitty bastard married some Dark Elves, huh?”

Volt actually, upon learning something like that, smiled, in an extremely wicked way that made Kin, bristle all the hairs on his skin.

“Hehehehehehehe! I had thought that that demon wasn’t even a human, but now . Guhehehehehehehehe! … Ah, I already want to see his face when he knocks up his own Wife Olga Discord in front of his fucking face, Hehehehehehehe! And gives his other Wife to the Ogres to play with…. Guhehehehehehehehe!”

Just imagining something like that put a despicable smile on Volt’s face.

“But, Volt-sama…”


“I’m still not entirely sure the spell can resist that man… since his strength…”

Volt didn’t even care about his second-in-command concerns, “Ha! What happened before was because I was too stupid, Kin, this time it won’t be the same, plus the spell you’ve prepared is an Ancient one, that son of a bitch won’t stand a chance this time.”

Kin nodded heavily to his Chief and looked ahead.

They were already a little further out of the forest, at the top of the army, and they were the ones in the line closest to the battlefield.

“Kin, prepare the spell from now on, how long will it take overall?”

“Although it’s an Ancient spell, it’s actually quite simple, Volt-sama, so the chant will be short… what will take is to gather enough Magic to accomplish it, I think about…. 5 minutes.”

“I see, begin!”


Volt then looked forward.

He moved the horse to a slightly more advanced position than everyone else in the mercenary group.


The monsters all stopped what they were doing, and the area quickly descended into an eerie silence.

“We are here to end the last restrictions that prevent us from having what we desire!” Volt shouted in his gravelly voice.

“When we conquer this City… we will finally have that which we all want!”

Those in Kuroinu’s group started cheering with the voices of over 25000 living beings at the same time, especially with over 22000 wild nature monsters.

Volt smiled looking at something like that and waited for a while for them to calm down.

“So… be ready, and wait for my signal! Today we will not stop fighting until we fuck the holy vagina of that Reincarnated Goddess as an offering for the start of our Sex Empire!!!”

The uproar got even louder and everyone went crazy screaming, even the Humans too, each and every one of Kuroinu, they were extremely aroused right now.

Volt waited a few more moments, then turned his horse to the front, looking haughtily at all the Female Knights he could see, thinking in what ways he would rape them and make them his slaves.

He then looked one last time at Kin, and seeing Kin looking at him, he nodded and then turned back to the front.

He quickly felt a rather strong barrier spread throughout his body, across his skin, thinking that although the feeling was disgusting, it was a price he was willing to pay to accomplish his perverse goals. The weird feeling lasted a little longer and there he knew that Kin had cast his Magic some time ago already.

Now he had a barrier for his person.

The arrows and magic projectiles would not harm him, with his body at the same time becoming stronger.

He smiled and then raised his voice in the direction of the Seventh Fortress.

“Celestine Lucross, come this way and show me the vag-…!” Volt shouted with the aim of uttering an obscenity, but was interrupted by a loud explosion sound that rang out at that moment.


Not only him, but everyone there looked in that direction, even Alexander and the people of the Seventh Fortress, wondering what had happened.

Suddenly, Alexander’s face was startled as he noticed something.

There he saw…

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