IAIK Ch 128

Ch 128


Suddenly, lightning began to show from the calm, dark clouds, making the atmosphere noisy, and drawing the attention of every living thing in the place.


A resounding roar, chugging an archaic feeling, was heard as the shades of a flickering figure could be seen slowly descending from the clouds….

At that moment…

No matter who, everyone watched with eyes wide open, as from the sky descended a figure made entirely of white rays that looked holy….

It was not something ‘huge’… but at most, 100 meters from one end to the other, looking down from below.

From a distance it looked like a wingless dragon, with various other features unrecognizable due to the eternal flickering of the white rays….

It was, for those who saw something like that, a figure worthy of being the King of the Magical Beasts… even, to say that it was their God, was not far off….


The huge, terrifying figure let out another extremely loud and electrifying roar from its maw, then continued to descend silently until it stood quietly behind Alexander, who still had his hand raised.

The glare of the lightning caused what little illumination there was in the place, to be disoriented and discontinued with an enormous fervor….

Alexander, with a flat expression, lowered his raised hand gently with a simple gesture…..

His action was naturally difficult to appreciate, because of normal human vision, plus the “other” impediments, but in some strange way, everyone could see something like that…..

And as if it was less, exactly to the imagination that one would expect to see in such an unreal vision as this….

The figure, as if trying to answer an order from someone of greater authority than herself…. moved her huge body a little and her eyes, which looked like little blue suns, glowed coldly as she looked in the direction of Kuroinu’s great army…



Volt opened his eyes slowly, as he felt the wind collide with his face.

“Oh, you woke up already.”

He looked straight ahead, and what he saw, completely filled him with vigor again.

“You bastard, what are you doing, put me down right now!”

Volt realized that somehow, he was flying fast, right now over what appeared to be a mountain, unable to move a single muscle in his body, except for his head.

“It won’t be long now.”

Ahead, in the air, stood with his back to him, the aforementioned subject that the Queen of the Dark Elves had summoned.

“Put me down right now or else I’m going to fuck your Wife until-….!”

Volt tried to appeal to one of the most painful and annoying points for the male ego, with a very dark and depraved laugh on his face, but….

He couldn’t continue, as he suddenly couldn’t move his head either, or the features of his face….

“Honestly… I don’t know exactly, why it is that Kuroinu’s army decided to put together such a… stupid war like this, but well, for this moment, no, in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever really been interested in it.”

The man seemed to be talking to himself.


Volt could only groan straight from his throat with a rebellious expression, not being able to even speak, and slowly terror filled his face….

It was normal, to fear the unknown.

It was normal, to fear that which has a greater authority or power than you.

Volt then remembered the scene that took place before he fainted….

That beast was so terrifying, to the point that it couldn’t even be called a “beast,” per se….

Volt remembered that it was a flash, the last thing he saw before the darkness engulfed his mind.

At this moment, he was flying at a high speed, with his body still, rapidly passing different geographical maps….

Yes, Volt’s brain abandoned all his watered thoughts as he realized his current situation….

His very strange current situation.

“Is that… Making a Sex empire, where all the women are sex slaves? That’s just so ridiculous that I can’t say much… haaa, really, to know that a World like this, is born from such a Hentai, is something very, very disturbing… although well, it’s the reality.”

Volt, who was desperate and terrified to the core by this point, could only resign himself to hearing the clear voice of the man in front of him….

“Oh, here we are.”

Alexander noticed the blue, shimmering sea after he flew over the large mountain a long distance below his current position, and then descended to the shore.

He walked a little way down the sand, controlling with Manifestation of Mind/Energy Volt so that he was a small distance behind himself.

Then, he stood there for a moment.

“The one good thing, out of all this sad theater, was that I was able to save every single one of the Strongholds, before the attack happened, so even though I shouldn’t feel the way I do, I won’t let it mainly suffocate me.”

“It was a surprise too, that someone could survive an attack like that, albeit at extreme and extreme odds, but I guess that’s just as well. Ah, come to think of it, the attack was concentrated on the large group behind you at the time, so it’s understandable that you would have even been able to get away unscathed.”

Alexander sat in the sand as he spoke alone, rhetorically, with a smile.

“Finally, it’s over.”

He took a handful of sand in his right hand.

“The greater purpose for which I wished to come to this World, even being rushed to too extreme levels, is now over.”

Alexander raised his gaze to the horizon of the blue sea in front of his eyes, his gaze was soft.

“It feels strange, though the vague sense of satisfaction still clumps… I never thought of one random choice, and I’d end up where I am now.”

“But well… I guess this way without things, now, I’m going to end it completely.”

Alexander stopped his monologue and then looked down at Volt, who was still held aloft, tears, snot, and other fluids all over his body, in a desperate mess, with panic present in every cell of his being.

“Hmm? Oh, no, no, no no, you shouldn’t panic yet, you should save your energy, as your worst moment has not yet come.”

Alexander, now that he had caught Volt’s gaze, looked at him with the Sharingan in the Eternal Stage, and finally, put Volt into an illusion, or Genjutsu.

“So, you like to rape, do you? Well, if so, you’ll like where you’re going, only, well, there won’t be any girls there.”

Alexander turned his body again in the direction of the sea, and lay quietly on the sand, his hands behind his head.

Thus, time passed.

In an unknown amount of time, though it did not seem to be more than several hours….

Alexander repeatedly got up from the sand.

“Clean up.”

He used the more prominent Sub-skill of cleaning on himself, and looked towards Volt, on the right side several meters away.

The sight was grotesque.

Still the individual, called “Volt”, was hovering in the air, but….

His body was so different, showed such advanced deterioration, and such a terrifying expression of fear, that he seemed to have seen the most frightening and diabolical thing in this world….

What appeared to be blood dripped from all sides of his body, in particular, a large amount seemed to fall from the back of his crotch….

Although he looked more like a ghost from hell than a human being, Alexander, who had furrowed his eyebrows a bit at such a sight, knew very clearly that he was alive.

His expression even flatter, Alexander spoke, “Technique #17 of the Forbidden Techniques…”

The Sharingan in his eye, changed a bit as instead of the normally red background it showed, it went gray.

“Amaterasu Concept.”

A gray, faint, and almost imperceptible fire originated like a wick throughout Volt’s body in the air, and by the next second….

There was nothing left.

Explicitly speaking, there were no ashes, no trace of soul, no record of existence, nothing….

Volt vanished completely from the face of space, as if there had never been “Volt” in the first place.


Alexander sighed, and then shook his head to fly back in the direction of Nothing Mansion.

As he flew, a liberating, calm smile was visible on his unmasked face.

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