IAIK Ch 130

Ch 130

The morning had been perfect.

As usual, Alexander woke up to the warm and cozy feeling in his little brother, who was inside Olga’s womb.

Daylight streamed in from between the window’s eyebrows, and although there were many female bodies piled on the large bed, overall, it felt quite pleasant, that feeling of familiarity.

Unlike other times… and mainly because except for Luu Luu and Sui, all the female residents of Asora were his Wives…. Alexander slept with all of them at the same time.

Last night…

Well, Alexander still felt somewhat as if he had finished a marathon, and could drink several liters of water….

All this, taking into account Alexander’s extremely powerful body…

Already all sorts of organizations had been resolved, and Alexander could be completely sure that the World could walk without him for at least a few days, if his calculations are correct.

Alexander finished washing up a bit, and went to the room where Luu Luu and Sui had gone to bed.

(Sorry for the intrusion.)

Alexander whispered and opened the door.


He noticed that the room was empty, and assumed that they had already gotten up and were somewhere in Asora.

He felt a little strange for Sui, since normally 98% of the time, the Slime girl wanted to be next to him, but he sighed with a smile and didn’t keep thinking about it.

Of course, the Great Hero Alexander hardly used to activate Skills like Human Area within Asora, as this was a totally unbiased terrain and it was the place where his family lived, but….

If he had done so, he would have been surprised to notice the situation that existed inside the closet of his room…

But well, unfortunately, he had not.

Alexander took a last breath, sitting cross-legged in the garden of the Mansion, and closed his eyes.

Originally, he had wanted to do something like that with his women present, but the Kawais face they had while they were sleeping …

Yes, Alexander could not disturb them like that.

Even he himself didn’t know how very Wife-con he was.

The wheel or roulette in front of him, though it was on his retinas, started spinning without fail and Alexander got a little excited.

Yes, he was activating the Multiversal Gacha again.

It didn’t take long for the wheel to stop on a faded image, which was quickly gaining vividness.

Alexander noticed the shape of a dubious object in the small patch of mist that had emerged from who knows where.


Alexander was somewhat puzzled…

*Ding: Congratulations, you have obtained an object. The item has been added to your inventory.

-Goddess Eris’s Panties: A pair of normal panties bought by Chris, the girl who is actually Goddess Eris, but keeps it a secret, at a store in Axel City at a more expensive price than it should normally be.*.


With a surprised expression, the Great Hero Alexander watched as the System window vanished, and because he took the “object” out of his inventory without even knowing what it was… only the panties were left in the air, and seeing that these were slowly falling, he foolishly stretched out his hand.


At this moment…

Alexander felt complicated, he felt strange.

Exactly like the first time he experienced Gacha, and tasted one of the most famous dishes in Anime.

A part of himself was really excited, but on the other hand…

He was a bit embarrassed.


“Haaaaaaa… I really… I’m speechless.”

A long, snail-shaped sigh came out of his mouth, and then Alexander smiled with reluctance as he put away again, the “panties”… in his inventory.

Such an item would not see the light of day too soon, as Alexander was embarrassed.

This was not because they were panties, they might as well be his Wives’, but… it was what those panties represented.

Yes, Alexander strangely convinced himself.

Some time passed, and after a “light”, morning routine of body and mental training, Alexander returned to the kitchen.

He quickly smiled as he noticed the smell coming from there, and hurried his walk.

“Good morning.”

Alexander said, though somewhat surprised, to see that it was Celestine standing in front of the stove in a white shirt of his, and an apron over it.

For it was well known that on days where there is not much to do, Celestine usually slept until noon or so.

“Ah, Alex-sama!”

Celestine turned, and Alexander saw her flushed and smiling face, so that in one swift movement, she was facing him.


Their lips met, and their tongues did the same.

After two full minutes…

“Good morning~”

Celestine said with a smile as she pulled away from Alexander, leaving all her fresh breath on his face.

Alexander was a little dazed, but his hands didn’t leave Celestine’s round, heavenly buttocks….

After recovering, Alexander smiled, “Without a doubt, this is one of the best good days I’ve ever had.”


Celestine smiled cutely and pressed her head on Alexander’s chest.

The healthy blush never left her face, as she could still perfectly feel a tingle in her vagina, from all the “action”… from last night.

“So, are you making breakfast, the others aren’t up yet?”

Alexander now sitting at the table, asked Celestine, who had returned in front of the kitchen and turned on the stove, as she hummed happily and a very cheerful aura spread from her being.

“No, Alex-sama, when I woke up I realized that I was the first one to do it, and seeing that you were already up, I thought I’d make you breakfast this time~”

“Ohh, I see, then I can’t wait.”

“Yes~ Alex-sama, I’ll surprise you with my Wife skills!”


After a while…

“Ready, Alex-sama~!”


Alexander looked at the plate Celestine placed in front of him, though his eyes didn’t take off from the swaying of his Wife’s huge Oppais for quite a while….

“So, Omelette?”

Celestine’s nose seemed to grow a little, “Hai, a plate of Omelette made with lots of love~and a secret ingredient~”

“Really? I’m going to try it right now.”

Alexander excitedly took the spoon to taste of the food made with love, from his beloved Wife, thinking how rare a Celestine cooking something is.

He was even eager to find out what that secret ingredient was.

Alexander mentally laughed as he felt like a child, and brought the part of the omelet on the spoon, to his mouth.

‘Wow, it tastes almost like nothing but tomato puree.’

Alexander was chewing.

‘Looks like the secret ingredient isn’t so secret…’

Alexander swallowed and took another spoonful.

‘In fact, the more I eat, the worse the secret ingredient tastes…’

Beads of sweat appeared on Alexander’s forehead.


Alexander, still chewing, looked up at the ceiling and you couldn’t see his expression, but a lone tear rolled down his cheek almost as if raining from a drop.

‘I am against this secret ingredient!’



Celestine’s somewhat nervous voice brought Alexander out of his thoughts.

He quickly looked at Celestine and gave her a nod, then said, “This was so delicious on you, I got tears of happiness, Celestine, it’s like the food was bathed in happiness.”

“Really, Alex-sama!”

Celestine asked excitedly.

Alexander: “Definitely.”


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