IAIK Ch 131

Ch 131


“Hehe, you should see your expression, Olga.”


I was currently in front of Asora’s lake, standing in front of my pretty Dark Elf Wife.

The refreshing air was slowly moving the waves of the large lake, and the flowers there were shining brightly in the afternoon.

Presently, it had already been some time later in the morning, when I activated the Multiversal Gacha.

I spent all this time saying goodbye to my loving family, and even though I knew that according to my own thoughts, I would only be gone for a few days, it still hurt me to see their expressions like this, noticing that they had to part from me for a while….

I spent all morning and noon, in shifts, where each of them would come here and then return to Nothing Mansion.

Now only Olga was left, and I tried to get a slight laugh out of her beautiful face, but seeing that even Olga, even she, had a pitiful and worried expression….


I couldn’t help but draw my eyebrows together and self-deprecate myself again for doing something like that.


I tried to speak, but I felt a powerful lump in my throat.

With the other girls I did much better, because even though I was still redundant with the feeling of sadness, I somehow managed with promises and whatever else it took to put a smile on their faces.

I am still amazed, still amazed at the feeling of oneness I developed with each of these women….

It was just… immense.

Looking at Olga who had her eye visible and beautifully golden, a little red from the crying she was holding back, with my hands I pushed her hair away from her face.


Olga Discordia, my wife, was looking at me with so many emotions that I might as well drown in them completely, emotions that I didn’t even understand myself….


In my opinion, to be loved by such a woman, and to this magnitude….

It felt right.

I knew that, I knew perfectly well that with Olga it was going to be more difficult to say goodbye than usual…

Even to the point of making me think that I could just stay here with her and the others, for all eternity.


It wasn’t just my whole life so far, my whole normal life and my extraordinary life, that made me bring my own selfishness to the forefront….

It was, at the same time, a test I self-imposed on my whole person.

It was something I had to do.

It was something I longed to do.


I hugged Olga and rested my head on her shoulder.

My body and hers joined almost perfectly, at 100%.

Olga’s hands, too, were placed weakly on my back.

I spoke softly, “I already checked… the longest I would be out of this World, would be exactly one week of time.”

I pulled Olga a little tighter to me.

“Even… even if there was still unfinished business left… I promised myself that I wouldn’t go more than that long, I wouldn’t go that long without being with you, without feeling your body, Olga.”


I felt Olga’s hands, they had visibly relaxed on my back.

“Please… Anata…”

Olga softly said in a breathy voice, “Whatever happens…. hurry back to my side…”

I broke away from Olga and then smiled at her as she pressed her forehead to mine.

“I will come back if it’s the last thing I do for exactly a week, this… this is a pact I make to myself.”

Olga opened her eyes as she saw the faint glowing light that covered my body.

She knew what it was, and then….

She finally smiled.

I kissed her and kissed her.

It wasn’t hard, it wasn’t a French kiss, it wasn’t an explosive one….

But just… it was enough.

I smiled, and Olga smiled too.

“Well, then… see you later.”

I waved dumbly and she gave a giggle before waving at me as well.


Olga exclaimed.


“Can’t be more than 10…”

“More than 10?”

I thought in my mind… ’10?’

‘Can’t be more than 10?’

‘Is this some kind of secret code?’

Olga seemed to see the question mark hanging over my head… surely, and said, “You can’t bring more than 10 new lovers, definitely no more.”


I felt like I went blank for a moment.


Olga smiled and then an expression of helplessness showed on my face for this naughty little Wife, although I was also a little nervous.


“Ah! And Anata, don’t forget to celebrate Saturday even if you’re not with us, the divine drink can’t be missed on that day.”

“Ah…okay…. hahaha.”

Naturally, knowing that Olga was referring to the Sweet Banana Milkshake, I smiled with amusement as I looked at her, after an initial mini shock.

Although in fact, at that moment I couldn’t help but wonder….

What surprise would Olga get if she also read the novel where Asora originally came from?

What expression would she make when she realizes how similar she and Chloe herself, and Chloe, are to the Dark Elves there?

Hahaha, that would be fun, when I get back I’ll tell her to see what interesting thing would happen.

I nodded to Olga, and then with a blink, I disappeared from Asora.



Olga sighed and felt a mental weakness stagger her as she saw her Anata disappear from Asora.

She shook her head after a while, and then put her hand on her heart.

And with the other she lightly touched the engagement ring present there.

She could faintly feel her man’s heartbeat in small fluctuations.

Of course, normally, to be able to do such a feat, one had to be completely concentrated and give, uninterrupted, a sufficient amount of Magic to the ring, to feel just one and the smallest of the singularities of the little artifact….

I mean, this was something that shouldn’t even be possible for the existing Magicians in this World, as their very magical theory was extremely rough and underdeveloped.

Although, Olga could do it 10 thousand times easier than breathing.

No, in fact, she could do it 10 thousand times easier than breathing since 3 days after her Husband bestowed her ring as a sign of their Engagement.

Alexander, would definitely be surprised to learn that Olga, could use a slight and minuscule part of the ring’s ability, which he controlled only at its maximum period of power, or will.

For, while the rings Alexander gave his family were something incredibly mammoth, they were also, ultimately, something that acted unconsciously of their wearer, or in this case, his family.

And again, Alexander would be even more surprised to learn that everyone close to him controlled this same ability, that is….

Even Sui, who was the most inexperienced person when it came to forces such as Magic… was accurately, and all the time, monitoring Alexander’s strong and deep heartbeat, through the ring Alexander gave him.

He was, unknowingly, being constantly monitored by his Wives, his little sister (for the moment), and his Slime girl (for the moment)….

Olga felt the reassurance and soothing power of those heartbeats, and then her spirit could calm down more.

“It’s the first time I’ll be this long without Anata…”

Olga could not imagine such a thing.

She felt somewhat lost, she felt that a part of her existence was missing.

[Please… Anata…]

Her very heart was begging…

[Come back soon…]

Olga, with both hands on her chest, lowered them to her stomach.

After spending some more time there, Olga then returned towards the Mansion.



The wooded scenery in front of me, made me sigh as I recognized that I was still in this World, in the World derived from Kuroinu.

I should now be near the Third Fortress.

I had always thought that originally, testing the first Multiversal journey I would take, it would not be in Asora, simply as an absurd precautionary measure, but it would be in Eos.

Or, in the World itself.

I patted my cheeks gently, and then, just before I began to deploy my Abilities and powers, I looked up at the Moon….

Which seemed to be seen already, since it was a bit late.

I remember when I was meditating here in the Third Fortress, I noticed a trace of Divinity originating there, or felt there.

At the time I thought it was some kind of cliché God from an Isekai World, as it happened in the novels….

But now that I felt it better, with my eyes closed, the feeling was a bit empty.

The theory that was spreading through my Mind, is that that should be the dark place from which they had been created, or from where they emerged, Olga, and Celestine.

Also, if I did a little more research, I could find out why Olga didn’t manifest that thing like… like a divine spark that manifested in Celestine.

But well, that would have to be another day, since now….


… I would travel to another plane altogether.

I sat there on the spot, cross-legged.

My eyes remained closed the whole time.


I applied to my whole being, all the power I guarded….

I clearly felt that my chibi me in my Dantian began to glow with dazzling colors, and the Throne on which it sat the same.

I could also feel the familiar, gray Energy enveloping my body.

“Time to test if the power of an Overlord is enough to break the Multiversal slot? Hmm?”

I felt the very, extremely very rare feeling of my state of existence rising, and I also felt my self-created Race awaken its normally sealed latent power… though….

I don’t know why, but it gave me the impression that I forgot something important here… or that I missed it….

But well, after sweating a few drops, due to the fact that my unreliable, all-remembering memory… I just forgot some important details…

I concentrated.

I concentrated on the space in front of me.

And there…


A vertical cut extended through the same space at that moment…

I could notice it with the extrasensory and colorful vision that I acquired when meditating.

Such an event was as if it were a simple paper tearing…

I opened my eyes, I stood looking into that black void beyond the slot…

And after taking a deep breath…

I stepped into that place.


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