IAIK Ch 132

Ch 132

Instantly I felt very strange, when I entered through that crevice it was as if I simply went through a portal, and I felt practically nothing….

That itself was a weird thing.

I looked around and noticed that everything was still black….

I looked back and saw that the area cut in space seemed to be closing rapidly…

Until a few seconds later I could no longer see that wooded landscape.


Now everything was completely black.

The truth is…

… Although there was a kind of mystical and forbidden feeling in all this action that I myself was carrying out at this moment….

I could think only one single thing in this black space, at this moment.



The feeling of having screwed up to unbelievable levels didn’t last long, as after much more thinking and using my brain, then the situation was making sense again.

First, where was I?

If my theory is correct, at this moment I should be in the Intermediate World that that Goddess of Reincarnation had mentioned a few years ago.

I thought of such a thing for the simple fact that before I fully reincarnated in Kuroinu, or in Asora itself, I had come to this place.

And judging by its name, this space should be a place that is like an intersection existing in all those 12 Planes….

At least, this theory seemed pretty accurate to me.

So, secondly, what about my body?

This question I naturally asked myself because I noticed that I could not see anything, and at the same time I could clearly feel my body.

I touched one hand with the other, and the physicality was clearly felt, only when I put my hand in front of my face, nothing was visible.

Quickly, I made a small flame on top of my hand.


There if I could notice my forearm by the light of the fire, and I sighed as I realized that nothing happened to my body, it was just that the darkness in this place was too strong.

Third, why didn’t I make it to Earth?

In fact, while I could have entered one of those Anime Worlds I wanted to visit so badly… I noticed that seeing my own birth planet again had made me easily decide where to go.

I even thought it was problematic, as it might be tricky to go back there, what with the fact that I had died and all… or also because there might be some kind of “rules” of the 12 Planes that shouldn’t be broken or something….

Anyway, it had been a big surprise when I realized several days ago, that just as it happened with the Worlds derived from all the stories I knew, it happened also with the normal Earth, with the World where I came from.


However, I also realized that it wasn’t entirely the same, since unlike, for example, to some Anime, I couldn’t go to Earth in a different timeline than I was in right now, meaning, if 10 years had passed since I died, then I could only go to Earth with the exact same time rate even if I was in a different World.

But I didn’t particularly care that 10 years had passed, not at all.

I simply wanted to go back to Earth again, if only for a moment.


I sighed and then realized what my next step should be.

It’s a pretty easy thing to know, that being said.

I entered the Intermediate World because I made a groove that brought me here, and to get out I would have to make another groove, simple as that.

Which led… to the most worrisome situation.

I was 99.98% sure that they did….

But I still wondered if my powers, or my Race’s bonded powers, worked here.


I let out another sigh, and then inhaled again.


I spoke in that complete darkness, so that the familiar bluish window popped into my retinas, seeming to come from the front.

[*Name: Alexander Smith.

Race: Human, Overlord.

Job: Mage.

Vitality: 999999+.

Strength: 336.

Energy: 12264/12264 (EX Quality).

*List of Abilities:

-Creation (EX).

-Photographic Memory (EX).

-Asora (EX).

-System (2.0).

-More-More (EX).

-Erebea Magic (EX).

-Haki (EX).

-Unique Body (EX).

-One Soul (EX).

-Multiversal Energy Processing (EX).

-Rinne-Sharingan (EX).

-Kaioken (EX).

-Manifestation of Mind/Energy (EX).

-Human Area (EX).

-Normal Aura (95% of Mastery).

-Overlord Law (EX): ???

-Hands of Rebirth (EX).

-Lightning-Ray (EX).

-S Skills (EX):

1- Connection.

2- God Yang Body.

3- Sexual Impulse connected to Energy.

-One Heart (EX): ????.

-Language Comprehension (EX)].

“Ohh, I see.”

I was surprised to realize what the detail was that I had previously overlooked. And it was that I remember mentioning my race, and apparently, when mentioned verbally, the state reveals the letters as if they could already be read normally.

Then I looked a little closer at the Overlord Race.

Overlord: ???.

I clearly knew the description, but the words didn’t come out.

I downplayed something like that, and turned my attention back to the state.

Other than that, I had no circumstantial change, and so I sighed… again, because this way, being in the Netherworld wouldn’t affect my power in any way.

“Just as well.”

While I had already planned and played with the authority carried by my race, knowing full well that it was even higher than the level of that Reincarnation Goddess, I was still a bit worried since as it had been something created by me, maybe it would be somehow… hmm, invalid, in this World.

I closed the window again, and then made a display of the full capacity of my Race itself.

The almost unimaginable increase of different types of forces was quite a difficult thing to adapt to….

It was as if suddenly my body, or me, in general, was exerting a greater force than I was exerting at the moment, even if it seemed as odd to me as it was.

“Hmm, actually… Now I’m a little curious.”

Basically, I was thinking about Earth, and unlike before, I couldn’t “feel” the location of Earth as I felt it before, in Kuroinu’s derived World.

I almost clasped my hands together praying that something like this was due to the Intermediate World also being something of a neutral zone, where this kind of thing, like portals or space travel, would be harder to do….

And knowing that I would be going somewhere, I focused on the space in front of me.

*cut away*


I laughed a little as I looked at the scenery on the other side of the cleft, and without much thought or even thinking about where that place led, I quickly slipped inside.



An indecipherable time after Alexander departed from the Intermediate World.

It was still in black space exactly the same as before….

The only difference being, a voice… of a man in his thirties, which suddenly sounded there.

“Oh, did I imagine that?”

The whole place went silent again for a while longer.

“Yes, that must be it.”

The voice, dreamlike and abstract, though it was clearly male and adult, seemed confident for a moment and then suddenly fell silent.



“This place is…”

I looked at the landscape that was clearly visible across my eyes, and it was, though as beautiful as I had ever witnessed it, quite…. bizarre, if I could say so.

It was a mountain, surrounded by a large mountainous expanse, but….

The grass, apart from green, was blue, even giving the idea of resemblance to the blue of the Sea….

And also the stream that descended from the mountain… it seemed as if… golden…

I looked at the whole place for a few seconds, appreciating the beauty and strangeness of it, until I saw something on the ground a few meters in front of me.

I approached, and it was a small fox that looked very small… but very cute.

Even its tail was black, and the black stripe from tail to head gave a touch of deep elegance to the already super Kawai animal.

And if that wasn’t enough, the aura of such a creature had a touch of incredibly noticeable kindness.

It was in an odd position, and seemed to have a wound on its little paw.

“I wonder… who could harm such a pure being?”

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