IAIK Ch 133

Ch 133

I wondered aloud and then extended my hands toward the little fox’s tiny paw.

Hands of Rebirth.

I used my Energy and one thing that surprised me, was that the expenditure of Energy used for such an act was incredibly huge.

For it seemed that the Energy I poured into my hands was quickly absorbed by the little Fox on its own, either consciously or unconsciously.

This did not bother me, and I continued to heal the little fox’s wound with my Skill.

After a while, he was no longer injured, and his expression seemed more relieved, on a human level that could almost be clearly understood.

I took the little cutie in my arms, and I couldn’t help it….


A mental scream was elicited.

For the beauty and cuteness of this creature was something out of this World.

Surely it would win some Kawai contest in Japan if something like this, were held… and that with how strange the country is, there wasn’t much doubt that they would….


As I was thinking, the little fox in my hands started to slowly fade away and I instantly became very alarmed.

I even thought that this shouldn’t happen since there was no Thanos here, and there hadn’t even been a snap….


Not even a second passed, and the little fox was no longer in my hands….

It vanished as if it had never been there….

“But what…?”

I had every intention of asking out loud even though I knew I wouldn’t get an answer, but at that moment….


*Dull noise*

A drowsy feeling quickly spread through my body and before I could realize it….

I fell forward.

I was going to sleep… apparently.

Knowing full well the danger I could be in, in a last will, and in just milliseconds….


I opened the Multiversal slot trusting in the power of my Race, and without thinking, as soon as I could, I threw myself into the crevice.

I did not know why I had been given this drowsiness.

I didn’t know why this cute little fox disappeared, even though it saddened me.

I didn’t know absolutely not even where the slit went, to which place, or to which World, as I couldn’t think clearly….

But at this moment, at the weakest moment I had ever felt in my entire life so far… it seemed I had no choice.



In an unknown place.

It could be seen at length, a large dwelling resembling a dreamlike Castle.

Not literally a Castle, as it had such strange and magical details that made one wonder if this was something that actually existed.

Inside this… building, there was a very tidy room in the main place.

The whole room exhaled a vividly feminine, but at the same time, mature image.

“It can’t be!”

A beautiful, and almost horrified, voice was heard from the bed in the room.

“But… but…”

The shadow of a figure suddenly stood on the bed, and though it sounded shocked to the core….

Quickly, it disappeared from there.

To reappear in the same place where Alexander previously, a few seconds ago, was.

“No no no no no no…”

The figure, which could be seen to be a girl because of her “hourglass” body, shook her head several times letting her blonde hair rock in the open air.

Then, the figure, in a worried mood, mumbled, “Jana is going to punish me again… and I didn’t even do anything…”

Suddenly, behind the girl, what appeared to be several tails, emerged as they slowly moved, almost to the same fallen mood as the girl herself, who curiously, also stuck out triangular ears from her head….

Almost like a Demi-human, if the Kuroinu-derived World, it was.


A sigh in the girl’s warm voice, couldn’t help but come out of her mouth, as she shrugged sadly.

The girl had easily realized that only a few seconds ago something strange had happened here….

Normally, she had sensed that another Celestial Spirit was close to dying, and that was a normal thing, since it happened often….

But the fact that the Spirit’s spark of life flared up again, and its divine signature disappeared in a flash….

It showed that what had happened was far from normal.

And this, it was what gave the girl trouble, that what happened was not normal per se.

For while she occasionally screwed up on different assignments from her superior, it was never anything that complicated.

And the disappearance of a Celestial Spirit?

It was a serious matter.

At least, it was a matter that an average Fox Goddess like her? couldn’t deal with.


Thinking about meeting her Superior again, the girl grimaced on her pretty little doll face, and a feeling of helplessness, could be felt leagues away from the girl….


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