IAIK Ch 134

Ch 134

Many people would think that everything in this place was normal.

A long and diverse Bamboo forest could be seen everywhere, the morning sun was fiercely spraying the water droplets on each plant, either from the photosynthesis process of the plants, or from some drizzle that had occurred some time ago.

The animals were developing normally in this environment, doing what each one has to do, for example, the deep physical contact that two small dragonflies were having on top of a stone, to preserve their not so widespread species….

Or also, the act of the bird above who was building his nest, or trying to, as he was sweating a bit realizing that the Bamboo did not have many specific places to build a nest properly….

Anyway, all was well, all was right.

Many people, and even, many animals would think that everything was normal in this scene, but in fact, there was one small detail that didn’t seem to stand out much.


It was a human body lying in a strange position on top of a stone with several curious little animals on top of it.

Of course, if a normal male human being was present in this place, then he would most likely freak out upon finding a corpse there and run as if the devil was chasing him with an AK-74 in one hand and a copy of a Yaoi in the other….

But well, unfortunately, you couldn’t see such a future, because this body, it wasn’t a corpse, no.

This was the body of Alexander Smith, a guy who opened an interplanar portal through the Multiverse without even thinking about where to get to, or what destination to land at, and as you can see, he’s currently in this deplorable condition.

It was a pity, surely if there was an Elder God of Space here of those who were dedicated to teach the sarcastic and adolescent students with patience?

He would have taken advantage of the situation to put a small wooden sign next to the dumped body saying, “These are the consequences of going through a Space Portal without a fixed destination”….

As if it were an anti-drug council….


Then, suddenly, you could see how most of the curious little animals that were on Alexander, ran away terrified when they noticed the slight movement of the same.

And a little while later…

Alexander opened his eyes.



Alexander stood up after moving a little, sat down on the stone below and then furrowed his brows.

He closed his eyes after calming his breathing, and used his inner vision eyes to check something.

“I knew it.”

Alexander spoke with his eyes still closed as he realized the additional detail on his Dantian, and a smile spread across his face.

Since he was conscious again, Alexander didn’t care what the cause was that made him so sleepy in that mystical place, he didn’t even suspect about the danger he might have been in.

No, what gave him several questions was the additional feeling in his Energy core.

Then, after clearly seeing the figure of the little fox he had previously healed in his Dantian, lying on the legs of his chibi self, Alexander smiled because at least in his Dantian, but the little fox was safe.

Although he still had several more doubts, Alexander activated his Skill that made all the maidservants of the World envious, Clean, and after feeling refreshed and clean, he looked around curiously.

Then, his expression was strange.

“These… are Bamboos, aren’t they, what Pandas eat…?”

Alexander shook his head a little….

“And 80% of all the Bamboos in the World are recorded in Asia… so…”

If Alexander’s theory is correct….

“Am I in Japan?”

He wondered excitedly.


30 Minutes later.

Already the excitement of being in some Asian continent country like Japan had subsided, and Alexander right now was thinking that at this moment there were two possibilities.

First, he was on normal Earth, but not in America, but in Asia.

Second… and the most likely, he was at this moment….

… In an Anime…

Well, not in an Anime per se, it could also be a Light Novel or in some Manga….

Of course, this fleeting thought made Alexander jump for joy like a little kid, and it took another half an hour for him to calm down.

And presently, Alexander nodded vigorously.

“In fact, I can still use all of my Abilities, and I can’t find some sort of restriction in either my physique, or my Energy, this is all the detail I needed to know to be relieved…”

Alexander put his hand to his chin, sitting on the stone, and looked at his Energy.

Energy: 05230/12264 (EX Quality).

He was surprised to notice that all his Energy was very much spent, since practically, he had spent an hour around this place, and also, practically, an hour was only the cycle time it took for his Energy to completely replenish itself.

And in fact, the reason why he was able to open three consecutive portals since he left Kuroinu’s derivative world, was that in the Intermediate World and in that strange place where he found the little fox, the Energy recovered very, very quickly.

Obviating the abstract energies of Nothingness, per se.

Although something like having only this Energy capacity for now, it didn’t bother him too much, as Alexander could easily feel that familiar feeling embracing him in a manner equal to air, turning out to be the energy of Nothingness.

So this was a matter that went straight to the back of his mind.


However, as he thought looking at the Bamboo stalks ahead, Alexander couldn’t help but chuckle as he remembered that day when instead of having a healthy intimate contact at night with his Wives, they all wore Pandas’ pajamas with Prim jumping here and there excitedly, and even he himself had to dress the same way. The eyes of the female creatures looking at him at that moment… gave Alexander a bit of a scare….

Finished thinking about random things, Alexander then took a leap off the stone and stood on the ground, fixed his clothes a bit, and then started walking wherever he was, even lowering his senses to the minimum, because even though he knew that in Kuroinu no one could detect him, he currently had no idea where he was.

And noticing that his Energy was recovering differently in this World, perhaps other things could be different as well.

Shifting his shoulders, and a bit excitedly humming a famous tune by the group Imagine Dragons, Alexander continued on his way without a care in the world.

Like Hakuna Matata.

After a few more minutes of walking, and although he had his physical and sensory senses at a minimum, Alexander stopped his steps.

Thus, a faint sound came from ahead, almost like a very distant, or very small voice.



Alexander had the idea that it sounded like a cry….

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