IAIK Ch 135

Ch 135

A time before Alexander had awakened after opening a Multiversal portal.

Somewhere in the Plane of Destiny.

There were two men in silence, in a cordially normal office.

One was an elderly, gray-haired, strict-faced man, who was quietly sipping what appeared to be tea, while looking at some papers he held in his other hand, and the other, aside from being in slightly odd butler’s clothes, was also standing behind the seated elderly gentleman’s seat, as if he were a normal servant.


The old man cocked his head to one side, and after a few seconds, put down the paper he was holding, on the desk.

With a gesture from the old man, what appeared to be a magic circle glowed before registering some strange symbols in the air.

After reading these symbols, the old man’s face reflected curiosity.

“Was there a new Elder God of the Heavenly Fox Reincarnation?”

The elder mentioned, at length.


The man standing behind the old man replied, “So far there has been no announcement of a new Elder God of the Heavenly Foxes, Mr. Brando.”

“Oh? How odd…”

The old man looked at the scriptures again.

A few seconds passed, and the old man was going to let something like this pass as if it were someone else’s business, but out of his own professionalism as a Senior God of Fate and one of the most important in his job, he took a little extra trouble.

“Drael, send the Heavenly Fox territory a note, saying that the divine signature of one of their Heavenly Spirits disappeared.”

The servant then understood why it was that his master asked if there was a new Elder God in the territory of the Heavenly Foxes, for if a Divine Spirit was turned into an Insignia Spirit, it signified the ascension of a new Elder God.

“As you say.”

The servant was about to walk out the office door, but the voice of the old man, Brando, came again.

“Also… he also mentions that while the selection of a new Elder God is something that is entirely deserving of each association’s own privacy, in this case it is a bit… abnormal, though also not something to be alarmed about, and therefore, that they should handle such a matter with greater discretion in the future.”

The servant blinked, a little surprised, “As you say, Mr. Brando.”

The servant, Drael, left the office and then Brando sighed.

“I’m getting old…”

He shook his head and picked up the tea again, then drank some.

“Everything seems strange to me already, I take much more care about cleanliness, my back hurts despite having a divine physique, I fall asleep at work from time to time… sometimes I forget things, I please my grandson a lot… even…”

Brando got a look of fear on his face and touched his hair, “I’m getting more and more hairless…120 thousand years ago I still had nice even, fine receding hairline…”

Brando shrunk back in the seat, “Haaa…” And a sigh escaped his mouth.

The mood was a bit sour.

Even the sunlight coming through the window seemed to make a contrast in some strange way, which showed Brando’s shadow in the chair, a bit long and lonely, as if he had gone through the vicissitudes of life.


Currently, somewhere in the Multiverse within the 12 Planes.

Alexander felt a sound and walked in that direction.

He walked for several minutes, until he could hear the sound more clearly.


“Mom… Mom… *Sniff* *Sniff* mom…”

It was the voice of a little girl, around 5-9 years old, who seemed to be lost, if she was calling her mom that way.

Alexander then followed ahead, as his heart softened at hearing that tone, he promised himself that he would help the little girl find her mom if he could, and if that’s the reason the little girl was crying.

Spotting a small figure a few feet away among some Bamboos, Alexander paused for a moment as he suddenly remembered he had to put on the mask.

“No, wait… it’s not necessary anymore.”

In fact, Alexander was completely sure that now that his Normal Aura Skill was at 95% Mastery, he would pass by everyone like any normal passerby, unless, of course, someone deliberately tried to seek out his person, or interfere with him.

Alexander shook his head and although it might be a bit sudden, he decided not to wear the mask this time, since according to the place where he was, and the language he could understand from the girl, showed that this was Japan, and he didn’t want to be treated like Chuunibyou, or a person with an eighth grade disease… in other words, someone exaggerated and eccentric… just for the reason of wearing such a strange mask. And one note, is that his clothes were not strange at all, if anything, it would be his long crimson red hair that would be considered “strange”, among ordinary people in a Japan with a modern society.

Alexander stopped his steps when he was close to the small, lone figure.

“Mom…” *Sniff*

Her sad little voice made Alexander’s heart ache.

No, in fact, it would have given anyone else too if they saw something like that.

Alexander then looked at the girl with her back to him, crouched down, and realized for the first time at this moment, that because his reality and his way of seeing things wasn’t 2D, he wouldn’t be able to fully recognize the girl if she was a character in some anime.

Other than that, he also noticed that the little girl had an orange Yukata with small blue details, and her long hair down to below her shoulders was blonde.


The little girl had her hands against her eyes, and finally, Alexander decided to speak, in the most soothing voice he could muster.

“Hey little girl, are you lost, do you want me to help you find your mommy?”

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