IAIK Ch 136

Ch 136



The little blonde girl felt herself being spoken to from behind, and Alexander was able to see her completely once she turned to him.


That was the thought he had as he watched this tender Loli who had an adorably sad expression on her little face.

Alexander quickly shook off those thoughts as he saw that the girl still looked a little dazed, and spoke to her again, “Hello, are you lost little one?”

The girl after a few seconds recovered and still with teary eyes, nodded weakly.

“Mommy… Mommy is lost and I can’t find her…”

Alexander: “…”

Alexander sweated internally at the girl’s comment, she had obviously been the one who got lost, but he still put a smile on his face.

“Oh, I see then… Yosh, let’s find lost mom right now!”

The stunned girl nodded again and wiped the tears on her little face with the sleeve of her Yukata, but her mood was still rather dull.

Alexander noticed such a thing, and after thinking a bit, said dramatically, to cause mystery, “But before…”

Alexander, under the now surprised gaze of the Loli, made some awkward gestures and finished the sentence, “It’s time for Magic!”


“Yep, right now I’m going to show you one of my best tricks in…. the whole World!”

The Loli was a little more excited with all the energy Alexander was showing, and her big round golden eyes sparkled a little more, obviously expectant.

“So, here I come!”


The girl clapped her hands and watched intently to see what Magic Alexander would do.

Alexander then began to gesture dramatically and exaggeratedly.

“Right now at this moment you are looking at me, but in a few seconds you won’t see me.”

Making the gestures faster and faster, Alexander suddenly moved a little fast and hid behind a Bamboo stalk that was next to him with his back turned.

“Now you can’t see me, it’s impossible to see where I am right now.”


Alexander spoke behind the thin Bamboo as if he really couldn’t be seen, and realizing the cute smile he heard, a smile was also put on his face.

“You won’t find me, it’s impossible to find me right now because I’m in the dimem-…. huh?”

The Loli put a little hand on Alexander’s clothes, and giggled wistfully, “Hehehe, I found you, Onii-chan.”

Alexander then looked shocked to the core, “I-It’s impossible…. my disguise was perfect!”

The girl smiled again and Alexander did too after a few moments.

A few minutes passed, the Loli was right now with her feet wrapped around Alexander’s head, sitting happily on his shoulders with her Yukata pulled up a bit, as he walked through the Bamboo forest.

Thoughts roamed her mind as her expression was serious.

‘I can’t access Asora… of all my abilities it’s the only one I can’t use in this World I find myself in.’

He realized this, and it wasn’t really unexpected, because he previously imagined something like this, analyzing the capabilities of his mysterious power over the Multiverse as a whole.

But still, a sigh escaped his mouth.

Also, he thought that exactly as he believed, he didn’t know how, whether slower or faster, but time certainly ran differently in this World than in Kuroinu’s derived World.

How did he know?

It was something like an incredibly strange Multiversal sense, that with the Abilities of his Overlord Race…. well, it wasn’t at all surprising that he had something like that. He could even accurately tell the amount of time he should have spent in Asora, and in Kuroinu’s World itself.

“Hm? Something wrong, little one?”

Alexander felt a gentle tug on his hair, and asked the Loli on his shoulders.

“Onii-chan, mom once told me to stay away from bad men, are you a bad man, onii-chan?”

Alexander: “…”

Alexander paused in his walk, then laughed.

“What do you think?”

“I think you’re a very good Onii-chan, very funny!”

“Hmm, that’s right, flatter this Onii-san more!”


The Loli laughed at Alexander and his funny way of doing things, and then they both continued walking through the forest under the little girl’s dubious guidance, to where the local town was.

‘This is…’

Alexander, still walking while telling the girl about some of Prim’s comical antics, sensed something and stopped as he looked towards a large rock in the distance.


The little girl shook her little head to the side, but remained quietly silent.

Alexander continued to give the big Rock a hard look in the distance, almost as if he could sense something suspicious over there….

The Rock: “…”

He even had a faint idea that the Rock was sweating, but Alexander simply shrugged and kept walking as he didn’t notice anything strange again.

Though his vigilance didn’t drop that low, as he was still in an unknown place….


Alexander told the Loli about many funny things he could remember, and she also, in her childish way, told him about her mother and her home.

Of how cute the things she liked were, as well as how boring the classes she had to take were from both her mother and her whole family, how little she liked fish, étc.

And so, with the giggling and cute giggles of the little girl, Alexander finally made it all the way to the exit of the Bamboo Forest with a glance at the whole outside.

Yes, Alexander could see the outlines of the city from there and as he got closer, he got more and more excited.

Yes, Alexander finally realized that this place was….

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