IAIK Ch 137

Ch 137


At least one city in Japan.

Alexander had mixed feelings as he looked at the signs in Japanese, which he could tell what they meant, all sorts of things and such that had that inexplicable Japanese feel to them.

He could even see that a few feet from where he was, people of an obvious Asian appearance were passing under a large Torii, an arched entrance that used to be in front of Japanese Shrines.

While he still remembered the Third Fortress looking like Japan in an Edo period, seeing a city of modern day Japan, was still something that was very surprising to Alexander.

He remembered perfectly well that in his previous life he had never even been able to go sightseeing in this country because of his economic situation, although the desire was not lacking.

As far as Alexander was concerned, this was one of his dreams fulfilled.

“Onii-chan, come on let’s go, mom got lost in the ice cream cart!”

Alexander knew well, after talking to this little Loli, that apparently, she had gotten separated from her mother while waiting for her, as her mom had gone to buy her an ice cream, but then the Loli, overcome by curiosity, started walking somewhere and after a long time, she realized that she was alone.

Alexander sighed because he was the one who found this little Loli, since in a place like Japan, and with a great possibility of being an Anime…. Well, he certainly feared for what she would find in the forest if she had bad luck….

There were really, really bad Anime where all sorts of things could happen!

Alexander also felt he could canvass the whole place to find the girl’s mom, but since he didn’t even know what she looked like, he just decided to walk with little Loli until he found her. And well, assuming that such an action would be more like a signal to whatever was in this World, which showed Alexander’s presence, was another reason to desist.

That said, Alexander also believed that someone was watching him in the forest, but as he was sure to protect the girl with all his ability, he simply downplayed it.



[*Name: Alexander Smith.

Race: Human, Overlord.

Job: Mage.

Vitality: 999999+.

Strength: 336.

Energy: 05233/12264 (EX Quality).

*List of Abilities:

-Creation (EX).

-Photographic Memory (EX).

-Asora (EX).

-System (2.0).

-More-More (EX).

-Erebea Magic (EX).

-Haki (EX).

-Unique Body (EX).

-One Soul (EX).

-Multiversal Energy Processing (EX).

-Rinne-Sharingan (EX).

-Kaioken (EX).

-Manifestation of Mind/Energy (EX).

-Human Area (EX).

-Normal Aura (95% of Mastery).

-Overlord Law (EX): ???

-Hands of Rebirth (EX).

-Lightning-Ray (EX).

-S Skills (EX):

1- Connection.

2- God Yang Body.

3- Sexual Impulse connected to Energy.

-One Heart (EX): ????.

-Language Comprehension (EX)].

In the short time he had been here… he had only recovered exactly 3 Energy Stats. Conducting a probe like the one he had in mind in the whole Area would take away some Energy points that he preferred to save for now, since as the saying goes, you can never be too cautious.

Even though he had almost half of his Energy full….

The Great Hero Alexander didn’t realize it at the time, but his behavior was somewhat similar to a certain overly cautious Hero who had been summoned in some Celestial Realm by some Goddess with some mental problems….

Alexander looked at the passive Ability by which he obtained the Nothingness Energy, and one of the first he created himself.

Multiversal Energy Processing (EX): Allows the user to use his energy in place of the different energies that exist throughout the Multiverse, such as Chakra, Reiatsu, Magical Power, and others.

With this Ability, Alexander wouldn’t have to worry about where he was, for as long as there was some kind of energy from that World, in many different derivations, his Ability caused a processing effect, allowing him to use his own Energy in substitution, and Alexander knew that this was where the importance of Nothingness as energy was taken into account, for as long as there was practically, umm, one end, Alexander could connect to the other end, allowing for the natural bridging process.

But well, Alexander was never one to think much, more like he was very simple, and so he stopped thinking about these things for now.

And so he asked the little girl, “Well, we’ve arrived in the City, which direction is that ice cream cart?”


The Loli grabbed Alexander’s hair with her little hands, and furrowed her eyebrows as she thought hard, trying to remember.

“I remember, over there!”

“Okay, let’s go there.”

Alexander said and started walking in the direction the little girl pointed.

Which was a park area in front of where they were.


Thus, almost as if it were the transition of the girls as they put on long stockings down their slender long white legs with extreme gentleness….

… time passed.

Alexander and little Loli toured a large part of the City, making all kinds of stops everywhere.

What was the reason for this?

Well, it turns out that the little Loli had a worse sense of direction than some swashbuckler from some Straw Hat Pirates somewhere… and the ice cream cart in which this Loli’s mom was going to buy her a large portion of strawberry flavored ice cream, seemed to get lost off the face of the planet.

Alexander searched with the Loli on his shoulders from end to end in the park the Loli pointed to at first, and had found no one selling ice cream.

Of course, for the Great American Tourist Alexander, just the same something like that had been no bother at all, as his tourist spirit was ringing loud as he saw the city of the country he had most wanted to visit in his former life.

Normally, of course, Alexander’s persona and crimson hair, plus his straight-up non-Japanese style, and especially the super-cute Loli on his shoulders, should be a sight that would draw too much attention, but it seems the Normal Aura Skill was paying off, as almost no one noticed them.

Yes, almost.

“Hey, Kanae, look, that guy is taking a walk with his daughter, so cute!”

“Yeah, I see it too but… that boy…. isn’t that boy extremely handsome?”

“Huh? Now that you mention it…”

And well, when Alexander felt that the few sharper people were starting to notice him, Alexander would start running around like a Gay was chasing him…with all due respect.

The Loli would just hold on tight to Alexander’s hair and laugh more and more as she was having so much fun with the whole thing.

Even when Alexander and Loli sat on a park bench, eating cotton candy, paid practically with Naruto’s coolest Eye Jutsu… Loli also realized that this Onii-chan was also very handsome.

She blushed a little on her little face, ‘Onii-chan looks like a model…. How cool!’

Alexander, seeing this, just smiled and patted the Loli on the head.

Which made her blush more, ‘It feels so good to be patted by Onii-chan!’

Her mom also used to pat her when she wasn’t busy, but they still weren’t any better than this new Onii-chan’s.

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