IAIK Ch 139

Ch 139

“Come out.”

Before little Loli could introduce herself, Alexander suddenly stood up from his seat as he looked at a specific area in the bushes of the forest.


Little Loli looked surprised.

“You’ve been following us all this time, now come out at once and tell me what you’re looking for.”

Alexander’s tone was very flat, for although he was half aware that he was being followed, it wasn’t until now that he was completely sure of this, he felt some fluctuations in the part behind the bushes, of a presence very similar to the Magic, that inhabited Kuroinu’s World, but at the same time, very different. Something that made Alexander think that in this World, apparently, there was also a whole supernatural world, although thinking that it could well be an Anime, he was not so surprised.

“Haaa, looks like I was found.”

A woman’s voice was heard as after a slight sigh, a figure stepped out from the bushes a few meters away.


Little Loli was surprised to see who it was, and quickly went to hug the woman who could now be clearly seen.

“You’re always crying, you only missed it once.”

The woman tenderly wiped away the tears that had formed in her daughter’s big round eyes as she smiled softly.

“Mama, Mama I won’t get lost anymore.”

La Loli hugged her mother as she repeated her words.

After a few more seconds, the Loli calmed down and then the woman looked up at Alexander.

“So, aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend?”


The Loli at that moment got so excited that she almost glowed, and then ran up to Alexander prettily while holding his clothes, looking at her mom.

“Mom, this is Alexander-otou-san, he’s so much fun and gave me the happiest day of my life! We played so much, and I ate candy, and we played, and Otou-san lost a lot, then I cheered him up, but because of bad luck he kept losing! He’s amazing!”

The Loli started talking with stars in her eyes, while laughing prettily with her hand on Alexander’s clothes.

The woman saw how excited her daughter was, and then she looked at Alexander with a little bit of various emotions, there was suspicion, there was gratitude, there was a bit of jealousy, there was even… there was a little blush on her face.

“Alexander-sama, I thank you deeply for showing my daughter a good time. I’ve practically never had the opportunity to do something like this before.”


“Alexander… -sama?”

Yes, from the moment the woman had appeared, Alexander had been staring at her in a daze, so he had heard almost nothing of what they had talked about before.

And it was something normal, since that woman’s appearance was not something you saw every day.

She had long blonde hair that reached past her waist, almost down to her legs, an extremely beautiful face that Alexander had only seen on his Wives, small eyebrows that looked noble, her skin was glowing white and her cheeks looked like ripe peaches because of the healthy pink in them. Her figure was a figure that was very much on par with Celestine, and even her breasts were so voluptuous, yet firm, that they stood erect as if gravity did not work on them. She wore ornaments on her head and what appeared to be a crown in the center, and her costume was a shrine maiden outfit like Kaguya used to wear, but more demure, with a red ribbon at the small waist she had.

She was a woman of inexplicable beauty.

Alexander even in his mind tried to see where he had this familiar feeling from, that she looked familiar, but the fact that she was a real person in Alexander’s vision, and not an Anime character, made it difficult for him to recognize her.

“Huh? Huh?”

Alexander blinked and snapped out of his daze as he saw that he was being addressed.

“Ah… excuse me, I was enraptured…”

The woman blushed a little, and waved her hand, “No, no problem Alexander-sama.”

Then, little Loli quickly ran to her mother, and she introduced herself and her daughter, “My name is Yasaka.”

And she put her hand on her daughter’s head, “And this is Kunou.”

The Loli, Kunou, smiled at Alexander.

Then the Loli’s mother, Yasaka, continued, “I am the Youkai Faction Leader of the Kyoto Inner and Outer Youkai Faction, the Nine-Tailed Fox, or the Kyuubi, and again, I thank you for making my daughter laugh, she really needed it.”

As Yasaka finished speaking, she deactivated her human form and almost with a *Puff* sound… The cute fox ears of both her and Kunou, made themselves and each of their Nine Tails known, as well as each of their Nine Tails.

Kunou was smiling, as her tails wagged with speed, seemingly excited.

There was a pause for a moment.

“So, Alexander-sama, you are a Mage?”

“Magician? Alexander-otou-san is a magician? Great! Is that true, Otou-san!”

“Kunou, to say that Alexander-sama is your Otou-san… is not…”

Alexander again became dazed, and couldn’t register Kunou’s question, nor could he register Yasaka’s strange reaction to what Kunou was calling him… as his mind was far apart at the moment.

What had happened to Alexander’s mind was similar to those times when one is very excited on the PC, playing Online while he is getting to defeat the bad guy, when suddenly….


“ERROR 404”

You got these words and your Internet went out….

Well… the situation was not exactly the same, but similar.

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