IAIK Ch 141

Ch 141

Yasaka could not believe her eyes.

Yasaka didn’t know how to feel about what she was seeing.

Ever since she followed her Daughter and this… foreigner, Yasaka realized how mature Alexander was, but at the same time, how childish he was just to make Kunou happy.

She quickly realized that this man’s personality was very good, and every time between breaks she saw him patting Kunou’s head when she got pensive and crestfallen, Yasaka felt that she really liked his overall persona.

Not only that, Alexander had this special charm that had so captured her daughter, and unknowingly, her.

He was a man who seemed to be very simple, even with the gifts or appearance he had, which made him all the more brilliant.

He played with Kunou all sorts of games, lost and lost and lost, to the point that Yasaka thought this should be a Skill in itself. She was really surprised.

It was really unbelievable that she could lose so much!

Not only that, Yasaka noticed that no matter how much attention they should draw, very, very few people noticed them, and Yasaka attributed something like that to Alexander’s strange Ability to go unnoticed.

Which confirmed that he was not a normal human at all.

Another interesting aspect was that this man knew nothing about Japan, absolutely, nothing.

He appeared to be a simple American civilian who was suddenly taken with an invisible hand and put here, in Japan.

He also didn’t seem to be a resident, or have any place to stay, but this didn’t seem to bother him.

‘He’s definitely not a Gremory, and he has nothing to do with the Demons either…’

Yasaka had come to this conclusion.

She continued her time lurking, trying to keep the man with the very keen senses from finding her, and this went on for quite some time. She was secretly enjoying it too, as she felt like a ninja from those animated ones Kunou watched. She laughed at the thought of this.

Yasaka wasn’t even planning to drag it out this long, but to her surprise, when she remembered everything that had happened today, Yasaka could only feel that it was okay.

That she felt fine.

A little jealous, every time she saw her darling daughter purring from the caresses on her head, both because Kunou didn’t do that when she caressed her, because of how… she herself wanted such caresses….

Full of affection, by someone like that.

Her life had been practically a repetitive and boring myriad of things until the moment she decided to have a daughter.

She would perfectly prefer to sacrifice one of her tails, in order to have a daughter just for the fact that apart from the fact that it meant a change, it would also cure a little of her loneliness, of her long loneliness.

While she was sure of her looks, or how special she looked, mainly because of how men looked at her, Yasaka had never actively sought Love, or a mate, but since the ritual was performed that gave birth to her daughter in exchange for one of her tails, though not root, Yasaka felt she could make the attempt.

I mean, it never hurts to look for Love, right?

All was calm, the Factions was in a very quiet period, her tail had already been fully restored, and lately, Yasaka was feeling very good about her daughter’s company.

So looking for a new male companion, and especially one that would make both Kunou and herself happy, was not something Yasaka thought was so far off.

In fact, she realized that on this day, that idea seemed to be becoming more and more exquisite.

So, now by the afternoon, Yasaka already knew for sure that Alexander was a mage, apparently, a very powerful one, or a very skilled one, due to the fact that she couldn’t sense any of his Ki, Mana, or his magical source, and mainly….

Well, she clearly knew that the machine’s Teddy Bear hadn’t moved on its own, a force had acted on it, something like Telekinesis. Yasaka was absolutely sure that Alexander by himself would not have been able to pick up that Teddy Bear with the tool, because apart from the fact that he had tried more than 20 times, always failing, she knew this part of Alexander well from observation.

Finally, Yasaka now looked at her daughter, who was tightly holding a teddy bear, leaning on Alexander’s right side, clearly giggling from all the tiredness of the day, and this sight hit Yasaka’s heart hard.

‘I wish Kunou could have a father like that…’

Her earlier thoughts flitted through her mind.

Kunou had always been raised only by her, and no one else.

Kunou’s teachers were familiar with her, but after 6 years they couldn’t even achieve the favorability that this man, Alexander she heard, achieved in just a few hours.

That was totally unbelievable.

Even the old woman in charge of her care was not like that.

Thinking this far, Yasaka realized a detail she had overlooked.

Even when Kunou called Alexander “Dad/Otou-san”, she hadn’t reacted, but now it came to fall out of the palm, noticing that for Alexander to become Kunou’s dad….

That meant…

Yasaka’s face flushed, at the thoughts so… ecchi in her mind, involving Alexander… without clothes, causing her to let out another magical fluctuation again, but….

“Get out.”

… unnoticed.


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