IAIK Ch 143

Ch 143

At the assumption that had been made by the fox lady, who was practically the leading maid of the Fox Mansion, a somewhat blushing Yasaka more or less explained what Kunou calling Alexander that way was all about.

Kunou was listening to everything and said more grumbling than anything else, “Otou-san is otou-san!”

Both the old woman and the old man, the most important figures of the Youkai Faction except for Yasaka, upon hearing Yasaka speak and seeing the small blush on her face, had, first of all, a very strange look on their faces.

Yasaka noticed this, and her speech became a little more awkward, and she herself noticed that the eyes of both elders went from strangeness, to understanding, from understanding to expectation, and from expectation, finally, to amusement.

Especially the Fox Lady’s eyes, she was looking at Alexander, and Alexander’s at Yasaka with the eyes of a person watching a very, very entertaining movie.

Yasaka looked uncomfortable in her skin just because of the clearly “obvious” way, the elders were looking at her, because in the first place, something that would normally be disrespectful, Yasaka seemed not to be bothered at all, and in fact, you could even feel a bit of happiness from her, which the elders had picked up on. For it was not something that happened every day.

Several awkward minutes for Yasaka alone later….

The fox lady returned to her duties at the Mansion while the old Tengu left but without first pulling Alexander aside to tell him something.

“Kyuubi Yasaka-chan’s life so far… has been very lonely, she is a perfect leader, as she is very capable, both in political things and not, but… she had always had this spark of death near her that seemed to get stronger, at least until the moment when she gave birth to her daughter, Princess Kunou. Since only 6 years ago, Kunou’s arrival had been like a source of vitality that continuously filled Yasaka-chan with more happiness, that’s why then we thought that allowing the “ancient ritual” was good, since its effects have been only positive, and in fact it made us think that what Yasaka-chan needed all this time, was a family, hahaha, probably Yasaka-chan is the only Kyuubi of her offspring that needed something like that, since most Kyuubi lived only for massacre and chaos. .. a long time ago…” The man nodded several times to Alexander and gave him very obvious, very pretentious looks, as if he wanted to convey something.

‘Why is this gentleman saying something like that to me?’

Big Hero Alexander’s face was one of disbelief, as he didn’t know what to make of what the old man was telling him, or even why he had said it. But thinking about the long life the Demons had in the Anime, and that it could very well be the same with the Youkais, and especially going through such a long life without the warm aspects of familial love…. Alexander was really starting to feel a bit sorry for Yasaka. And this, it was like a chain reaction to his being.

“Then, that being said, Alexander-sama, we entrust you to take care of Kunou-chan and Yasaka-chan, please.”

“Ehh… Okay…?”

Alexander was more lost than a monk who had to find the clitoris… excuse the redundancy.

“Hahahaha, well, it was a pleasure to meet you Alexander-sama, and don’t forget that anytime you can go visit our home, we Tengu welcome you.”

The old man said goodbye to Alexander with a very mysterious smile on his face, and Alexander was standing there like a fish out of water.

‘What the fuck happened just now!’

‘What’s with this absurd level of acceptance!’

‘Are the Japanese really like this!’

Alexander sighed, because he was still surprised at how sure the elders were about his personality, and even took it for granted that he was good. Even Alexander himself didn’t know if he was good, just a few days ago he had ended the lives of thousands of men, well, though Alexander didn’t even consider them as fleas in the first place so… it was kind of complicated.

‘No use thinking about it so much.’

Alexander, as usual, shook his head and shrugged.

Then he went back to the room where Kunou and Yasaka were.

Yasaka waited for Alexander to sit down, and then said, “Emm…. Alexander-sama, would you like me to give you a tour of the whole place before I take you to your room?”


“Kunou, I asked Alexander-sama, manners, manners.”

Kunou sat quietly then, but still looked at Alexander with fire in her eyes.

“Sounds good to me.” Alexander agreed with a smile.

Kunou jumped back up again, and like an expert squirrel, quickly hopped onto Alexander’s shoulders in a jiffy, leaving Yasaka dumbfounded at his speed.

“Haaa.” Finally, Yasaka sighed and also got up to stand up, she noticed out of the corner of her eye that Alexander had stupidly stared at her breasts, and Yasaka turned her back so Alexander wouldn’t see her blush.

‘Ah~ What am I doing?’

Yasaka felt like she was in front of a campfire, with heat in various parts of her body, and at the unfamiliar feeling, even being a FireFox, she had taken it for something childish, as in a person her age, something like this should be beyond reprehensible.

“Well, please follow me, Alexander-sama.”

Yasaka suddenly looked a bit depressed.


Alexander was looking at the tatamis, wondering if he should start the game no “Don’t step on…”


And Kunou… Kunou was Kunou.


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