IAIK Ch 144

Ch 144

It was late at night, and Alexander was in a white Yukata in his room, lying on a freshly prepared futon, after having bathed in an Onsen, or an outdoor bath.

The feeling of lying almost on the floor was something new and refreshing for Alexander, for being used to sleeping in a giant bed, not to mention the other female bodies around him.

Yasaka had shown him, in a very funny journey thanks to Kunou, who although very tired and sleepy, was still jumping around and saying too cute phrases, the rest of the Mansion that was located in the supernatural center of Kyoto, the Kyuubi Mansion.

Alexander was speechless for every thing he saw, as he was totally an amateur when it came to Japanese, and his knowledge of Japan came only directly from Anime….

Countless Youkais worked at the Mansion doing different things, with all sorts of them.

For example, there were green Youkais that were very strange, but thanks to Alexander being a pretty Otaku Otaku, he knew about the Kappa, they carried things around and did different activities in the lakes or ponds of the Mansion. There were Tanukis, Youkais that looked like dogs but also raccoons, who were in the trees watching Alexander a lot. And even, there was a Youkai that appeared to be a blue colored, powerful and ancient tiger that was sleeping with other small Youkais on top of it, according to Yasaka, his name was Suiko and he was one that just liked to sleep, and swim in the water. As well as living objects, which was Youkais actually.

Alexander felt like an explorer in a new World, looking at so many things he had always seen on the other side of the screen, and was quite excited.

Naturally, Yasaka took Alexander all over the place, and inevitably Alexander ran into the other members of the Kyuubi Clan, who seemed to be extremely curious about this new Wizard who was going to be staying at their house.

Also, curiously, Alexander noticed that the Kyuubi seemed to be, for the most part, very old people, even though they looked very young. Yasaka explained that it had been hundreds of years since there had been a new birth in the Clan except for the Kunou “case”, so no matter how young and attractive both the males and females in the group looked, their interests were really very old-fashioned. Plus there were only a few dozen members.

When Alexander, mother and daughter Zorro saw other members of their Clan, asleep on the mats sunbathing, they could only laugh because instead of some kind of paradise, since there were so many extremely attractive people here, such as famous actors, it looked like a warm old people’s home where patience reigned. Suddenly, Alexander understood a bit of why Yasaka was the way the Tengu elder had said he was.

The attitude of the Clan members towards Alexander, apart from curiosity, was not much, except, of course, some Kyuubis who looked at Alexander with flirtatious glints in their eyes.

Alexander, among the reactions of the people here that he had seen, could firmly say that it was not at all the same as in the Kuroinu Derivative World, as there Alexander would take off the mask he used to wear, Kakashi-sensei Modo, and then everything would turn into a bloody mess because of the multiple females that would bleed from the nose….

Alexander’s bare face was quite dangerous!

But, in this place, he realized that although it was still somewhat shocking, to those watching, the degree of acceptance was incredibly more developed than there.

‘Well, after all, that was a World right out of a Hentai…’

Alexander also realized that since his existence had become clear to the Youkais of Kyoto in general, his Normal Aura Skill was very ineffective.

The tour continued and Alexander also saw the office where Yasaka used to deal with Kyoto’s foreign and domestic affairs, it was a room covered with tatami mats, antiques and gave a fresh feeling of the Japanese spirit, but upon seeing the office desk, Alexander was speechless at the long hill of papers that were piled there, and then looked at Yasaka speechlessly.

“I know, I know! But… But…! They keep increasing, they don’t stop! It’s a never-ending road!”

“Shhh, it’s okay Yasaka-san, it’s all right.”

“I… I…!”

“Mom, it’s all right.”

Yasaka looked desperate, and in a rare act of coordination, both Kunou and Alexander comforted Yasaka to then hug her and give some shelter to this grieving soul.

‘Being a leader is… terrifying.’

Alexander also got chills as he clearly remembered his time when he was helping Celestine with her homework, he realized that the paperwork had more waves than Call of Duty Black Op II in its Zombie Mode….

A few seconds passed in the embrace, and now it was that Yasaka saw that it was not only her beloved daughter who was hugging her, but also the man, and feeling Alexander’s large hands on her lower back near her buttocks, Yasaka practically felt her body burning and focusing all her receptive touch on the part that hand was touching her. It was as if her whole body was in that part, she could only feel that place being touched by Alexander.

Of course, it was only after Alexander realized what he had done, that she felt the heavenly softness in her hands, of the skin on Yasaka’s clothes, she looked down and saw that the end of Yasaka’s giant breasts were attached to her chest, and at that moment, Alexander….


… felt that his Dragon had been awakened from its slumber.

Unique Soul.

Unique Soul.

Unique Soul.

Unique Soul.

As if he were a brave and trustworthy subordinate who didn’t know he was being exploited, Unique Soul appeared to save the day and Alexander could almost see the outline of a trustworthy figure who gave him a thumbs up with a smile….

No problem!


Because I’m here!

… That was what Alexander felt.

He quickly, too, got the idea that he was under a waterfall as the water poured down on his head.

And somehow, he was able to calm down.

Which was not the case for Yasaka, who was still getting redder by the second.



Not even women had touched Yasaka from so close.

Far apart from the two nervous adults like children, the real girl was as calm and happy as could be, hugging both Alexander’s and her mom’s legs.

“This is the best!”

The smile on her face seemed to go on forever.

After separating, and continuing the ride in silence, Alexander said quietly, “I’m sorry…” For Yasaka to reply, “No, I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s my fault.”

“No, it’s…”

And the tirade didn’t seem to end.

“Come on!”

Seeing her mom and Otou-san so close and talking softly to each other, Kunou felt pushed aside and made a pouty chibi face as she hurried them along.

“Let’s go!”


Alexander looked at the ceiling of the room he was in and thought about the whole day today, remembering how good it had felt to walk with Kunou, to talk with Yasaka, to look at Yasaka, to hug Yasaka, to feel Yasaka’s Oppais-….

‘Hmmm, I’m so perverted.’

Alexander was helpless, and he had to admit it, and as he thought, he saw that he didn’t have his sleeping Yukata on.


He looked around and saw it lying haphazardly in the room.

‘Shit… it’s true that I like to sleep naked but… I’m scared of my ability to take off my clothes…’

Rather, if Gray and Ur from the Anime Fairy Tail had seen him, even they would have been freaked out by his Ability to unconsciously take off his clothes!

Alexander shook his head, and cast a slight spell on the Yukata so that he couldn’t take it off in the night, simply because he was in someone else’s house, it wasn’t his home where all the inhabitants were his Wives, or were going to be his Wives, or were Slime girls….

And just like that, without noticing the small dark figure lurking behind the door, like a carnivorous animal hunting its prey, Alexander fell asleep.

(He fell asleep!)

A whisper, then footsteps, that was the last thing heard in the room before all fell silent.

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