IAIK Ch 147

Ch 147

The preparations had been made.

The barrier was in use.

The spectators numbered 3.

Looking far away at Alexander, and Yasaka who was about 20 meters away from him, at the bottom of a mountain range and with a flat space of dozens of meters, Kunou said, “Baa-chan, I bet a day without studies that Otou-san will win.”

“Haha, do you have that much confidence in Alexander-sama?” The fox Lady beside Kunou smiled because he knew that she didn’t like studying very much, and for her to bet one of her days off, then it means that she firmly believed that Alexander would win. “Alright, my money’s on Yasaka-chan, she is the Youkai Leader after all, besides Kyuubi, she’s very powerful.”

“Hmm.” The old Tengu on the other side of Kunou stroked his long nose as he thought, as even he wanted to know what this interesting duel would end up in.

“Otou-san is very powerful.” Kunou was sure.


“So, how shall we do this?”

Alexander asked, stretching.

Yasaka smiled, “I have an idea, previously, the Kyuubi hatchlings were pitted against us in a very barbaric way, that until one had a serious injury they couldn’t stop fighting, to make it less intense, how about we declare the winner whoever manages to rip or tear the other’s clothes?”

“Okay, I have no objections.”

“Alright, then… let’s start the fight when this stone hits the ground.”

Yasaka bent down, picked up a random stone on the spot, and when he saw that Alexander nodded, in line with his rules, Yasaka threw the stone with such a great force upwards that a normal person would have lost sight of the stone.

Yasaka was surprised that Alexander didn’t follow the stone with his gaze, but even so, she slowly removed the blanket over her Kimono, and although she didn’t know it, her movement was very exotic.

And it was so natural that possibly even she didn’t know how attractive it was!

She folded the golden cloak and laid it on the ground, on the grass.

Then she stood and stretched out her arms so that they were covered in fire, using Ki to accomplish such a familiar feat.

Alexander looked at her, in the same position she was in, and Yasaka looked at Alexander, her arms covered in fire.

Time seemed to slow down.

And it was as if the air had stopped.

Indigo blue eyes looked into golden glowing eyes.

At that moment…


The stone fell.


Yasaka raised her eyebrow and defended herself from a straight hand that intended to cut her sleeves with the pressure of speed and wind.

No sooner had she dodged that blow, Alexander had already launched a vertical kick up and down that made the move extremely sharp from the pressure of the speed at which it was performed.


Yasaka propelled herself with her legs and jumped backwards for several meters to see a crack spread out where she was 1 second ago.

“Oh, are you really giving it your all, Yasaka-san?”

The dust settled and the figure of a smiling Alexander was revealed, asking Yasaka.


Yasaka put on a serious expression and immediately the fire from her arms covered her whole body, without burning her Kimono, in a rather bewitching and magical appearance because she looked like some fire divinity that were usually seen in Games and the like.

Also the energy she was expelling was becoming more and more powerful, reaching the peak that you could feel a suffocating pressure in the atmosphere.

She had the strength of a Ultimate Class Demon, which was almost the strongest level of power in this World, giving a relaxed fight to ancient dragons, and above all… because she was the Kyuubi and the spiritual center of the Ley Lines in Kyoto, she had all this immense energy that she could use whenever she was present in the city.

Right now, Yasaka wasn’t giving his all, but she was certainly trying a lot harder than she had in a good amount of time, however….

Alexander’s appearance was very relaxed, as if he couldn’t feel the pressure Yasaka exuded at all.


She stomped down hard and almost disappeared in a tornado of fire with how fast her movement was.

The distance between the two was cut off in a few thousandths of a second.

Alexander swung his forearm in defense as it collided with Yasaka’s flaming fist, who was surprised that Alexander didn’t even have traces of burns, or that he had withstood that force that easily had a power of tons of weight in it….


Yasaka, seeing that her physique was no more powerful than Alexander’s, gathered all the fire Ki he could muster in his right hand, to in the form of an open clap, thrust it towards Alexander.


The thick torrent of fire completely engulfed Alexander, and continued further in a whirlpool 10 meters wide and 5 meters high, definitely making a mess everywhere it passed as it grew…

The resulting scene was a large hole over hundreds of meters long in the back hill….

It had almost wiped out a mountain so simply!

“Now I’m giving it my all?” Yasaka had a proud smile to show on her face.

“If so… it’s a bit disappointing.”

Yasaka quickly spun around in surprise only to see Alexander less than a meter away from her with the same expression as before.

“… I underestimated you, I admit, but…”

Yasaka jumped and landed 10 meters away from Alexander. She looked at him and her eyes started to turn into fox eyes, while an extremely dense Ki covered her skin, slowly changing her into something else….

“…I won’t do it anymore.”


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