IAIK Ch 148

Ch 148

An hour later, in the living room of the Mansion, there was Yasaka, Fox Lady and Kunou having tea.

“That was amazing! There was wush, and boomm, and bang! Mom and Otou-san alone disappeared three big mountains! And yet, Otou-san won, so this Friday I don’t have classes! Yey!!!”

Kunou’s fountain of excitement was truly inexhaustible, she seemed to be made of energy as she jumped and frolicked around the room, celebrating that she had no classes on Friday thanks to her Otou-san beating her mom in the previous match.

“Yes… Alex-sama won.”

Yasaka was still in a little shock, she had actually lost in an even battle against Alexander while using all her strength….

At first it was just a matter of slightly tearing the other’s clothes to win, but then this move became something different….

Yasaka transformed into a giant Nine-Tailed Fox, channeling with Senjutsu, all her natural Ki in that form, and clothing himself with the energy of Kyoto’s atmosphere.

In that state, her power should have reached the terrible strength of a Dragon, Yasaka could practically count on her fingers the people who could defeat her when she gave her all, but…

Yasaka didn’t know what to think with the fact that even so….

Alexander had beaten her in a way that felt… simple.

Alexander really didn’t seem to have given it his all like she did.

‘My strength can compare to that of a Demon King in that state… and for Alex-sama to have defeated me without looking particularly fatigued…. at what level will your strength be?’

‘Alex-sama…’ Yasaka drank the tea from the cup, and looked up at the sky beyond the open doors of the room, ‘…who are you really?’

Without noticing, the carefree figure of an extremely handsome magician in his mind, became a few levels more imposing and important.

“Um, Yasaka-sama, I have a doubt.” The Fox Lady on the other side of the table, looked at Yasaka after she came out of her daze, “That last move Alexander-sama made, that powerful avatar he summoned… it felt very familiar, do you know what Alexander-sama said when he summoned it? Or at least, do you have any clue what it might be?”

Yasaka thought for a moment, “Yeah, I think when he made it appear… I heard something like…. [Susanoo]”

“Susanoo!!! The God of the Sea and Battles!!!? So, was that avatar related to the God of our mythology, Susanoo?”

“I can’t tell.” Yasaka shook her head, “Right now I have several theories about it, but it’s best to wait for Alex-sama to return and then ask him.”

“I see.” The Fox Lady sighed.

“Ah, mom, and where did tou-san go?” Kunou blinked.

“He told me he was going to walk around Kyoto for a while, and would possibly come for lunch.”

“Boo! Bad tou-san! Why didn’t you take me with you!”

Kunou’s pout had come out successfully.

“Ara, and so if you were to go out with Alex-sama, the chores you have backlogged, who would do them?” The fox Lady looked at Kunou with her eyes half open.


The little fox slumped where she was and then replied, “Haaai…” To like a zombie, walk to the room where she used to study.

“This girl.” Yasaka shook her head.

“By the way, Yasaka-sama.”


The fox lady had a very mischievous smile, “Have you grown fond of Alexander-sama’s coat?”

“H-H-Huh!” Yasaka touched the coat covering her shoulders and upper body and muttered, (No…).


“…” Yasaka blushed all red.

“And another thing, Yasaka-sama.”


“If it’s a person like Alexander-sama… and although it’s still somewhat unknown, both me and old Tengu agree to leave it in his hands… we Youkais can feel a greater empathy than the great diversity of living beings that exist on the planet, and we can attest that that man, Alexander Smith-sama, is a person who, when someone of a kind and normal character, seems like a lamppost light, he would be… almost like a Sun.”

“Le-let me i-in his h-h-hands?!”

“Hahaha.” The Fox Lady was really having too much fun watching the stiff Yasaka acting like a schoolgirl at her first love, “Yes, I mean we all agree that you and he should get married, have a beautiful marriage, and on Honeymoon Night, with the Moon as a witness, your naked bodies…. Ara, she fainted.”

Yasaka, as red as beet, fainted with her head on the table as her brain whirred trying to imagine the very descriptive scenes mentioned by the person who almost raised her.

“Hehehehehehe, what fun, hehe, it’s been dozens of years since I’ve had fun like that.” The Fox Lady giggled before taking Yasaka and leading her to her room.


On the way, Lady fox came up with an idea, she was going to leave Alexander’s coat on Yasaka to see what his reaction would be when he woke up.

‘Alexander Smith-sama, huh? … How interesting.’

The prelude to the beginning of a very, really, very entertaining story for her, and favorable for both Princess Yasaka and her daughter, was given to show with Alexander’s intervention in their lives.

Almost as if arbitrarily, Alexander twisted fate in a titanic fashion to stir the lives of the Youkai Faction and their first-time and desperate Leader in Love… it was, within the mind of the Fox Lady and the oldest Kyuubi in the entire current Clan, something simply too interesting not to appreciate from up close.


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