IAIK Ch 149

Ch 149


Alexander suddenly sneezed as he walked, then grabbed the cotton rolls in his nose to remove them.

‘My goodness that was dangerous.’

Alexander was a simple-minded person, and he thought that, if, for example, a person was working daily for a long time with melons of all kinds of sizes, then his reaction after seeing a new melon should be… kind of normal, that is, not surprising.

But, how wrong I was.

In that spar he had had with Yasaka, and after having suffocated her with the Susanoo, almost in an impotent defeat for her, Yasaka had transformed back into her human form, but she was naked.

Alexander’s reaction was like a geyser, his nose exploded in a nosebleed at the sight of Yasaka’s entire body without a shred of clothing on it.

Her divine pale white skin, her breasts and inverted pink nipples due to the large size they were, her smooth and perfect abdomen with her devilish curves that enamored the man like the sirens with their sweet songs, her vagina with a sliver of coy blonde hair on it, and her round and juicy ass….

‘Ah… I’m bleeding again.’

Alexander again created another piece of toilet paper and made it into a roll to put on her bleeding nose and sat down on a bench to better soothe his Little Brother in his pants.

Later, walking along, gradually Alexander cooled down and was able to think better about his current situation.

‘I’m in DxD… so there are all kinds of Gods and strong beings out there, plus explosively erotic women everywhere…’

He thought about his targets.

‘I’m already completely sure that time in the Previous World runs at a speed twice as slow as it does here, so to keep my promise, I can only be in this World for a two-week time frame, or 13 days, to be exact.’

‘I’m still not quite sure if every time I use my powers to travel in the Multiverse, the Intermediate World will be a middle destination between my travels, but I think something like that is not necessary, and I’m also sure that later on, with more practice, I can make Asora work in any World I go to, it’s just something that takes a lot more practice for it, I can clearly tell, though it’s weird… but I can tell, like a precognition.’

‘I’m kind of embarrassed to admit it, but I’m still grateful to whatever it is that drew me here, to Kyoto from DxD where Yasaka lives, one of the characters I admire most in all of Anime… and Kunou, that little girl is so cute that one of these days I’m either going to have a heart attack from Kawaisity or get diabetes.’

Alexander himself didn’t know it, but to think as objectively as he thought, one’s face would have to be as thick as titanium alloy….

Although yes, in the shamelessness department, very few Chinese MC’s would give Alexander a fight.

But of course, he didn’t know that, he still thought he was a good boy with the kindness of a Christian at heart.

Yes, a cold-blooded mass murderer when it came to rapists and someone more powerful than a God… but yes, Alexander believed that if he asked Santa for something, it would be delivered to him because of his purity so pure.

‘So my goals will be, to get along better with Yasaka, to spoil Kunou a lot, but not so much, since I have their trust at the moment, also, I want to connect to the Internet and see the world situation and even, see if things are the same as the normal Earth I used to live in, even though this being a World where almost all myths should be real… I imagine it won’t be very similar…’

‘I also want to buy a phone, and regarding the Demons… I don’t know what to do, although I guess I won’t do anything, there are still a few years left for the plot of the series to start, and right now they are all young, ah, I forgot, also maybe I should pay Issei a special visit in Kuoh, and “enlighten” his mind so he won’t be so perverted, as for changing the plot…. well, something like that doesn’t matter too much to me either, after all, I plan to make this World my base in the Multiverse.’

Alexander organized his thoughts, and continued walking and admiring the view of Kyoto and its landscapes slowly.

Alexander didn’t take too long to find a store on a street near Kyoto Tower, called, ‘Kyoto Technology Shop’, in English, and went inside to buy himself a new phone, he might as well create it directly with his skills, but Alexander insisted on buying it simply for personal taste, he liked to get that wonderful fantasy idea that he was a normal human from time to time….

Of course, he was going to buy the phone with a few thousand Yen, the currency used in Japan, that some random criminals had “donated” to him, from Alexander.

“Hello, good morning.”

Alexander inside the small store saw that it was empty, with only a serious-faced old man as the clerk.



The old man just snorted and continued reading a magazine of attractive Japanese models in his hands…an action that brought a bead of sweat to Alexander’s face.

He decided not to think too much about it and walked over to the display case and casually decided on a fairly new model, but of a brand he was unfamiliar with, which he could see at a glance among the copies.

“I want to buy this phone and also the mobile line.”

“Tsk, what a stupid choice.”


Reluctantly, the old man put down the magazine and went to pick up the phone without noticing Alexander’s surprised look.

‘Wow, my old man here, that’s a bit of Hostility, eh?’

The old man annoyingly put the phone back in its case on the counter and stood there, reading again.


Alexander was stunned.

“Uh, just like that, I just pick up the phone like that and that’s it?”

“Tsk, I don’t like you, just do it yourself and leave me alone.”


Alexander left getting a little angry at this treatment because of the rudeness of the old man who was looking at some schoolgirls dressed in school swimsuits in the magazine.

“Ehh, excuse me, is something bothering you? I just need to buy the phone so I can leave.”

“I don’t want to go away.”

“Huh?” The vein on Alexander’s forehead stood out, and just when he was thinking of talking to this rude old man….

“Ojii-chan! What did I tell you about being rude to customers! My goodness, I’m so sorry, customer-sama.” A plain-looking normal girl appeared from the back door of the store, and after scolding the rude old pervert, in no time, she helped Alexander and explained how everything about the line and the new phone worked. He also picked out two more phones for him at Alexander’s request, after he gave it some thought. They were gifts for Yasaka and Kunou, and while it wouldn’t mean much to them, possibly, since Yasaka owned literally everything in Kyoto, at least it would be a kind gesture.

The girl gradually came to realize how damn handsome this new customer of hers was, and by the time she had stars in her eyes, Alexander had finished paying and picking up the phones, “Well, thank you very much for everything… goodbye.” Alexander looked at the girl then at the rude, perverted old man who was reading the same horny teenage magazine….

“Have him back soon, I’ll look forward to it!”

“Fuck you.”


Alexander took a breath, to calm the vein that was threatening to pop out, and left the store repeating under his breath, “You can’t hit an old man, you can’t hit an old man, you can’t hit an old man, you can’t hit an old man…”

A few minutes later, in the store.

“Oji-chan, didn’t that customer tell you anything about himself? Any information or anything?” the girl’s eyes were shining.

“Who?” The old man was confused.

“…” The girl sighed, “The super handsome customer who came in a few minutes ago.”

“I don’t know who you’re talking about.” The old man shook his head and then stared at her, “Hey.”

“Yeah, Ojiii-chan, what’s up, did you remember something?”

“Who are you?”


“Who am I? Your granddaughter! You know, your daughter’s daughter!”

The old man, then stunned and wide-eyed, pointed to himself, “Who am I?”


‘Ojii-chan… you’re toastier than a goat, eh… let’s give you your pills today.’

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