IAIK Ch 150

Ch 150

Some time after Alexander left that store where the cheeky and annoying old man was, he found himself returning to Yasaka and Kunou’s home.

By this time, it was almost 1 o’clock in the afternoon, and Alexander had seen a large part of Kyoto while thinking about his current situation, his Wives at home, and the future.

The grand view of the hundreds of Toriis at Fushimi Inari, the fabulous Kinkaku-ji, and Ginkaku-ji, or the Golden and Silver Temples, which gave an incredible visual surprise, where one could clearly see hints of the beautiful Japanese culture, had only been a few of Alexander’s stops in Kyoto.

Alexander had to admit that a bit of his childhood anticipation showed as he wandered around the ancient capital of Japan.

This was mostly due to a bit of a weird thing, I mean, normally, people who enjoy watching Anime or reading Mangas, always had this thought in the back of their mind, that someday in their life they wanted to visit Japan, and well, Alexander was the same, but the strange thing was that even before he started watching Anime, Alexander already had a certain admiration for the Japanese.

Yes, it’s true.

Alexander was very young when he was watching documentaries about Japan at the orphanage, whether it was the Iwami Kagura dance, one of the festivals Alexander wanted to witness live, or even items like the handmade Japanese chests of drawers that took 10 years of preparation before they were made.

And this always caught his attention, especially when your home was a very dull place socially, or you had no friends, like Alexander.

So, the moment Alexander saw the first Anime he saw in his life, Shaman King, it quickly caught his attention that anime that should normally be made for children, was broadcast for people from their teens, to their majority, and mainly, that the Anime were very realistic when it came to showing different parts of Japan, while most that Alexander saw at first were of the Fantasy genre, it still had aspects that were certainly real.

Then, when Alexander was almost hooked on things like that, a new World and type of Anime was shown to Alexander.

The Anime or Ghibli movies.

Alexander had to admit that the Animes called Ghibli were, without exception, the best Anime stories Alexander had ever seen, not only the story, the plot, the characters, the hope and heroism in each of this type without discarding the humanity, the Ghibli movies for the most part, every one Alexander saw, quickly became his targets of admiration.

A special point that the Ghibli had that amazed Alexander, was the exquisite realistic and beautiful way of making, whatever part of the world was presented in the films, a work of art as far as graphic description was concerned.

Alexander was very satisfied, and walked down the sparsely crowded street with a smile, this feeling he felt right now, Alexander felt the need to share it with his family, who were waiting for him, and this led Alexander to the conclusion that he should master his skills regarding the Multiverse earlier.

People passing by were chatting quietly in the streets, girls and boys in school clothes were laughing all the time, and old people were walking peacefully all over the place.

Suddenly, Alexander thought, this would definitely be his home.

He would make Kyoto his home.

Not simply because Yasaka or Kunou were here, nor would it be because this World was derived from an Anime where Fantasy was real and Kyoto was the mother home of most Youkais in Japan, but it was because for Alexander, this was the place he first visited out of all of Japan.

With these kinds of ideas in his mind, the road became shorter.

Alexander soon arrived near Yasaka’s house.

When he saw the Fox statues more and more often, he knew he had finally arrived.

“Kunou… The day after tomorrow I’ll bring you over and we’ll go out for the whole day, since you don’t have to study on Friday, right?”

Kunou was sulking and balled up, turning her back to Alexander, but her Fox ear perked up when she heard what Alexander said.


“Of course, who would I be if I didn’t keep my word to my favorite girl?”


Kunou turned around and hugged Alexander as their tails swayed in excitement stroking Alexander gently.


Alexander smiled because Kunou was so cute, the level of affection he had had with this girl in such a short time showed Alexander that apparently, even without knowing it, he had quite developed parental senses.

Alexander was in the living room of the Mansion where he usually ate, and spent a few minutes talking with Kunou until Yasaka appeared at the door.

At that moment, Alexander bowed to Yasaka.

“I’m really sorry, Yasaka-sama, I was thinking more rationally and realized that I was disrespectful earlier in wanting a match, with such an arrogant attitude as I had… I hope you can forgive me for any discomfort I caused you or your Faction.”

Rare were the occasions when Alexander acknowledged his mistake correctly, and this had been one of them, and since Alexander was in Japan, he thought to be as formal as possible when it came to apologizing.

He really thought about the way he had challenged Yasaka and cursed himself for being so exasperating in making fun of a person in Yasaka’s position.

Alexander was a person who probably didn’t even know the limits of his powers himself, but the humanity within him still reacted in these kinds of circumstances to show him how wrong he had been.

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