IAIK Ch 151

Ch 151

Yasaka had not fully entered the room, and suddenly Alexander apologized to her and with a bitter and embarrassed look on his face.


For some reason, Yasaka felt that when Alexander called her in such a distant and formal way as he had, her heart ached in a way she didn’t understand.

It was a bitter-sweet, ambling pain that was truly hurtful.

She snapped out of her trance and then looked at Alexander’s face with enormous seriousness.

“Alex-sama, no need to apologize, our previous fight was something I really enjoyed myself, and I would even like to repeat it on several occasions to take advice from a person as strong as you.”

She hoped that her feelings were conveyed correctly.

“Therefore, don’t apologize to me like that…”

“But I…”

“Please, Alex-sama, don’t.”

Alexander saw that Yasaka was being very serious, and although he didn’t know why it was that she put up with his earlier arrogance so easily, seeing that she was like that, Alexander nodded, still embarrassed.

Kunou: “?”

The fox Lady behind Yasaka saw everything that had happened, and unlike Kunou, who practically had a question mark hanging on her head, she understood everything naturally.

‘It seems that Alexander regretted his previous way of acting, without even having been disrespectful in the way he makes it seem, and desperately apologized to not only Yasaka-sama but also for any trouble he had caused the Faction, I guess he meant that if the people below Yasaka-sama found out that he had lost a match against an unknown Mage, they would take some sort of grudge or provocation to his responsibility as the most powerful person in the entire Youkai Faction…. Alexander Smith-sama, you seem to be a very human person, having a power of that degree. I have personally seen people who with a tiny fraction of that power, have had a real arrogance that was directly related to the evil root of their being, and for someone of the magnitude of this man, Alexander Smith, to have such noble thoughts… the feeling of warmth he emits, should be true, even if it seemed somewhat false… he is a good person, and the best thing that could happen now that he is staying in the same house as the Faction Leader, would be that somehow, they would end up together.’

The Fox Lady sank into her thoughts as she contemplated things in a different way, for while before she had agreed that Yasaka should be betrothed to this man, now her view was hopelessly different.

It was no longer simply something to be okay with, but, rather, she now wanted to foster bonds with Alexander because of his personality, regardless of his mammoth power, and as Yasaka seemed to have taken an extreme fondness with Alexander, the Fox Lady felt the need to bring them together in one way or another, both for the good of the Faction, and for the good of the honorable disciple and Leader she had, as well as for the adorable granddaughter at that.

In fact, one of the things that had also crossed her mind before she had quickly left him, had been….

‘If only I was only 4** years younger…’


Alexander and Yasaka felt a slightly odd sensation, as if they were prey who were oblivious to the danger around them, but they both downplayed something like that because of the very stupidity of the question.

One was the Youkai Leader of an entire supernatural Faction, and the other was the man who easily defeated her… yes, danger?

No, danger would befall those who provoked them.

After a somewhat awkward moment, Alexander relaxed more to see that all was well and without tension between him and Yasaka, and although he missed the bright eyes with which the fox Lady looked at him at every turn, this did not prevent a very entertaining and calm conversation from taking place as they ate lunch prepared and brought by other fox maids from the Mansion.

Just as Yasaka was about to return to work, she suddenly remembered a matter.

“Hmm, Alex-sama, I had been wondering all morning but, could I…”

At that moment, Yasaka wanted to ask about the avatar related to the Susanoo God that Alexander summoned in their fight, but other words came out.

“…Could I know more about you? And it’s fine if you don’t want to say anything, it’s just a small curiosity.”

“No, I’d be happy to talk about me, since naturally I wouldn’t be a bother and well… I guess it’s true that I had kept quiet about this without realizing it.”

“I want to know more about you too, Tou-san.”

Even Kunou also wanted to know, her eyes were very curious as she looked at him lying on his body after having lunch.

‘So… what do I do now?’

Alexander mentally asked himself.

He felt that he couldn’t reveal all his past to Yasaka, since well… it would be so disconcerting for her that she wouldn’t believe it, but he didn’t want to lie to her too much because it would leave a bad taste in her mouth…

Alexander made up his mind, and then began to slowly narrate to her, his story mixing in a bit of the truth, and leaving out some details.

He said that his whole life had been normal until he had a fatal accident a few years ago, and that at that moment when he was dying, he obtained powers that allowed him to meddle in the supernatural.

As he didn’t want to lie too much, Alexander didn’t tell Yasaka about the other World, about the totality of his power, and well… about his Wives, about his family, as he decided to do it later, when his relationship with her improved a lot.

What he told them was that since he had his powers, he had been visiting all kinds of places, and that he had had a great experience touring the normal World and the supernatural World at the same time.

When she had finished her story, the Fox Lady asked, “Alex-sama, I have a question, the giant avatar you summoned while fighting Yasaka-sama, according to her you had called it…”

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