IAIK Ch 152

Ch 152


Alexander complemented and Lady Fox nodded.

“My doubt was about whether this avatar was related to the God Susanoo of our mythology.”

“Actually… I think so, but also not.”

Seeing the confused faces of Yasaka and Lady fox, Alexander was going to explain better, though he didn’t avoid noticing a detail he didn’t know he had missed.

In the Anime, or at least, in the English translated version of the Naruto Anime that Alexander watched, the Susanoo, as Alexander called him, was not called that way, but simply Susano, which was insignificant, but Alexander had overlooked.

And this should be something unimportant, because the Susanoo was made clearly inspired by the Susanoo God of Japanese mythology, so Alexander simply decided to keep calling him what he called him.

“Among the powers I awakened, there was one in particular that was particularly strange, which I called it myself, Sharingan.”

Alexander made the Sharingan with its three tomoes appear in his right eye, “This is a visual power that allows me to do things I didn’t think possible, such as calling a figure into the likeness of his God Susanoo, or making mental illusions of low or high interference. That’s why I say both yes, because the Susanoo is really similar to ancient drawings of the Susanoo God, or folkloric depictions, and no, because it’s an ocular ability that mysteriously has this power… at least, I’m not really at all related to the Susanoo God… the real one, I mean.”


Yasaka spoke while looking at that red eye with tomoes that Alexander had shown. Secretly thinking of the deadly beauty it gave off, or that it even matched Alexander’s beautiful crimson hair….

The Fox Lady also opened her eyes thinking that in this World there really were all sorts of strange and mysterious things when she saw the Sharingan directly. She also thought it was a relief that Alexander was not related to the Susanoo God of her Japanese Shinto, as although their superficial relations were kept extremely diplomatic… in the past there were some “mishaps” that made the Youkais to be more on guard against these Gods, especially at the regular Shinto meetings. As the Fox Lady lived through each of these “mishaps” together with Yasaka, she was very clear about the situation, and knew well that even if they were not on bad terms exactly, except for Goddess Amaterasu, who lived as a protector of the Youkais here in Kyoto together with a few minor Gods, all the other Gods of Shinto were not on friendly terms with the Youkais either.

“Wa, Tou-san your eye turned red! And pretty!”

“Hmm, you think it’s pretty?”

Alexander touched his closed eyelashes with his Sharingan as he asked Kunou.

“Umu, mom has earrings that are just like the shape of your eyes otou-san, that’s why I think they’re pretty.”

Alexander smiled softly now and ran his hand over Kunou’s head, “You’re probably one of the only people, Kunou-chan, who thinks my Sharingan is pretty, thank you for that.”


Yasaka laughed watching her daughter’s interaction with her so-called otou-san, but couldn’t help but say quietly, “…. I found it quite cute too…”

When Yasaka saw that Alexander looked at her with surprise, she turned her face, now blushing, and Alexander also blushed a little.

The Fox Lady saw this with a smile, and nodded admitting that she liked the direction things were going.


Kunou then, carried around by the fox Lady like a sack of potatoes, went off to study to fulfill her afternoon schedule, and Yasaka stayed talking some more with Alexander telling him the different things she could do in this time and so on about herself and Kunou, while afterwards, she turned for her work at the office.

“Ah, Yasaka-sama wait.”

Yasaka turned to see Alexander who had called out to her, though she asked in a flat, and above all, strange voice, “Hmm, Alex-sama, we’re more than acquaintances now, aren’t we?”

“… Yes.”

“And you have given me permission to just call him Alex-sama, right?”

“…” Alexander nodded after a pause.

Yasaka opened her eyes a little, and continued in a disinterested tone, which sounded a little weird, “Then from now on, you should also just call me just Yasaka, right? Since otherwise, you would be looking down on me.”


‘I don’t understand at all…’

Alexander nodded, “I understand…. Yasaka.”

“I see.”

Alexander watched as Yasaka quickly responded and turned around, her back to his for a few seconds.

Yasaka finally suppressed the smile and the rich feeling she had in her heart when Alexander called her Yasaka, and turned to look at him with a more liberal smile now, “So, what did you want to tell me, Alex-sama?”

Alexander had the slight idea that Yasaka, for some reason, seemed to glow, lighting up the room, and even he could almost see stars coming out of her person.

Alexander: “…”

After shaking his head, Alexander pulled out two phones from his inventory, a skill that Yasaka was aware of, not so thoroughly, and told him, “Today when I was walking around the city, I bought myself a rather modern cell phone and well… I also bought these two, for you and Kunou.”

“A cell phone?”

Yasaka saw the blue touchscreen phone that had a small note attached to it, “For Yasaka,” as well as the ornament of a rubber Fox hanging on the protector, and the other phone of a children’s brand, foldable and keyed, child-themed and shiny, with another small note, “For Kunou,” which also had a rubber Fox ornament, though a bit smaller.

“I thought it was probably something stupid, since your Clan should be very rich, but well, it was also a gift to show my appreciation for allowing me to stay here without paying, plus I needed to apologize to you…”

“Indeed.” Yasaka took the phone that was for her, “I’ve never had such a device.”

She watched him for a while, very pleased by his expression, “Thank you very much, Alex-sama, I will cherish it forever.”

She thanked him, and the last was said in a very serious tone.


‘I only gave you a phone… it’s not like I gave you a million dollar heirloom…’

But Alexander smiled as well.

Yasaka left with both phones, while studying on her own, and Alexander stayed to finish his tea, which he didn’t like too much but appeared to since he was more of a coffee person, and think about what he would do next now that he had the afternoon off.

“Fuah, awesome!”

He smiled as he heard Kunou’s squeal of delight as Yasaka surely handed him the phone.

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