IAIK Ch 153

Ch 153

At Night.

“Hello hello, otoo-san can you hear me?”

Alexander, lying on his futon, pressed the cell phone to his ear, and smiled as he heard Kunou’s excited voice.

“Loud and clear, Kunou-chan.”

“Wa, mom mom mom, Tou-san spoke, tou-san’s voice really came through the phone!”

“Yes Kunou, that’s what it works for, and remember, you have to sleep, so you can only talk for 5 minutes.”



Alexander laughed and settled back on the futon, listening to Yasaka and Kunou’s amusing interaction.

“Mou, that’s unfair!”

“Don’t tell me it’s unfair lady, I’m your mother!”

“… It’s okay…”

Alexander knew that Yasaka and Kunou slept in the same room, so he thought that their nights should be a lot of fun, like now.

Although Alexander didn’t know that it was possibly the first time, there was so much excitement in the room of the Youkai Faction Leader and her daughter.

“Well, tou-san, what are you doing tomorrow, are you going to-…?”

And so, as Alexander and Kunou talked, with Kunou asking many questions at once, and Yasaka occasionally scolding Kunou, amused by the whole situation, time passed.

What was originally 5 minutes had turned into 30, though Yasaka didn’t seem to have any desire to finish talking either, listening to Alexander over the loudspeaker.

“Tou-san… *Yawnn* see you tomorrow at breakfast…”

“Alright little one.”

Kunou had an extremely sleepy voice, and when Alexander responded, he noticed that Kunou had started breathing noticeably relaxed and regular, meaning she was already asleep.

“Hello, Alex-sama? Kunou fell asleep just now, hehe, she has such a big smile on her face that it even makes me want to pull her cheeks.”

“Yeah, I totally understand.” Alexander knew that that was a habit of people who knew other people who were very cute, and very pinchable, like Kunou or Prim, or Olga, or Chloe, or-…. well, their whole family.

Yasaka: “…”

Alexander: “…”

“So… what are your plans for tomorrow, Alex-sama?”

Alexander, not wanting to finish talking so quickly to Yasaka, started to tell her that tomorrow he planned to do a simple training routine, now that the surroundings seemed very familiar, and then go out for a bit to enjoy Kyoto a bit more or waste a bit of time.

Alexander and Yasaka kept talking about everything, simply so as not to cut the conversation short, and both didn’t notice the passing of time.

They seemed really engrossed in their conversation.

“Alex-sama… I hadn’t mentioned it before but, I want to thank you for being the way you are with Kunou…. she doesn’t have a dad and has never had a father figure in her life, now I see that she really needed it.”

“Yasaka… that’s not necessary, do you think I’m like this with Kunou because I’m doing something forced or without really wanting it? I… I’ve never had children, and you can say I don’t know one thing about being a parent but, the time I’ve spent with Kunou has been one of the most joyful I’ve spent in general.”

“I see.” Alexander could tell that Yasaka’s tone was very sweet at the moment, very tender.

“By the way… what did you mean that Kunou doesn’t have a daddy?”

Alexander was really doubtful of something like that, since in the original series, there had never been much talk about Kunou or Yasaka, and he was quite curious about something like that.

“Yes, you see, Kunou is not a child that I conceived in a normal way, although for a Kyuubi Youkai to pass on his offspring is also not a totally normal thing per se… but what I mean is that Kunou is not a natural birth.”

“Not a natural birth?”

Yasaka nodded, “Exactly, I gave birth to Kunou through an ancient ritual of my Kyuubi Clan, in which one of my nine sacrificial tails was required, I suppose… The reason simply was because those close to me said that I was… sort of dying, in a sort of way, and I can’t deny it.”

Although Alexander right now was more than surprised by something that hadn’t been revealed in the original DxD story, at least until he reincarnated, he still grew serious at this new information he had just heard, “You were… dying?”

“Yes, it wasn’t the natural process of death, as my body is very powerful, but rather my life didn’t make much sense… it was always a vicious endless routine that kept me in a state that apparently, for a Youkai was almost what death was.”

“… I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Mnn.” Yasaka shook her head, “You shouldn’t be sorry, Alex-sama, because 6 years ago, since Kunou was born, she was like a spark that ignited my life again, and I feel so much more… alive.”

Yasaka ran her hand through her hair to Kunou who was beside her, sleeping in a small blue custom-made Yukata, and her teddy bear under her right arm.

“Kunou is very important to me, and so I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for her. Even if I have to put up with the thought of being one of Kunou’s ‘parents’, with me.”

“Well, I had already said it, I don’t regret meeting the little girl, at all, let alone… let alone being one of the “parents”, of Kunou with you.”



“Wh-What do you mean, A-Alex-sama?” Yasaka’s tone seemed to have become much more timid.

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