IAIK Ch 155

Ch 155

“I bet?”



Yasaka heard someone talking behind her and was so startled that she stumbled over the desk, shaking all of its contents.

The Fox Lady smiled looking at something like that, and then went to where Yasaka was watching intently before.

“Who are-……? Ara~”

A smile escaped her lips when she saw Alexander making movements of some kind of martial art in his gray colored Yukata.


Yasaka felt that it wouldn’t be bad right now if the earth swallowed her up.

Her face was hot, and it only got much hotter when the Fox Lady looked at her with a mocking face.


30 Minutes Later.

“Fumu, I see.”

“So what… what do you think?”

“You are definitely in love.”

“G-Gahh… how straightforward…”

Yasaka looked physically struck when the Fox Lady gave her verdict, but then she couldn’t help but think about it in embarrassment, ‘…. I can’t deny it…’


Yasaka-sama looked at her mentor, who was looking at her seriously, unconsciously causing her to sit up straighter, “I had said it before, and I say it again now, both I and Old Tengu immediately saw that both you and Alexander reacted to each other, and thinking that something might happen in the middle, we gave our approval.”

Yasaka, naturally no fool, understood well what Lady Fox meant, and kept silent.

“Exactly, it’s not only you who has such thoughts towards Alexander, but he himself also seems fascinated with you.”


Yasaka’s face turned red, and she felt something strange in her stomach, it was a very strange tickle that felt too good, something that, never, in her long life experience, Yasaka had ever experienced.

“So… what should I do?”

Hearing Yasaka’s question, as if she had taken for granted what was happening to her, and seeking advice on it, the fox Lady couldn’t help but smile.

‘Oh, Yasaka-sama… how I’m enjoying this, hahaha.’



Alexander finished training his Taichi, and then returned to his registered room to change his clothes and leave the Mansion.

A few minutes later, Alexander was walking through the busy streets of Kyoto in the morning.

Seeing the scenery of Japan similar to the ones he sometimes used to see in Anime had a very good effect on Alexander’s Soul, he felt satisfied.

Since he had some free time, Alexander thought of wasting time since he had nothing to do anyway.

This morning he had been looking things up on the internet with his cell phone, and realized that everything was much different than he thought, however, it was only different in some things, not others. For example, Alexander noticed that all the countries, at least in Alexander’s memory, had almost the same presidents that existed during the 2010-2015 period of his birth World, and almost everything physical was similar, but of course there was the different, which was mainly in the entertainment industry, and the ancient history of the countries. Ah, one thing totally the same was the huge amount of porn that was on the net… yeah, this didn’t change at all. However, it struck him as odd because apparently content of this type was quite restricted on digital lines in Japan. A strange fact.

Alexander didn’t dabble much in all this, because as interesting as it seemed, it really wasn’t, and he thought he’d leave this kind of research for later.

He still felt quite free and the time was enough.

Alexander was walking quietly without anyone noticing his existence, and at the moment he was feeling very relaxed.

“How did you do on the test today, I think I flunked!”

“Ah, possibly… so did I.”

“You can’t do that again, are you listening to me right?”

“Yes mom.”

“Sir, give me two of these.”

“Aye aye!”

“Here you go Shinonome-san, cousin.”

“Ah, thank you cousin, it looks delicious.”

“I don’t want it, bite me.”

Alexander didn’t have a voyeuristic fetish, but he had to admit that it was entertaining to listen to people as they went about their usual, everyday lives and in the middle of Kyoto, at that.

Before Alexander knew it, it was quite late, and almost dusk.

‘Shit. I missed my lunch time… I still can’t believe I was walking all afternoon…’

Alexander returned to the Kyuubi Mansion and entered normally, he was a bit surprised to see everything empty, without most of the Youkais or the Kyuubis that were out walking around freely, and realized that it was really, a bit late. Then, with a sigh, he walked until he saw the Fox Lady standing by the side of the door.

“Ah, Alexander-sama, welcome back, Yasaka-sama told me to wait for you here until you return.”

“Oh, well, that wasn’t necessary, were you here for a long time waiting?”

“Alexander-sama, I’ve lived for…. a long time, so my patience level is already completely overrated, something like waiting for a few hours really doesn’t pose a bother.”

“… I see.”

Lady fox led Alexander inside, and then said, “The food is already prepared, and since it’s a bit late, Kunou is sleeping, hahaha, she literally obediently jumped obediently to sleep like never before when she thought of everything she was going to do tomorrow with her dad and mom. She even made a list.”

The Fox Lady pulled out a small piece of paper that was cluttered with garish colors and distinctly childish handwriting, even the stroke of Japanese words or symbols was broken, and this was because it was being written fast and excited….

“She’s a girl.”

Alexander smiled, and although he originally didn’t think Yasaka would be joining them tomorrow, he didn’t disagree at all, in fact, he was looking forward to it with anticipation.

And this reminded Alexander of something.

“Um, Yasaka… are you working right now?”

The Fox Lady gave him a smile, “Yasaka-sama is expecting you.”

‘She’s waiting for me? It must be for dinner…’

Alexander felt a little warm at this touch from Yasaka, and thought to apologize to her for agitating her so much in the previous conversation.

“Well, Alexander-sama, I leave Yasaka-sama in your hands, I’m retiring for the night… see you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow.”


Alexander said goodbye to the fox Lady, and thinking that he shouldn’t take too long so as not to keep Yasaka waiting any longer, for dinner, he quickly went to the hot spring bath located at the side of the Mansion.

And he thought he heard something strange, but attributed it to some small Youkai hanging around the area, as for the slight chills he had, he thought it was the cold night air.

He was convinced, but he didn’t think about his 300+ Stats of overall strength that made the skin on his body incredibly thick… literally.

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