IAIK Ch 156

Ch 156

“In Love and in War, all is fair.”

Yasaka remembered what her mentor had told her.

“A warrior and a descendant of the Kyuubi Clan, she must be very determined.”

Yasaka thought, ‘I have to be determined.’

“You can’t let even the slightest chance slip away.”

“Therefore, this is what you must do, I will teach you the way of us, Kyuubi women, to conquer our men!”

Yasaka thought, ‘I have to conquer my h-h-man…!’

Yasaka, blushing, was abiding by the laws of the rules of the Game, she was determined not to let any opportunity slip away, and she had to be an honor to her foremothers.

She held the towel tightly in her hands and took a deep breath, to calm her heart, which was *DokiDokiDokiDoki!* and seemed to be in an uproar.

Then, she looked up at the sky, “Alex-sama…”


Alexander took off all his clothes, put them in the basket on the changing table, and completely naked left for the hot spring bath. He didn’t even know that he always took a towel with him that in the bath he would put over his head, but Alexander was being firmly guided by Olga’s guidance.

In fact, Olga had taught him a number of things, bathing should be done naked in an Onsen, sleeping naked is good luck, being naked in the house is a spiritual symbol that you are in tune with the home energy, forging naked is very bue-….


‘That’s kind of weird, isn’t it?’

He was already familiar with the whole place because he had bathed here twice, so he didn’t delay in rinsing himself off, cleaning himself with water in a bucket, and then he went into the onsen.

‘Come to think of it, the Yasaka from Highschool DxD, from what I researched, had a very mature and even slightly mischievous character, hmm, not like the Yasaka I know…’

Alexander was looking through his photographic memories and saw, clearly, the Wiki page he had previously looked up as he had become fascinated with this character that had appeared in the Anime.

Although he had not seen beyond the Anime, in the light novel there were few more scenes of Yasaka that Alexander, for lack of time, was never able to read.

And there it said that Yasaka’s attitude was very mature, and even a little teasing, but Alexander hadn’t seen this side of Yasaka, since he had been here.

‘Anyway, I’ll just be here for a few minutes and then I’ll go see Yasaka.’

Alexander stepped into the water, and closed his eyes.


Alexander instantly stood up as he felt footsteps at the entrance, and when he turned around vigilantly….


Yasaka, only wrapped in a towel, was so startled by Alexander’s movement that she dropped the towel on the floor, leaving her whole, naked, devilish body out in the open.

Alexander naked with his mouth open, was looking at Yasaka, and Yasaka, naked with a red face, was looking at Alexander’s whole body with stupefaction….



After a few somewhat uncomfortable and arousing minutes, Alexander was sitting in the water, and Yasaka next to him with a small towel over his voluminous body, lying in the water.

In fact, Yasaka was completely naked, but since she was in her normal human form, she didn’t have the fox ears or her noble nine tails, this, was due to what she had been told earlier by her mentor, that since Alexander was a human mage, if she was going to show him her whole naked body and conquer him, it was best to do it in her human form at that time.

“So, you weren’t angry?”

“How could I be…? I was just very nervous…”

Alexander sighed because Yasaka wasn’t mad at him about last night.

“Yeah, that’s right.” Yasaka started to speak, “Ever since I saw him for the first time… since that moment I’ve been getting more and more nervous every time… before I didn’t know why it was something like that…”

Alexander looked at Yasaka, and she continued, “But now I’m sure… It’s because of you, Alex-sama. It’s because you…”

Yasaka choked a little, (… I-I like her a lot.)

Alexander’s mind buzzed a little, but he was on cloud nine.

Yasaka was someone Alexander always admired, even though the vast majority of that feeling was derived from her body, sexual attraction was also part of a person’s attractiveness, and in the World there was no such person who would completely love someone else regardless of their body, and of course, this coupled with the fanciful feeling that she was the Kyuubi, a Nine-Tailed Vixen, only made her even more admirable.

But, now Alexander was not in front of a character in a story, now, Alexander was in front of a woman who had won a piece of his heart, and apparently, he had also won a piece of her heart.

Thinking back, the same had happened with Aki, for even though he had been caught off guard, still Alexander would welcome her with open arms, because of Alexander’s mentality, that he liked her.

“I like you too, Yasaka.”

Alexander looked into her eyes, “I like you a lot more than you think I do.”

Yasaka noticed that Alexander started to stop calling her formally, but this had been dismissed in the back of her mind as she looked into Alexander’s Indigo eyes.


Yasaka exalted, out of breath, her face was red, but still with her eyes connected to Alexander’s, she moved to face him.

Alexander took Yasaka’s hands, pure and white, and tenderly laced his fingers with hers.


Alexander suddenly made a complicated face, and continued, not noticing that Yasaka’s body shuddered a little as he spoke, “I must tell you something.”

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