IAIK Interlude 15

Interlude 15 Alicia-oneesama is amazing for training so diligently!

“H-hum… now what do I have to do?”

“From what I see, it’s not about some worse symptom… so it should be just a cold, well, lie down there for a moment please, to finish the tests and eliminate the suspicion of some stomach illness.”

(~~Kyaaa~!) “Haiiii~ …”

Alexander was standing with a doctor’s gown on, his red hair normally pulled back in a ponytail, and glasses while holding some papers, which he was looking at in a serious manner.

The place was a normal room, which had been occupied for this.

On the other hand, Alice was sitting on a seat opposite Alexander with a particularly flushed face….

‘~Ahh~ Alex-sama being a doctor~’

… And a bit lost in her own world.

After Alexander ordered her to lie down on the bed, she went over there and made sure that her training clothes were quite loose in the chest area.


Alexander noticed that through the small edge of Alicia’s clothing, her healthy, round chest could be seen, with the slight pink dot that appeared to be a cherry.

“So… now I’ll touch you and I need you to tell me right away if you feel any discomfort or anything.”


Still blushing, she nodded.

Alexander slid his hands down Alicia’s firm, but at the same time, soft, abdomen over her clothes.

“I’ll keep touching, you just need to let me know if you feel any discomfort.”


Alexander continued to run his hand over different places on Alicia’s abdomen.


“Oh? Does it hurt here?”

“No… um… A little higher up.”


“Uhhh… still a little higher.”


Alexander was silent for a moment.

“B-but if I go higher…”

Alexander tried to explain himself, but there Alice turned her head, with a sad look on her face and with small tears in the corner of her eyes, she looked at him.

“It hurts…”

She spoke in a faint little voice.

“…” Alexander looked down for a moment, “I see…”

Then, he moved his hand higher up, as it was above the clothing, he had no direct touch with the skin, but nevertheless as he touched the mountain on Alice’s chest, he could feel a somewhat hard little thing standing erect.

“Yes, yes, right there… hnn…”

“So, does the massage relieve your pain, even a little?”

“Hmm… I don’t think it’s very efficient, since if it was skin to skin I feel like I’d be healed by the massage.”


“Please… doctor, help me…”

“…” Alexander lowered his head again for a moment, “I see…”

Then, Alexander’s hand went into the top of the Training Gown, and directly touched the hard spot there while also massaging the surrounding large mass from time to time.

“~Kyuu~ sisi, there~ I already feel like I’m healing~”




“Ne ne ne, Olga-sama, don’t you know where Alicia-oneesama is?”

“Hm, I think she was practicing that sword technique she wanted to learn, certainly Alicia-chan is a very serious and enthusiastic person when it comes to training.”

“Ohhh, that’s right hehehe, she was always that impressive in that way… haa, I always admired her for this too.”

“By the way, Prim-chan, do you know where Anata is?”

“Ah, I think she must be practicing with Alicia-oneesama, she told me that in order to practice completely difficult techniques like the one she was practicing right now, she needed Husband’s help.”

“I see, you’re right, there are even times when Anata has to help me with some spell, I remember once I unintentionally summoned Beelzebub-chan without having made a contract with him, and Anata said that from then on he would help me with that kind of training, ah~ Anata is a good person.”

“That’s true, Alex-sama is a very good person, the other day he helped me to do the Magic practice but it got out of control and there he helped me… ahh~”


“Oh, one thing, Olga-sama, haven’t you noticed that Alicia-onee sama from time to time needs Alex-sama’s help, like, often?”

“Now that you mention it Prim-chan, you’re absolutely right, definitely! Alicia-chan is a very hard-working person!”

“Hai, I think I’m going to practice right now, so I won’t lose to Alicia-oneesama in the future!”

“I’ll go with you, Prim-chan, I don’t want to be behind either!”

Later, as they walked out of Nothing Mansion….

“Oh, and Prim-chan, haven’t you noticed something weird in one of the rooms on the third floor, like a pink light coming out of there or something?”

“What are you talking about, Olga-sama?”

“Hm, then it must be my imagination.”

“Oh, Olga-sama, Prim-sama, good morning!”

“Ah, Chaia-sama, good morning.”

“Good morning, Chaia-chan, are you tending and organizing the garden?”

“Hai, I’m also watering the plants, by the way, what are you two doing here so early?”

“Yes, we decided to train so as not to fall behind Alicia-chan, right now she’s learning a new more complicated technique and she’s putting a lot of effort into it, Anata is helping her.”

“Again!!! It’s the 8th time this week, Alicia-sama is really working very hard…”

“Hehehehe, Alicia-oneesama is amazing!”

“Umu~ Alicia-chan is an example to follow.”


“Y-you’re still in pain here?”

“Muhh~ Alex-sama, I think I have the feeling that I’m choking and my lungs are getting empty, I need CPR immediately!”


Alice looked at Alexander with a pitiful look on her face, as if she was going through an injustice, the tears at the edge of her eyes glistening.

“Alex-sama… I’m drowning…”

“…” Alexander lowered his head for a moment, “I see…”

And then he kissed Alice.



Some time later.

“Ah, Alicia-oneesama, have you finished your training already?”

“Yes, it was hard but I made it, Alexander is a doc- *Cof* *Cof* I-I mean, he’s a good training partner.”

“Awesome Alicia-oneesama! Hm? Alicia-onee sama you’re drooling.”

“Huh? Ah, th-this…this is because I can’t wait for the next training tomorrow.”

“Wow~! Alicia-oneesama is amazing, you finished training hard today and you’re already planning to do it again tomorrow!”

“Jujuju, that’s right, by the way, Prim, did you eat your dinner vegetables yesterday?”


“That can’t be, Prim, you must eat enough vegetables to be as strong as me!”

“Alicia-oneesama… Awesome, you’re like a Hero!”

“… Hero? … Demon King? Capture? Dungeon? …”

“Ah, Alicia-onee sama you’re drooling again!”

“O-oh, th-that’s just thinking about my next training challenge.”


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