IAIK Interlude 16

Interlude 16 50 Shades of Alexander… much wilder…

“So… Can you explain to me why you spilled the tea?”

Alexander was wearing an emotionless face as he said, sitting at the table he had created earlier with Minuscule Creation and looking at the large Lake in front of him.

“S-sorry, Master.”

Chaia was standing behind Alexander.

“Hey, you know an ‘I’m sorry’ isn’t going to fix anything, right?”

Alexander asked, in a slightly somber voice.



Chaia’s entire hair bristled.

“Haaa… it was even about my favorite pants, hey, stand here in front of me, I want to get a good look at your face!”

Chaia quickly stood in front of Alexander.

Alexander pointed to his crotch and shouted sharply, “Now clean it!”


From head to toe, Chaia bristled again, then replied, “Hai.”

Then she bent down to Alexander’s crotch, which was the part of his pants that had been stained by the tea, and began to lick it desperately….

Some time passed.

“No no no no, that’s no good, hey, lie down here on the table and stick your butt out over here, I have to teach such a stupid maid like you manners!”

“Hai~!” Almost a squeal of pleasure came out of Chaia’s mouth, despite Alexander’s mistreatment.

Chaia leaned back on top of the table, her body trembling slightly for reasons… strange….

“This big ass just deserves to be spanked so she understands what a good maid should be.”

Alexander contemptuously lifted Chaia’s skirt, where he could see her black lace underwear and a large, erotic landscape was revealed to his view.



Alexander directly ripped off all the fabric from all over Chaia’s ass, and Chaia just moaned with joy, even being abused….

Then Alexander kept fiercely removing and removing everything, until he could finally see Chaia’s vagina and asshole completely, naturally he could also see how wet it was….

“This lustful maid, had you ever been turned on by licking your Master’s pants!!! Take this!”



Alexander suddenly spanked her so hard that the sound of skin colliding with skin rang throughout the place.

“This is-….. *Piak!* For you to learn-….. *Piak!* Not to return-…. *Piak!* To spill tea on your Mistress’s clothes-…. *PIAK!* Haaa…”

Alexander saw Chaia’s red butt and looked at her face.


Her tongue was on the table and her eyes seemed unfocused from pleasure, Alexander saw this and his face became sullen.




Alexander spanked too hard, and his hand inevitably collided with the love juices Chaia was spilling out making the sound that much more ecchi.


Alexander smiled grimly.

“Whose ass is this!”



Alexander nodded.

“Hmph! At least you know correctly what your place is, now…” Alexander then took Chaia from the table, and placed her kneeling in front of him, purposely bumping her ahegao face against the long bulge in his pants, right in the area where the tea had spilled.

“Attend to your Master as usual, you useless servant.”


She moaned, with a squeal, and then with her mouth she grabbed Alexander’s fly, to pull it down uncomfortably all the way down, then, she stuck almost her face completely in there and with the help of her tongue started to move Alexander’s penis out of his pants, it was something very uncomfortable and complicated, but Chaia seemed to enjoy incredibly well doing something like that.

After a while, finally that giant penis came out of there when Chaia had had to do all kinds of things to get it out of the pants just with her mouth.

She looked at the giant penis in front of her, the tip was bumping against her nose, and she smelled that smell so that her vagina started producing love juices visibly.

“Are you aroused by the smell of your Master’s penis, what a perverted maid, suck it properly, take it completely down your throat, even if you choke on it!”

Despite the atrocities Alexander was saying, Chaia’s eyes sparkled with lust to reply, “Haaaaaaai~!”


And then begin to get to work…

With incredibly loud sucking sounds.

Several hours later…

‘Haaa… really, Chaia she…’

Alexander had his face complicated as he ran his hands covered with the Skill Hands of Rebirth over Chaia’s buttocks, only instead of erotic or something, it felt very complicated and he was trying to help Chaia heal her body.

‘She even… even… and a person who is the spitting image of the Milf, Irene Belserion…. Haaa…’

Alexander mentally sighed for God knows what number of times…

Then Alexander looked at Chaia’s face, who was lying on a bed right there, in front of the big Lake, the whole place with signs of a lot of… sex… too much sex, really, so much even that it didn’t seem to have been sex between humans, but animals in their mating stage…

There, Chaia’s face had a happy expression as she slept and called Alexander’s name in her sleep, in a very cute way, at least, it was like that for Alexander.

‘Well, as long as she’s happy…’

Alexander smiled, he personally didn’t like all this sadistic stuff too much, but it happened… he was terribly talented at it, and well, he had made up his mind long ago, if something like that made his Wife happy, then he would do it, he would do whatever he had to do to get a smile out of her like the eternal smile of happiness Chaia had right now planted on her face as she slept…

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