IAIK Interlude 18

Interlude 18 … Shokugeki no Soma Fanfic …

“So… How’s it going, Alex-sama, Sui-sama?”

An apron-clad Maia with an encouraging aura asked her Husband as she handed him a dish previously prepared by her, in the kitchen.



Alexander, who was sitting in the dining room, looked at the dish and seriously extended his spoon towards it, and indeed, in the chair next to him, Sui-chan was doing the same, trying to put the same expression on her Slime face….

Alexander didn’t delay and brought the spoon with the curry prepared by Maia to his mouth, while he had 2 pairs of eyes on himself….

Maia, because she was a bit nervous with all this about being a better ‘housewife’, and developing the skills of a self-respecting Wife, and Sui, because she had already tasted the dish and was waiting for her Master’s reaction to repeat it….


Alexander felt that under those unusually strong eyes, the path from the spoon to his mouth seemed a bit long, which made him mentally sweat….





Alexander tasted the food and suddenly his expression became serious.

Sui furrowed her brows as well, still glaring at Alexander.

Maia swallowed nervously, waiting for her Husband’s response….

“This… is delicious!”



Alexander stood up from the chair quickly and reached into the shirt he was wearing to yank it off.

Maia was surprised by this and dumbfounded.

And the Slime girl…



She also stood up and did the same as Alexander, with a quick movement and even added sound effects to her movement… only since she didn’t have any garment on her, she then looked doubtful at her body because nothing was broken….

‘Wow… I didn’t imagine that would be dangerous…’


Alexander walked quietly near Asora’s lake, while sighing a little as he remembered his Wife’s reaction when he told her that her food was delicious, and when he forcibly took off his shirt… wanting to copy the reaction of the people in a very famous Anime series of food battles, when the food was very delicious… at that moment, if it wasn’t because Kaguya had entered the kitchen, Alexander swore he would have been raped again by his working Wife….

Sui-chan was in a little pink ball on Alexander’s head, grabbing a lock of Alexander’s hair with two small limbs, and making very Kawais sounds as Alexander moved.

“Oh, come to think of it…”

Minuscule Creation.

Alexander directly created a table and chair right there on the spot, and then gently picked up Sui-chan to place her right on top of the table.

He then sat down on the chair as he watched this little thing, and couldn’t help but mention an idea that had been going around in his head several times already.

“Hmm, Sui-chan, I think that later on you should spend more time with the girls… since it must be kind of boring to spend all day with me.”

Sui-chan, quickly shook his head upon hearing what his Master said, and even Alexander thought he saw the movement Sui-chan was making, somewhat blurred.

“Mashter… funny.”

Sui spoke and transformed into her semi-human version after stirring her malleable body a bit, then….

She sat on Alexander’s lap, and squeezed Alexander’s cheeks with her pink hands as she kept repeating, “Mashter…fun…. Mashter… funny… Mashter… fun…”

Actually, internally Sui was a bit desperate, because what Alexander said didn’t sit well with her, as spending time with Alexander could easily be what Sui adored most in her life….

Alexander, being on the receiving end of such damn cute affection, understood perfectly what Sui meant in a few words, that spending time with him was a lot of fun for her….

And he also felt that his Kokoro was breaking down and his blood sugar was getting too high….


Alexander hugged Sui close to himself, as he couldn’t resist so much tenderness all at once…..

“Huh? Eh!”

Sui got a question mark on her head when she saw Alexander hug her so suddenly, but she immediately smiled and energetically hugged Alexander as well.


Some time later.

“Hmmm… I see, so that’s how it is…”

Alexander mentioned, looking helplessly and with surprise, the familiar words on his retina.

[*Name: Sui.

Race: Magical Being, Slime.

Job: Apprentice Mage, Stalker.

Vitality: 122.

Strength: 2.

Magic: 54.

*List of Abilities:

-Evolution (EX) (NEW): Ability granted by a jealous being of inexplicable power who was unsure of the gender of the receptive creature, allows the user to evolve in an endless path as long as various pre-set conditions are met].

“There’s still mention of jealousy…”

Alexander was left a little speechless by this detail which was the only one to catch his attention, obviating somewhat more…. “explosive”… in Sui’s work….

“I’m not that jealous…. am I?”

Alexander wondered uncertainty, though he then sighed some more.

He looked again at Sui, who was still staring at him, and said with a smile:

“You’re pretty strong, Sui-chan.”

Sui seemed to understand what Alexander said, for in a second his tuft-like part of his head began to move in swift circles, in response to his Master’s flattery, similar to Prim when she felt Alexander nearby….


Alexander laughed at this and began patting Sui on the head.

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