IAIK Interlude 19

Interlude 19 Yandere Senpai Girl Teaches Yandere Kohai Girl… (Part 1)

(Wow, it really is like an invisibility cloak…).

Olga muttered as she walked in the middle of a busy street somewhere in the Seventh Fortress.

She looked at her second ring on her fingers and stroked it a little.


Although her mood was bubbling, she made sure to speak low so as not to lose the effect of the magic ring itself, apparently.

Olga was dressed in moderate clothes, in fact, the clothes were “really”, moderate… not like the dress she used to wear earlier in her reigning period.

A long black blouse with elegant stitching at the top, which could not hide at all the huge masses that seemed to want to come out of her dress, a slightly wide skirt at the bottom, which pitifully also did not hide the sensual curves of her whole body, her body was perfect for a woman, or a Milf as she is. She also had different items and details given to her by her Anata, like the earring with mystic characteristics and the simple, but ephemeral at the same time, rings….

Her skin, a little pale divine and soft, together with her perfect little face, easily made Olga, the living proof of “a beauty that could bring down a country” …

Practically, Olga stood out so much in this crowd of normal people, that she should be a spotlight wherever she goes, but since she was under the invisibility effect of the ring her Husband gave her, no one could even notice her unless she herself actively intervened in people’s attention, and even in this case, they would still notice her only as someone “normal”.

Today, it was a simple day that Olga was coming to visit her Master and Husband, who was settling some business with her Imouto….

Yes, indeed, her Husband not only had combat power as high as the sky, but his intelligence and leadership ability was extremely incredible, although in Asora, mainly this Ability didn’t need much of its use.

That said, right now Alexander should be going through papers and reports from all the Cities of Mankind, in order to, at this moment of unparalleled unity in all of history, due to the magical matrix he himself installed, thus connecting the Seven Fortresses… assist Celestine with her duties as “Queen”, or “Leader”, of Mankind.

Olga shook her head a little, for she knew full well that if she kept thinking of all that stood out about her man, she would end up in a daze for hours on end like this… in the simplest and healthiest of ways.

(I’d never seen the Capital of Humanity before… I have to admit, they’re much more advanced than I thought).

Olga walked quietly down the street, looking at the different aspects of human engineering, such as small intricate tools used in the production of other items, different carts of all kinds, and at the same time, fine and indeed, memorable craftsmanship, considering that this World is engrossed in the Medieval stage, according to her Husband.

However, still Olga believed it was simply because of Magic. Somehow or other, such an aspect that always seemed normal to her, was something that endowed this World with an undeniable fantasy… with effects unknown to all the inhabitants of such a World.

Olga looked around curiously, for although she had also done so in the First Fortress, the Capital was ultimately as different as it could be from Alicia-chan’s Fortress.


Olga had already passed through the residential district of the City, only hundreds of meters away from the Castle, and was in an area that was much less crowded than the previous one, this should be due to the fact that a large number of nobles lived in this place, and even so, she went on her way normally.

But, at that moment, Olga noticed a somewhat strange detail.

*mumble* *mumble*

Olga looked to the side, and a few meters away, at the corner of an alley, she thought she saw the figure of a small girl who seemed to be looking at “something”, through the edge of the place, while she was saying words in a low voice.


Something like that instantly caught her attention, and Olga didn’t notice, but her smile changed a bit and she adorned the mischievous cat-like grin on her mouth.

As she got closer, Olga could hear better what the little girl, who looked like a blonde Loli, was saying….

“Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die…”

The girl had heavy eyes, and was cursing severely at someone else, apparently.

Olga didn’t even frown, she stood behind the girl, and touched her lightly by the shoulder.

“… Die Die Die Die Die Die-…. Ah!”

The girl turned around, startled.


She stood stunned on the spot, not knowing what to do as she noticed another person noticed her.

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