IAIK Interlude 20

Interlude 20 Yandere Senpai Girl Teaches Yandere Kohai Girl… (Part 2)

“So, what are you doing, who deserves to die so much?”

Olga asked the girl, with some amusement on her face.

“I… I’m keeping an eye on Tato-kun, who’s visiting Kaori-san…. guh…”

The girl said almost as if in a trance, not having come out of her initial shock yet. Speaking up here, the Loli girl seemed to have eaten a bug when she mentioned the girl named Kaori.

“That bitch she… She touched Tato-kun’s arm!”

The girl, who looked like a normal nine-year-old Loli, gritted her teeth and her expression became quite psychotic….

“Hmm, this Tato-kun…. Is he your boyfriend?”

“Huh? Ah… no.”

The girl replied in a daze.

Olga asked again, “Then, is he at least close to you?”

The girl seemed to lose all doubt that she was talking to a complete stranger, and smiled like a flower in summer to reply, “Hai, Tato-kun helped pick me up off the street 4 years ago!”

Olga: “…”

The girl had a smitten expression on her face, “When I fell, I was alone and at that time I was very scared, because everyone was looking at me without helping me, I was also very small and I was always easily scared, but there… there Tato-kun helped me…. since that moment… since that moment Tato-kun is like everything to me…”

Olga had a flat expression on her face, and asked, “Hmm, maybe I’m guessing but…by any chance…. you haven’t talked to this Tato-kun in all these years?”

“No!” The girl replied briskly, “I don’t deserve to breathe the same air as Tato-kun, I just follow him whenever I can, and when I hear about something new from Tato-kun, my heart goes crazy.”

The girl had her little face flushed, and she touched her chest with a look of extreme adoration on her face…almost…too much….

Olga, quietly listened to what the girl said, without getting weirded out or having any “normal” reaction, when you see something like this, or a situation like this, and then she said, “I have another question, Loli-chan, have you ever imagined the future with Tato-kun?”

“HAI!” The girl replied with her hand closed and very vivacious, “In the future I will work as a Seamstress, like Mom, and so…. so I can keep Tato-kun in the basement of my house forever!”

Olga, hearing such an exclamation, smiled softly and then spoke, “Let me imagine, you think that Tato-kun will be able to stay in the basement quietly, in the future, while you work to feed and support him, while also forcing him to give you many children, right?”

“Um, Senpai!”

The girl was unable to notice the nickname she gave to this stranger she met today, and nodded vigorously.

Olga continued, “In my opinion, instead of keeping him in the basement by yourself, you should get closer in a proactive way, but that the boy, Tato-kun, doesn’t consider as strange, or scary, for example, there’s no need for him to be in the basement, as although I understand the overprotectiveness, security, and jealousy at play in this case, still the important thing is that you love Tato-kun and that he loves you too.”

The girl finished writing down everything Olga said in a notebook she pulled out from who knows where, and nodded strongly at what Olga said, “Please keep teaching me, Senpai!”

Olga nodded, and continued speaking, “What I personally recommend you the most, is to be, very well and normal with Tato-kun, that is, like a normal couple, since for now, Tato-kun possibly still doesn’t even remember you well, then, once you are officially a couple, that’s when you can show him all kinds of love you have for Tato-kun, in a discreet, but very satisfying way.”

“Whoa Senpai… you really… you really must be experienced, right? Please continue to teach me in the future!”

The girl had her eyes with little stars in them as she looked at Olga.

Olga laughed a little, “Fufufu~”, and then seemed to remember something.

“Ah, something I had forgotten, are you worried that there are more girls near Tato-kun?”

“…” The girl suddenly remembered that Kaori girl who had touched her Tato-kun, and her expression became almost murderous….

Olga shook her head slightly and touched the girl’s head to pat, “I think that as long as there are girls who share your interests… and moreover, Tato-kun is pursuing a Harem-type relationship, then that’s what you should worry about the least.”

“Hm, is that true, Senpai?”

Olga nodded, “Truth be told, that might even be better, since not only would you find other female companions who are willing to love Tato-kun like you, but this would also serve to learn a lot more about Tato-kun, different parts of him that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to know.”

The girl seemed to think with her eyebrows together what Olga said, and then seemed both convinced, and conflicted.

“Hehehehe~ You shouldn’t torment yourself with that now, there’s plenty of time ahead to think about something like that.”

Olga patted the girl as if she were Alexander to her.

“I see, thank you, Senpai, thank you very much.”

The girl breathed a sigh of relief, and then smiled at Olga, in a way like a normal nine-year-old girl would.

“Well, I’d better be on my way then.”


The girl’s reaction was to lower her gaze, a little sadly.

“Do you really have to go, Senpai?”

Olga smiled, “Hai, I have to see my Anata.”

“Huh? Ohhhhh, I see.”

After hesitating, the girl realized what Olga meant by “Anata” and smiled.

“And well, Senpai, then…. what should I do now?”

The girl asked for Olga’s advice, and Olga replied, “For starters, how about confessing to Tato-kun?”

“C-c-c-co-confess to T-t-tato-kun!”

The girl seemed to peak like a thermometer, and smoke billowed out of her head, to, after a few seconds, and still with her little face all red, nodded weakly to Olga, “Hai, Senpai.”

Olga smiled.


“Did something good happen, Olga?”

Alexander asked his Wife who was sitting on his lap, like a cat with her Master, as he patted her head.

Olga closed her eyes to better enjoy her Husband’s caresses, and smiled, “Hehehe~ It’s nothing, I was just teaching a Kohai.”

Alexander: “?”

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