Y. NTR Ch.36

Ch 36

“Hmm, chu, hu, huh”

The empty shower room is faintly filled with ripping noises and small distressed voices.

They were made by Eiji and Rika, who were alone in a private room in the back of the room.

However, it is only Rika who is leaking her voice, and Eiji is in a relaxed manner.

Eiji was in a relaxed manner as if he was tasting the fresh lips of Rika.

Mai’s lips were thicker than Rika’s, but Rika’s were thinner.

However, it was clear that both of them had very attractive lips that were not bulky.


When I poked her lips with my tongue, Rika opened her eyes as if she was surprised.

However, perhaps embarrassed to see the face of the person she was kissing from a close distance, she turned her cheeks slightly again and meditated.

Then, while looking somewhat hesitant, she slowly opened her mouth.


Then, it was Eiji’s sole domain.

Stretching out his slippery, thick tongue, he invades Rika’s mouth and moves it around in all directions like a fish out of water.

He traces her beautifully polished white teeth, licks her gums, and entangles her tongue as it tries to escape.

The tongues entwine like a gnawing snake mating.

But as if Eiji’s tongue is devouring her one-sidedly, Rika is treated in a good way.

It is not that she has no experience at all.

She had a lover named Mai, albeit of the same sex, and while she may not have deep kissed as often as she did because she was not that sexually active, she had at least kissed her many times.

But with Eiji, that was the first kiss she had with a… man, and it was also distinctly different.

“Hmm, Juu, Rero, Hmm… ♡”

Rika’s eyes were black and white and her tongue was entwined with his.

However, for a while, His and Rika’s tongues were entwined in a disgusting manner, sending a head-numbing and humid pleasure through Rika’s body.

Then, gradually, Rika’s tense expression became calmer and more relaxed.

Her thirsty eyes became moist and slowly narrowed as if she was comfortable.

Rika herself had never expected to kiss a man she had disliked so much and to have such a happy expression on her face.

“Hmm… what’s wrong?”

I ask as Rika looks up at me with a pout when I release my mouth.

“… Something, something totally different.”


“… Yeah. The kiss I know, it’s different.

“You weren’t doing it with Mai?”

“… We were. I was, but… it was something different.”

“It’s so vague…”

Eiji laughs bitterly at Rika’s words.

“… Are you sure about this?”

“… Yeah.”

Eiji makes the final confirmation. Rika, too, is not about to reject him now, and nodded a little.

His thick arms reach out.

It was the kind of rugged arm that a woman would never have, with veins and muscles showing.

I would have felt nothing but fear, but the thought of Eiji’s arm did not make me avoid him in the slightest.


Eiji’s large hand touched her breast over the top of her swimming suit.

Eiji was fascinated by the touch, which was different from that of bare skin.

Especially since this was the first time he had ever done this with a woman wearing a swimming suit.

Her breasts, which were somewhat crushed by the tightness of the swimsuit, were still raised in a way that showed off her femininity.

“Not as much as Terui’s, but Onizuka is one with a certain amount of it.”

“Because… Mai is special.”

Rika replies while being stimulated by the sassing and stroking of her breasts.

What comes to mind in his brain is the image of Mai posing with her eyes narrowed and her tongue sticking out.

Her breasts are G cups. They are as big as gravure idol’s and have good shape.

Not many women have breasts like that, especially when they are students.

Rika does not really care about the style of her breasts, but she was annoyed that Eiji was comparing Mai to her.

“Don’t compare me to… boob ghosts.”

“Don’t call your lover a boob ghost…”

Eiji chuckles at Rika’s muscular mood.

He had not been able to recognize her because of her usual expressionless face, but she may have a very childlike personality.

It may be that her lover Mai is a child herself, and that may have influenced her.

Thinking about this, Eiji scratches her nipples with his fingernails on her swimming suit.

“Mmm, fuh…♡”

A feverish voice leaked out as she exhaled.

She was feeling frustrated, but yet pleasured like a weak electric current.

When Eiji quickly removed his hand, her nipples were so erect that her swimming suit was floating up.

He looked at Rika, who was breathing a little rougher with a huff and a puff, but still silent.

Her blue eyes were moist and her white cheeks were flushed bright red.

She is a good-looking girl, and if she looks up at me with such a sexy expression, I can’t help but be aroused by her.


Eiji moves his face closer and sucks on her unprotected neck.

Rika jumped up and down as he sucked on her neck as if he was pinching her.

Although it is not an organ that is supposed to be used for pleasure, Rika felt a conquering pleasure from the stimulation of the soft spot that can be called a vital part of her body.

Rika, who was immersed in the pleasure of being tortured on the neck, had not yet noticed that her swimming suit had been slipped off at the shoulder.

Eiji’s perverted thinking that it would be a waste to take it all off did not allow him to take it all off at once.

However, he wanted to see her boobs, so he decided to strip her down to the bottom of them.

So the swimsuit was slowly lowered, exposing her white skin…


Rika’s breasts were exposed in front of Eiji’s eyes.

The tightness of Rika’s breasts was released, and the soft swaying of her breasts was a delight to the man’s eyes.

The skin on Rika’s face is very white and beautiful, but the skin on her breasts, which are rarely exposed to the open air, is even whiter.

And the pale nipples, cherry-red in color and sitting at the top, were like pale cherries on a bed of fresh snow.

The breasts, which looked quite small and tightly constricted by the swimsuit, were larger than Eiji had expected, perhaps a little larger than the average for her age group.

They were not as big as Mai’s, but if she had the body of a gravure idol, Rika would have the body of a model.

Unlike Mai’s buxom body, which can look awkward depending on what she wears, Rika looks good no matter what she wears.


Eiji reaches for her breasts.

He does not suddenly grab them forcefully.

It seems that she accepts him, but she has not completely gotten over her dislike of men.

If she were to experience pain or other unpleasant feelings here, it could lead even Eiji to enter into it and be rejected.

It was truly a tightrope walk. He was about to perform a caress that would not allow for even the slightest mistake.

If… anything, he shouldn’t have to do these things until she was more accustomed to them, but Eiji wasn’t going to back down.

He buried his fingers in the breast as if pushing from the side.

The side of the breast softly distorted its shape and sank Eiji’s large finger into it.

However, it gradually became more resilient, and when he put his finger back on it, it trembled and returned to being a well-shaped breast again.

The intensity of the tension was greater than that of Mai’s.

The tautness of the tits, which were pulled upward by the nipples, were very well shaped, and just looking at them was exciting.

“… Is it cold? Your nipples are standing up.”

“… Don’t say it because it’s embarrassing.

Rika’s face turns bright red as she looks down at her cherry-red nipples.

The nipples are swollen and puffy, as if they are waiting to be sucked by someone.

“Huh, ku…”

Eiji rubbed the nipples with his large fingers as if tracing them.

The beautiful nipples are so sensitive that Rika feels a tingling sensation like an electric current running down her spine, making her body tremble.

Shivering and trembling, she bends at the waist and tries to escape.

But of course Eiji would not let her go, and he puts his arms around her tight waist and plays with her nipples, making sure she cannot escape.

“Ku, hi… ah”

He kneads the nipple with his finger.

Rika’s eyes were tightly closed and her mouth opened and closed with a crack.

She was certainly getting pleasure from the sensations, though not intense, and was chewing on her first experience of having her breasts fondled by a man.

Eiji quickly removed his fingers, and she was able to make the disgusting comparison that one nipple that was being played with was now hard and erect, while the other one was not so much.

He put his face to the nipple of the one with such an erection and…



I blew a fresh warm breath on her.

Rika’s body shook with a jerk as the wind hit her extremely sensitive nipples, which, according to some people, are only uncomfortable to feel another person’s breath.

Eiji slowly moved his mouth closer to her breast, looking satisfied with her softly swaying breasts…


He took the beautiful cherry-colored nipples in his mouth.

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