B.P. Ch.2

Ch 2 “Making Money. Buying women.”

◼︎Side Akira

I decided to make money first.

What? How am I going to make money? I’m so glad you asked! What I use is the ability of “appraisal”. The beauty of this appraisal is that it can disclose all kinds of information. I’m on my way to the lottery booth right now.

When I arrive at the lottery booth, I use the appraisal. What a surprise! I can find the winning lottery ticket! It can tell me everything from the ◯jumbo to the L◯TO, and even the speed lottery. I’m going to use this to make some money for myself.

Why? No matter how capable I am, I’m an average guy. I’m a normal person in terms of academic ability and physical strength. And the one ability anyone can have is financial power! First of all, I need to build up my financial power. Well, for physical strength, I will strengthen my body. And for academics, I can use an appraisal to find the answer to a test. If someone who has been normal until now suddenly changes, people around him will think he is strange.

And I don’t have the experience to pick up girls. So I’m going to use the money to gain experience. In short, I’m going to use the money I earned from the cheat to get a professional to take me on. Fortunately, I’m tall. Even if I am a high school student, if I have money and wear nice clothes, they won’t suspect me. To do this, I first need to earn money for myself.

Well, I plan to use the money to invest in stocks next. The convenient thing about this appraisal is that it can be done using a smartphone, computer, or any other device. In other words, I will be able to see how the stocks are performing, from the best companies to the worst. Once that happens, I’ll be able to do the rest. I will be able to make money easily.

Now, let’s go to the lottery booth. First of all, I called out to the lady at the counter.

“I’m sorry. I’d like to take my time choosing, so could you please show me the lottery tickets in the sales room one by one?”

The lady holds out the lottery tickets dubiously.

Now, let’s use appraisal.

“You won’t win by looking that hard. It’s best to buy on a hunch!”

She must think I’m a strange customer. But I continued my appraisal without worrying about it. Ah! There it is!

{63 lot, 1718359, 3rd prize, 5 million yen.}

“Here! I want this!”

Yes, it’s… 300 Yen.”

“Oh, and I’d like to see the scratches.”

“What? You want to see the scratches too?”

Auntie gives a scratch, looking disgusted. I don’t care about that! And I’m not coming back to this sales floor anymore. They’ll get suspicious if I do this again and again.

I appraise the scratch in the same way. Oh! There it is. I buy about 5 or 6 winning lottery tickets worth about 30,000 yen. But just to be safe, I don’t scratch them off, and go to a different sales place to redeem them. I’m the type of person who always crosses over a stone bridge. In all, I got about 180,000 in cash. The cash and the 5 million lottery ticket are stored in the item box. I won’t lose them now.

Let’s go! I’ve got some money, so let’s go gain some experience. Normally, I would like to make love with an amateur and have sex with her, but I have a lot of things I want to try, so this time I’m going to a pro this time. I have some money, so first I buy a brand new suit and change into it. Then, I contacted a store I found on the Internet and made a reservation. I go to the store and ask them to show me their photos.

Let’s go!


I arrived at the store. It was a super high-class soapland. The atmosphere of the store is different from what I expected. I paid cash and looked at the pictures. By the way, Fukuzawa-san charges 8 for service! The level of the service fee was very high. They are all beautiful girls. I went through the photos and looked for a girl who looked good. I can’t understand the details in the photo evaluation, but I can get a rough idea of what they look like. Oh? I like this girl. She’s beautiful.



23 years old, 160cm, 50kg, B89W58H87

No disease 

Mild-mannered personality

Popularity number 2


Additional information 

Technique ◎Nice vagina◎]


The appraiser does a good job. He only gives me the information I want. I’m sure I can find out the rest by looking at the person in question.

“Rumi here, please.”

“Okay. Please hold for about 20 minutes.”

Why didn’t I choose number one? Because when I looked at the number one, it said “Crazy host”. She was so cute, though.

After waiting for 20 minutes, I was guided to the room.

“Welcome. I’m Rumi❤︎”

Oh my god, she’s so cute. She has semi-long, elegant cream-colored hair and a tiny face. And what a weapon. Probably an E cup. The crying mole around her eyes is sexy. Oh, man. I’m already getting an erection.

“Well then, please come this way❤︎”

Rumi guides me.

Oops, Mr. Appraisal, it’s your turn.


[Real Name: Rumi Sarashina

23 years old, 160cm, 50kg, B89W58H87

No illness 

Personality: Mild-mannered

Popularity number 2


Additional information 

Technique ◎Nice vagina◎

Sexual zone: Back of the vagina, Clitoris, Nipples


Appraisal Results: She comes to the soapland to pay off her father’s factory debt. Although she does it reluctantly, she has a lot of repeat customers because of her good looks and her excellent sexual organs. She has never been satisfied with sex because she is so good that men ejaculates before penetrating deep into her vagina. She likes younger men.]


Hmmm… I see. I guess you can get more detailed information by looking at the person himself. It seems that I can get even more information when I look at a part of the person. For example, when I look at Rumi’s breast


{Rumi’s breasts.}

I like to have my nipples gently licked. When I feel it, I want you to bite me sweetly. I feel left side more than right side.


You’re really useful, Mr. Appraisal!

This is what I wanted to try with a professional this time. I’m a pervert if I stare at ordinary people. I was right. Now I’m going to try body enhancement. I guess I’ll start with level 1 for now.

“Are you nervous♡? Are you a college student? Maybe you’re a virgin?”

“Haha. As a matter of fact, I am. Please teach me gently.”

“Oh no, you’re so cute♡. I’m going to get all worked up, aren’t I? Shall we take off our clothes first?”

It’s unbearable to have such a beautiful woman take off my clothes. And when she even took off my pants, Rumi was immensely excited.

“What…? It’s so big. I was so surprised. Oh my God…❤︎”

Yes. My normal dick is about 13cm, which is a very average size. But when I use body enhancement, it becomes about 20cm in size. Hardness and staying power also seem to be enhanced. Now I want to see if my stamina has been enhanced as well.

“I’m flattered. Thank you.”

“It’s not a flattery… It is really amazing. Isn’t it the best I’ve ever seen…?”

Rumi seems really surprised. Anyway, I’m going to take a bath.

“I’ll wash your body for you. By the way, you have great muscles! Do you work out?”

She asked me that while washing my body. The hands feel very nice. This is the first time for me to have my body washed by a woman, but it feels so good. If I hadn’t used body enhancement, I might have ejaculated already.

“No, I don’t work out. Can I touch your body too?”

“Hmm~❤︎Okay, let’s start with a kiss, then❤︎”

Rumi then closed her lips on mine. Her lips were soft and sweet. As I continued kissing her, using my appraisals to attack her weak points, Rumi rubbed my cock while shaking her body. Oh man, this feels soooo good.


Rumi exhales.

“Ahaha…❤︎You’re a good kisser. Is this really your first time? I think it’s my first time to feel just by kissing…”

“Really? I’m so happy.”

“I’m sure it’s true. You’re so cute❤︎, can I ask you your name?”

“I’m Akira.”

“Akira-kun, please have fun with Rumi’s body today❤︎ You can do whatever you want…❤︎”

How can you not get burned when someone says that to you? She’s too cute. I squeeze her breasts and probe her weak spots. Gently licking her nipples, I bite them sweetly when they become erect.

“Kun❤︎ Rumi’s weak spot❤︎ How can you tell❤︎?”

Oh, it seems that Rumi is starting to feel it.

While appraising her body, I touch the places where she can feel. I rubbed her ears, armpits, navel, and inner thighs.

“Haaaan❤︎ Akira-kun❤︎ You’re so good at this…❤︎”

“Oh, Rumi, does it feel good?”

“Hmm❤︎ Very❤︎ very❤︎ good. I’d like you to touch me more❤︎.”

“Okay. Then this one too.”

Then I touched Rumi’s secret part. Rumi opens her crotch so that I can touch it easily. It was already so wet that it was stringy. Then I gently rubbed her clitoris, which was out at the weak point, and she moaned.

“Fluffy❤︎ Clitoris is rubbed❤︎ It’s too good!”

“Eh, but Rumi seems to be feeling good, huh?”

“I’m not sure❤︎ if it’s really your first time❤︎. I’ve never felt❤︎ this good so much before, ah ah❤︎.”

“I see. I’m going to try to put my finger inside of your vagina, okay?”

I rubbed Rumi’s vaginal area saying so.

Oh, is this the G-spot?

“There oh oh❤︎ Oh my god❤︎ I’m cumming, I’m cumming❤︎ Haah, hah, hah❤︎”

I made Rumi come. The appraiser is really awesome. I can’t believe she came when I touched her as I navigated. But my dick is also erected stiffly after seeing Rumi’s lasciviousness.

“You’re all over me, Akira-kun. Akira is always attacking me. It’s Rumi’s turn now.”

Rumi kneels down in front of me and grabs my big dick. She slowly rubbed it up and down.


“Mmm-hmm❤︎ Does that feel good? Does it hurt? I’ll make you feel even better❤︎”

Rumi then sucked my cock into her mouth.

“Wow⁉︎That’s amazing…⁉︎”

It felt too good. It was too different from masturbation. I couldn’t help but squeal with pleasure. I didn’t know that getting a blowjob felt so good.

“Ngggghh❤︎ Jupoo❤︎ Does it feel good?”

Rumi’s tongue work makes me almost end up in no time. She talks to me but doesn’t stop working on my cock. The pleasure never stops.

“Rumi, that’s amazing, I’m going to cum!”

“Hmm, it’s okay❤︎ Just put it out. Jupo, Jupo, Zubobo❤︎”

“Damn it, I am going to let it out!”

(Dopuru Ruru Ruru Do Puru Rudo Pyu)

“Nnn⁉︎ nfu, ngu, nnn ⁉︎”

Gulp, gulp, gulp!

Huh? Rumi, are you drinking?

“Nnnn…❤︎ Puhhhh. It’s amazing❤︎ I can’t drink it❤︎”

My cum was dripping from her mouth with tears in her eyes, and it was so disgusting. My cock stiffened again at the sight of Rumi.

“Huh? It’s hard again❤︎ Akira-kun, you’re unequaled❤︎”

Rumi was happily cleaning my cock. Needless to say, I was even more stiff again.

“Hmph❤︎ Then let’s go to bed.”


◼︎Side Rumi

I am a professional, but I felt it so much. Because you are so good at it, Akira-kun. I have rarely felt this way with a client. I usually act, you know. To please them. I have to work hard to earn money to get out of debt.

But I couldn’t act with Akira-kun. He seemed to know what I was feeling, and he kept probing my sexual zones. I came just from foreplay. But Akira might be able to teach me something about the world I don’t know. I have high expectations for him. That’s why…

“Akira, it’s your first time, right? I’m sure you’d prefer not to have a condom or something for the first time, right? Okay, just leave it like it is.”

“Oh, you don’t mind? No, I’m glad, but…”

I really don’t do it without a condom at the store. But I wanted to feel it directly. He might be able to reach the deepest parts of mine. I have a good vagina, I hear. They all feel so good that they end up cumming before I can cum.

So I’ve never had a real climax, and sex is my job, so I’m obligated to do it. I’m used to acting like I’m coming. So it had been a long time since I came during foreplay. And if I don’t, that’s okay.

“Okay, come on❤︎”

“Well, be my guest.”

Amazing… It’s really big. It looks like it reaches right up to my belly button. I wonder what would happen if it was inserted?

“Rumi, I’m going in.”

At that moment, my world changed.


“ーー⁉︎〜〜〜〜〜❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎ Nnggggg⁉︎ Kahaha…⁉︎”

I feel like I’m going to lose consciousness. It came all the way to the back at once…❤︎It’s amazing…❤︎

“Oh, Rumi’s vagina feels so good! It feels good just to insert it.”

“Ah❤︎ Akira-kun’s is amazing…❤︎ It’s all at once to the back…❤︎”

I just need to catch my breath for a minute.

“Akira-kun, give me a kiss…❤︎”

“Hmm, I understand.”

Chu❤︎ Rero… Chupa❤︎

Mmmm, kissing too❤︎ feels good.

Ha, ha, I’ve calmed down a bit.

“Can I move now?”

“Oh, okay? I want to move too.”

Fufu❤︎ Cute❤︎

Akira-kun started to move. It was a small stroke, but it was enough to make a big impact on my vagina. He was tapping my cervix like he was knocking on it.

“It feels so good❤︎ Akira-kun, it feels so good❤︎ My weak spot❤︎ It’s all gouged out❤︎ Oh❤︎”

“Ru, Rumi, I’m feeling good too!”

And Akira-kun rubs my clitoris with his left hand and bites my nipple sweetly while shaking his hips.

“I’m going to cum❤︎ I’m going to cum❤︎ I’m going to cum❤︎ I’m getting poked and prodded❤︎ in my precious little vagina❤︎”

“You can cum! Rumi! Come, come!”


Oh, my mind is blank. Akira-kun says mercilessly to me in such a state of abandonment.

“I want to ejaculate, too, so can I do it for real? Yes!”

What? You mean, you were not serious until now?

The next moment, Akira-kun’s serious piston came. It was as if his gentle hips were a lie, and he was using his hips wildly like an animal.

“Hiin❤︎ An❤︎ Ah❤︎ Ah❤︎ Ah Ah❤︎”

Phan! Phan! Phan! Phan! Phan!

“Nhii⁉︎ Ah❤︎ Ah, ah, ah ah❤︎”

“Oh, that feels so good! Rumi!”

“I can’t do it❤︎ it feels so good❤︎ I’m going stupid❤︎ Akira-kun, you’re the only one who can do this to me❤︎”

“It’s so tight, Rumi! I’m cumming, okay? Where do you want it? Can you tell me?”

I didn’t hesitate when he asked me that.

“Inside my vagina, ahhhhh❤︎ Put it out inside my vagina❤︎ Akira-kun, I want you so much❤︎”.

Saying that, I subconsciously wrapped my legs around Akira-kun’s waist. It’s so-called Daishuki hold.

“Gosh, ooooh!”

(Dopururu Pururu Dopururu)

My vagina was filled with semen at a tremendous rate. No man has ever stayed in my vagina this long. I was climaxing again in reaction to that filling.

“Ahhh❤︎ it’s so hot inside me❤︎ I’m, I’m cumming❤︎”

“Gosh, I can’t stop ejaculating at all.”

“Ha, ha, ha… Akira-kun❤︎ It was amazing❤︎ My body is still… convulsing❤︎”


◾️Side Akira

Seeing Rumi’s tormented face, my cock was getting hard again.

“Rumi, can I do it again?”

“You’re… a beast❤︎ I can’t help it, make sure you make me feel good too, okay?”

After this, I gave it to her once in the cowgirl position and once in the back posture. When we were leaving, Rumi asked me for my LINE ID and we exchanged them. She told me it was not for work, but for private use.

At any rate, this is the best way to verify the appraisal and physical enhancement. All right! Let’s start moving in earnest.

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