F.G. Ch.2

Ch 2 Thank you again for your wallet

The next morning, I called Noboru. The content was that Sana had left her wallet at my house. Noboru was relieved to hear that. Noboru told me that yesterday she noticed her wallet was missing at the station and looked around frantically, but she couldn’t find it, so she went to the police box and returned home with Noboru’s money. Noboru was happy as a boyfriend.

Noboru was busy that day and asked me to give my wallet to Sana.

Noboru contacted Sana and we decided to meet at a park near Sana’s house.

Noboru had told me the specific location, so it was easy to get there without worrying.

When I got to the park, Sana was sitting on a bench under the clock tower.

Sana was wearing jeans and a thin T-shirt. Unlike yesterday, her thighs were not exposed, but her breasts were as pronounced as ever. Even from a distance, I could tell.

“Yone… zura-kun”

“Yo, Sana.”

“Wallet. Thanks.”

Sana doesn’t make eye contact as she did on her way home yesterday. Maybe she knows what will happen if she makes eye contact.

“Oh. Don’t worry about it. I’m glad I got to meet Sana like this.”

“You are the worst. I thought I’d never see you again.”

“What? Sana said she wanted to see me again, too.”

“Oh, that’s… I was just going with the flow of the moment. Noboru was there too so I couldn’t say what I really felt.”

“Okay, so let’s continue where we left off yesterday.”

Sana finally makes eye contact. But her eyes were surprised, as if she had received a big shock.

“I don’t want to. It was just the one time yesterday.”

“I’m here to give you your wallet, remember? I think a little reward would be nice.”

“I’ll buy you a drink, then. That’s fine. Right?”

“I want Sana. We’re going to have sex.”

I go up to Sana’s face and try to kiss her. Sana quickly presses my face with both hands.

“No. Kissing is even worse.”

“I guess kissing is even worse than sex.”

“And no sex.”

Sana and I were both on the offensive without pulling back, while I was on the offensive and Sana was on the defensive. This game is not easy to win.

“Reward sex.”

“No. I can’t betray Noboru any more. This is no good. I feel so guilty about yesterday. Why did I allow you to do it even once?”

I grab Sana’s body and pull her to me and hug her tightly.

“Hey, hey, no hugging.”

“I can’t forget Sana. Please be my girlfriend.”

“Yonezura-kun’s body… It’s harder and lumpier than Noboru-kun’s…”

“In love?”

“I’m not in love with you. I’m leaving for now.”

I grabbed Sana’s hand as she tried to run away from my chest. I have no intention of letting go. I really want to fuck Sana. No matter what.

“Sana. This way.”

I pull Sana’s hand and take her to a place where trees grow in the park. There is no one around, so I can fuck her here without hesitation.

“No, no. Really no. This is not good. Yonezura-kun, you understand, don’t you?”

“I guess so. But I’m not going to change my mind.”

I grab Sana’s breasts with both hands and begin to turn them around and around. Her taut and firm breasts are the most comfortable to touch.

“Ah! You’re turning too much!”

I unzipped Sana’s jeans and put my hand through the gap to feel her pants. They were so wet that I could see even through the pants.

“Phew. You’re wet.”

“It’s sweat, too.”

“After lying to me again.”

When he pulls down his jeans, Sana is wearing only a T-shirt and light blue pants.


“Just get it over with.”

Sana stopped resisting and stood silently. She seems to have given up at my strong push.

“Today is back.”

I let Sana turn her hand and place both hands on the thick wood. Her big, plump ass appears to me. I can’t stand it.

I start to touch her ass as if I caress it with both hands. It is fleshy and firm, but soft. It is the most comfortable to touch.

“Yes. Nice ass. I can’t stand it.”

The skin vibrates when I tap it lightly. Sana’s body shakes every time I hit her again and again. It is a good reaction.

“Aaah! You can’t keep doing that to my ass! Oh!”

“Does it feel good?”

“That’s not true! No, it’s not!”

Sana is shaking her ass, though she won’t admit that it feels good. Her body seems to be honest.

I expose my penis and insert it from the back.

“I don’t have a condom with me today, so I’m going to insert it raw.”

“Wait, the condom is …. Ahhhh!”

“It’s amazing. The moment I inserted it, your vagina tightened around the penis as if welcoming it.

Vaginal flesh holds the penis. Each and every fold is entangled with the penis.

“The penis is tightening up. I love it from the back.”

I grabbed Sana’s ass and moved my hips frantically. The love juice and the juice from my penis made a sticky sound.

“Ahhhh! Aaan! This is not like this! It doesn’t feel good at all!”

Sana’s vaginal flesh loosens up with the thrusts of the penis. Sana herself shakes her body with each thrust. I think she is gradually accepting it against her will.

“Aaah! My Ass!…. Oh, my God! I have a weird feeling! Ahhh… Ahhh… No! Take it out already… What’s wrong? I’ll get sick…”

“I don’t think I can get out now. I’m going to cum, just wait until then.”

“When you cum, you have to pull it out before you let it out.”

“Oh. I promise.”

“Ahhh! No! …. I’m really having a weird feeling. What is this? I don’t get it.”

“I’m gonna cum. Sana.”

I pulled my penis out of her vagina and came. A fountain of semen spurts out and spurts onto Sana’s back, creating a pool of semen.

“Haa. I can’t take it anymore. I feel weird.”

“You mean it felt good?”

“No! It’s not like that… I don’t think so.”

Sana has a great body. I don’t think there are many girls like her. It’s too good. I think Noboru is seriously missing out.

“Next, let’s do it from the front.”

Sana turns her body to the front on her own. I had a feeling that she was gradually becoming my color.

“Sana’s on board.”

“You won’t stop anyway…”

Sana’s pussy is twitching hungrily at the penis. It’s a disgusting sex organ.

“Then let’s start round two.”

He puts his erect penis into her vagina again and starts thrusting. I thrust and thrust while being impressed by the tightness and comfort as usual.

“She’s got a nice vagina.”

“Hafun… Yonezura-kun’s… His penis is too hard! This is not right! You just put it out a little while ago, it’s not right!”

“Sana’s pussy is a masterpiece. You can get an erection as many times as you want.”

“Ahhhh! Yonezura-kun’s cock is hitting me inside my tight vagina, oh no! No!”

“Feels good, doesn’t it? Admit it. I feel great. How about you, Sana?”

“I am… I am… This is… This is… I don’t feel good! ahhhhh! Ohh!”

Sana came first, and I ejaculated a second time to follow. It was a great day. I can ejaculate on Sana twice.

“Huh. I can’t do it anymore. I can’t do anything… I can’t think. I’m going crazy.”

He shows his penis, stained with semen, to Sana’s mouth as she lies down.

“Sana Aftercare. Lick it. Make sure you do it right.”

Sana sticks out her tongue and licks off a few licks of semen, then takes his penis in her mouth and starts licking it gently.

“Chup-chup… Chup-chup… Chuchu-chu… Chup-chup…”

“Does my penis taste good?”

“Nnhaaah… I don’t know. I won’t tell you… Chupa…”

She didn’t answer, but she didn’t deny it either. Sana is becoming mine. I smiled.

After the aftercare was over, Sana licked off the sludgy semen and stood up, putting her jeans back on.

“We’re going to continue to make each other feel good. Let’s exchange contact information.”

“I have no intention of continuing to have sex with Yonezura-kun. I’ll meet you because you are a friend of Noboru’s. I don’t want to have sex with you.”

Yesterday, Sana, who had said she would never see me again, agreed to meet with me. I felt like she was getting ready to become mine in earnest.

“How is it? I’ll see you next time.”

We exchange contact information and Sana leaves me. Sana will surely be mine. I went home, thinking about what kind of prank I would play next.

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1 year ago

Oh God! Easy to force heroines into rape and corrupt them. I feel like author-sama is copying Bishop’s style.