V.A. Ch.2

Ch 2 Duel event with the main character (Heroine cuckold)

I was reincarnated as the villain Marcoy from the popular fantasy novel ‘My Heart’.

Marcoy is a character who is ultimately destroyed, and by being at odds with the main character.

That’s why I was thinking of building a good relationship with the main character Harris…

“Marcoy…! I will never forgive you!”

Harris in a rage. In “My Heart” Harris was usually a serious and honorable person, but when he lost his temper, he was a very bad person.

When Harris gets angry, the bruise on his forehead shines.

That bruise is… special.

The end of the story reveals that it is a [dark curse] received from Noir, the great wizard of darkness.

With that curse, you will have a cheat performance, acquiring a talent for dark magic and the power of [anti-magic] to that and other magic.


Harris grabs me by the chest.

He’s angry because I had sex with his favorite woman… Ariadne.

The love of his life… Aria, who encouraged and sometimes scolded Harris when he was lonely after losing his parents.

That… but it’s strange.

This event happened in the original story as well. The event that Marcoy tried to have force sex with Aria.

But it should have been prevented.

But I made it to the end, and ah!

I had even made her cum.

It’s a little different from the main story…?

“Marcoy! I’m… not going to let you get away with this!”

“Well, wait a minute, Harris. I’m not going to confront you… Geez!”

I was punched so hard that I slammed into the wall.

I hit the wall with a hard blow. My mouth is cut and bleeding. It’s real. Oh, this is not a dream.

It’s good that I’ve come to this world, but I’m a villain, and it’s not my lucky day…

Well, it doesn’t matter if I’m depressed or not.

Anyway, this is an important scene.

This is a turning point.

In the original story, Harris and Marcoy are separated forever in this event.

And as a result of his confrontation with Harris, Marcoy suffers a terrible fate and is even destroyed.

Hence, I have only one option…

“Harris… I’m sorry!”

I jump down on my knees!

Yes, an apology.

Confrontation here will ruin me. Then, no confrontation! It’s for the best.

“I’m so sorry I forced myself on Aria! My deepest apologies!”

… Okay, that’s the best!

In the original, Marcoy created a rift here by not apologizing.

Then apologize and there will be no confrontation.

If I do this, I will not be doomed…

“Marcoy Shut up.”



I get kicked off by Harris and fall on my back.

Eh! Why? I apologized!

“You can’t just say you’re sorry! You forced Aria into your hands with your magic and took away her… first time…!”

Oh shoot! Oh yeah, that Harris guy wanted Aria’s virginity!

That’s true, isn’t it? Men want to be a woman’s first. So he got mad when he found out he wasn’t going to get her virginity.

But I apologized… No, it’s not a matter of apologizing.

“I’m really sorry…”

“Shut up! Shut up! I’ll never forgive you! Malkoy!”

Harris yells, grabbing me by the chest as I fall to the ground.

He raises his arms as high as he can.



“Until you cry!”

“I won’t stop hitting you…”

… I’m being beaten to a pulp like I’m some English gentleman.

I guess he is that angry…

Oh, and Harris’ [bruises] are getting darker.

According to the original story, when Harris’ emotions run high, the dark curse becomes stronger.

He gained strength, but also became more ferocious.

Harris in the original was supported by Ariadne and other friends such as the heroines [Roy] and [Hermaia], and was not hurt by the curse.

But now there is no Roy or Hermia. Aria is unconscious and there is no one to save his heart.

So the curse is out of control, I guess.

I’m being beaten unilaterally.

Now… what to do.

“Please don’t! Master Harris!”


Aria comes to her senses and grabs Harris’ hand.

“Master Marcoy is apologizing to you!”

… Ah, what’s that?

What’s with the déjà vu here…?

That’s it! In the original story, this is the scene of the duel between Harris and Marcoi.

But it’s strange. In the original story, it was Marcoy beating up Harris and Ariadne was stopping him…

“Noisy! Stay back!”



Ariadne was hit by Harris, who was furious.

She goes flying into the air.


She’s going to hit the wall if she keeps going like that!

I’m going to have to do… this.

I remember the original story.

“[Physical Enhancement!]”

There is magic in this world.

There are various types of magic, and among them is non-attribute magic.

The magic of body enhancement is one of the non-attribute magic.

It is quite a popular magic in the original work.

And there is one important backstory.

It is that Marcoy has no aptitude for [Dark Magic].

Marcoy was born into a family of dark wizards. And he has mastered all the forbidden arts of darkness.

Therefore, he believed he had a talent for dark magic.

However, towards the end of the story, it turns out that Marcoy actually had no aptitude for dark magic.

The most suitable magic was non-attributed magic…

Knowing this, I tried to use non-attribute magic [Physical Enhancement].

As a result, I got it done in one shot!

I knew it, just like in the original story, Macoy is a master of non-attribute magic!

His body becomes as light as a feather.

Before Ariadne bumps into the wall, I save her.

“Are you okay?”


I set her down.

“Marcoy! Don’t touch… my Ariadne! Ahhhhhh!”

The power of darkness blasts out of Harris.

Yes… the real dark magic genius was Harris.

At the end of the original story, there is a scene where Marcoy, upon learning that he has no talent for dark magic, is conversely jealous of Harris, the dark genius, and tries to kill him out of hatred.

And with… that gets a return fire.

But I’m not really hung up on magic. I don’t despair just because I don’t have the gift of dark magic.

After all, I’m just an alien in this world. I’m not interested in family background or talent.

… But.


I shrink and get closer to Harris in an instant.

“Don’t you dare touch my woman.”


I land a blow to the solar plexus, and Harris collapses limply to the ground.

Phew… I won because Harris’s Dark Curse hadn’t progressed yet.

Also, I knew that Marcoy’s aptitude for non-attribute magic was off the charts.

He was able to use body enhancement, which he had never used before, at a master level.

In the original Marcoy lamented his lack of aptitude for dark magic, but that’s totally fine, because he has a talent for unattributed magic.

“Master Marcoy…!”

Ariadne approaches me.

“Are you ok?”

“Yes, I’m fine.”

“Thank God…!”

Aria hugs me with a thud.

… Huh? I remember the original duel event, where Marcoy lost and then Aria hugged Harris…

Oh, that’s right. This… is kind of a reversal, isn’t it?

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1 year ago

Harry potter. Ron. Hermione but Aria is genuine I believe. Anyway looking forward to this.

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Very nice~

1 year ago

Interesting. So far, it is very interesting. Very similar with Harry Potter, but with enough changes to not being sue by J.K Rowling.

1 year ago
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No creo que ella gastaría su tiempo en demandar a un random