F.G. Ch.3

Ch 3 Maid Cosplay at Sana’s House

Three days have passed since I had sex with Sana in the park. I did not have sex with Sana during these days. I thought I would let her feel her dependence on sex with me by daring to keep a gap between us.

On the third day, I contacted Sana. The read receipt was much quicker than I had expected.

I sent a message that I wanted to go to Sana’s house, and she replied that it would be okay if it was only for a little while.

I got ready and headed to Sana’s house, relying on Sana’s message.

“Sorry to bother you.”

“Oh, that? It’s a guy who is not Sana’s boyfriend~”
A girl a little smaller than Sana with twin-tail hair jumps out of the front door.

“Is Sana here?”

“Yeah, Sana-neechan was putting on makeup in her room.”

“I see. Thank you.”

I enter the front door and call Sana. Then Sana comes running down from the second floor.

“Yonezura-kun, you’re pretty fast, aren’t you?”

Sana with a light make-up, was a few times prettier than usual. I’m sure she’s a superb woman after all.

“I met a girl smaller than Sana at the entrance a while ago.”

“That girl is Saya, my younger sister.”

“So that means she’s in her first year of high school.”

“That’s right.”

Sana led me into the room. The room was tidy and clean. A clean face and a clean room, how great is that?

“So, what do you want today?”

“You had three days free. How was that?”

Sana’s body jerked in response to my words. 

“I’ve been feeling strange lately. I’ve been in a strange mood. But it’s not that I want to feel good or that I want to have sex with Yonezura-kun.”

This is slowly starting to have an effect. Taking advantage of this opportunity, he folded in even more.

“I see. Then, let’s chat and go home today.”

Sana’s body jumped. I smiled secretly.

“I lied. I’m thinking of cosplaying today. Put this on.”

I took out my luggage from the bag I had brought with me. The package is a maid’s cosplay. It just arrived today. I’m going to ask Sana to wear it.

“Sana. Put this on.”

“Wow. It’s a maid costume! So cute! “

Sana held the maid’s clothes in her hands and left the room. She probably went to change her clothes. I decided to wait at my leisure. I was surprised that Sana was happy contrary to my expectations.

If it had been Sana until the other day, she would have strongly denied it and pushed back the maid’s uniform.

“Hey, what’s this? What’s going on?”

Sana, who had changed into a maid’s uniform, came into the room. She seemed to be complaining about something.

“What’s wrong?”

“This maid’s underwear is all wrong.”

“What? Like what?”

In response to my answer, Sana took off her maid’s uniform and showed me her underwear. The bra is heart-shaped and has holes in it so that only the nipples are exposed. And the underwear is structured in the same way as the bra.

“This is crazy!”

“Then you didn’t have to wear it.”

“Well, I was told to wear it…”

“Sana is obedient.”

Sana is honest and serious in some ways. That’s why she can be treated in a good way.

“Well, what shall we do today?”

“Well, you can’t have sex with me.

“First of all, let me ask you to utter the customary words. You are a maid, aren’t you?”

Sana shows a huffed expression, but after taking a breath, she stands up just like the maid.

“Welcome home. Master.”

Sana smiles at me. This smile is worth more than money can pay.

“Oh, what should I do from here …”

“That’s right. I have to punish a bad maid.”

I sit down on a chair in Sana’s room and cross my arms, giving her an intimidating look.

“Okay, suck my dick.”

“Yes, master… as you say…”

Sana exposes my penis and starts licking it from the top with her tongue. She licks it stickily just like licking ice cream.

“Yes, it’s good. Sana loves it too, right? My penis.”

“Churrrrroo… That kind of thing… Churoro… No, I don’t.”

“Hey, licking only the top won’t satisfy your Master.”

“Yes, master. I’m sorry.”

Sana sucks the glans into her mouth and starts sucking hard. Sana sucks my pre-cum.

“Jururururu… Jururururu… Jururururu… Jururururu… Jyuppojyupo”

“Whoa, that’s a good suction. I think Noboru will be surprised.”

Sana’s expression changes when she hears the word “Noboru”. The reaction was as if he had uttered a forbidden word.

“Wow, I have a… I have another master. So this is it.”

“Hey, hey. I’m Sana’s only master.”

“No, You’re not. My master is…”

I kiss Sana’s mouth shut. I kiss her mouth like I’m covering Sana’s mouth.

This is the first time I kissed Sana.

“Nnnnggg!!! Nnggg! Mmmm! Unnnn!!!!”

Sana is desperately resisting to let go of me. But it was only a matter of time. Sana, who was resisting strongly, loosens her power every time our tongues intertwine.

“Haha… Are we done? “

“Wow, my lips are… Noboru-kun’s kiss was…”

“I overwrote it. Sana is mine.”


“Anyone who calls the master terrible needs further punishment.”

I took out a blindfold from a nearby set of maid’s uniforms and tied Sana’s eyes with it.

“Master, please don’t do this. I’ll do anything. Please don’t tie me up.”

“The useless maid who insulted the master needs to be further punished.”

He takes Sana in his arms and lowers her to the bed. He then ties both wrists and raises them up and fastens them to the bed.

“Master, please don’t do this!”

“From now on, I’m going to cum inside you.”

“No, no, please! Please stop! Aaahhh! Please don’t!”

The extremely thick penis bounces happily as it enters Sana’s vagina completely up to the root.

“That’s a nice vagina. That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Ahhh! Master’s penis is in my vagina!”

“See? That’s pretty good, isn’t it?”

“Aaaaah! Aagh! Ahhh! Master’s cock is hitting the back! Ohhh!”

Sana’s pussy and vagina seemed to be more pleased than usual with my hard pistons. More naughty sounds than usual leaked out from her genitals and echoed in the room.

“Look, Sana’s pussy looks nice, doesn’t it?”

“No, I don’t! I am ah… I can’t cum on Master’s penis.”

“Did you say that? It’s a further punishment?”

I shook my hips even harder. Sana’s body shook violently on the bed. Her nipples were sticking out of her bra and her breasts were shaking.

“Ahhhh… Kuhnnn… Kuhnnn!… Ahhhh… Mmmmm… The penis is so hot… My pussy… I’m burning up… Master’s thrusts are making me burn!”

“It’s starting to feel good, isn’t it? You gotta admit it.”

“Master’s ohhh… Ohhh…. Mmm… Master’s cock… Ahhhh… It feels so good, it feels so good! Ohhh…!”

This was the first time Sana said that it felt good. I was so happy that I smiled. I feel great.

“Sana is mine. Isn’t that right?”

“Hai! Sana is yours. I belong to the master. My pussy… Please use my pussy as much as you want!.”

“Sana, I’m going to cum a lot. I’m going to make your uterus turn to mush.”

“Cum in my womb… Please give me a full load of master’s semen!”

I shot a lot of semen into Sana’s vagina. Sana moaned and came with a good feeling. The cum filled Sana’s womb and vagina.

When I removed the restraints from her eyes and wrists, Sana was lying on the bed, frozen.

“Sana. Sana is my girlfriend. She is not Noboru’s girlfriend. Okay?”

“I am… I am Noboru’s girlfriend… I’m not Keita-kun’s girlfriend.”

Sana still seems to be Noboru’s girlfriend. However, Sana started calling me by my first name. She’s becoming a big part of my life. I’m almost ready to take Sana away from Noboru.

“Sana, how can you be Noboru’s girlfriend after having sex with me so many times?”

“It’s all Keita-kun’s fault. It’s all Keita’s fault from the very beginning.”

“Even at the very beginning, if you wanted to escape, you could have run away and gotten help from Noboru, you know? But Sana didn’t do that. Because she was serious.”

“I am… I’m…”

“Now, let’s go to the sea with Noboru. Of course. We’ll have sex, though.”

Sana gave me a complicated look that was a mixture of disgust and happiness.

“I’m home. Is Sana-neechan upstairs? “

It seems that Sana’s younger sister, Saya, who had gone out, came back.

“Oh, Saya came back. I have to take off my maid’s uniform as soon as possible.”

“Wait a minute. It’s too good to waste. Let’s have sex one more time.”

“Don’t be silly… Ahhhh.”

Sana gets on all fours and I pound Sana’s vagina hard. I have to cum before Saya comes upstairs.

I keep pounding her big ass as I go deeper and deeper into her vagina. It feels so good to have my penis gouging in her vagina.

“Aaaaahhhh… Nooo… Saya will notice me! Pull it out… Hurry up and pull it out!”

“I’m not going to pull it right out after I put it in! I’m going to cum in this top quality pussy one more time.”

I had done it a second time with Sana before Saya came to the room. Sana was gradually becoming more and more willing to listen to me, and I was getting excited.

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10 months ago

Nice, very nice. I feel like this is a Bishop’s game. The corruption is pleasant. However, the corruption’s speed is a little too fast, it reminds me of Miel. So it’s wonderful.