Y. NTR Ch.40

Ch 40

“Oh, I’m so tired!”

“But you have to wash it properly. You never know what might be on you.”

“Stop it!”

The voices of the women cackling happily echoed through the room.

The two who stiffened at this were, of course, the two who were having sexual intercourse, but it was Eiji whose face paled in particular.

“(Why only the voice of a woman…!?)”

I suddenly thought back.

I didn’t have much time to look around because Rika had forced me into the shower room, but the shower room in this facility is a large room divided by simple walls and doors, each with its own shower nozzle.

It might be easier to understand if you imagine it like a private toilet room. It is a little different.

And then, Rika, a woman, jumped in, naturally…

“(A woman’s shower room?…!!!)”

Eiji shivers.

If it was discovered that he was in this place, it was easy to assume that he would be caught in a noose.

No matter how much he wanted to avoid getting into trouble with the police.

“(Be quiet here …)”

There is the sound of a door opening in another shower stall, followed by the sound of running water.

The cackling and happy conversation is very feminine.

For now, I hide my breath until they are gone, and when I decide that no one else is around, I jump out at once. This was the only way.

Eiji, having made this calculation, glanced down and saw…


Rika turned and looked at me.

He had not ejaculated, so his still erect cock was still in her vagina.

Rika is sweating all over and huffing and puffing.

Her cheeks are bright red and her blue eyes are moist and very seductive.

And her normally expressionless face had such a disgusting look on it, as if she was inviting a man to… indulge in her tastes.


Eiji clears his throat.

No, I can’t do that. If he moves on her, the risk of being discovered increases.

But Rika’s greedy face is something that has been provoking men tremendously…

“Hmm …”

A cock was pulled out of Rika’s vagina.

It was a disgusting thing, gooey with her various bodily fluids and reflecting light.

The smell of it must be quite strong as well.

Rika feels a sense of loss at having been pulled out from inside her, but she is convinced that this is inevitable under the circumstances.

However, deep down inside, a sense of disappointment towards Eiji, or something like that, is certainly born…


So when Eiji flipped me over so that I was facing him, I had no idea what the hell was going on.

Rika rolled her eyes and looked blank.

With her in the background, Eiji was…

“~~~~~ !?”

He inserted his cock from the front.

He lifted Rika’s long, slender, beautiful legs with one arm and inserted his huge cock into her exposed, twitching, wriggling cleft.

Rika, who had not expected such a thing to be done to her, almost screamed out in surprise.

But then she remembers that there are other users and manages to bite it back.


“Because when someone expects you to do something, you can’t not do it.”

She gazed at Eiji’s smiling face from a close distance.

It is still a stern, frightening, masculine face, but not a trace of fear rose in Rika’s… heart.

“Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm♡”

Zuchu, Zuchu, Zuchu, Zuchu!

Both of us were standing facing each other for intercourse. It should have been quite difficult to move compared to the back position they had just taken, but Eiji’s strong body made the impossible possible.

He held Rika’s body, which was unstable with one leg carried on the other, in place and launched his hips forcefully.

Rika’s back was against the door, so there was no need to worry about her falling.

Her well-shaped breasts were crushed against Eiji’s well-developed body.

Eiji was pleasantly surprised at how soft they felt, and Rika was also pleasantly surprised at how her nipples were stimulated.

It was tempting to make another uncharacteristically charming noise, but I managed to keep my lips closed and try not to make a sound.

This caused her to snort, which was even more arousing to Eiji, who was nearby and could hear it, but Rika had no intention of doing so.

Eiji’s hands are around the back of her head and restrain her as he buries them in his pecs.

This was done to keep her from making a sound…


I made a sweet sound.

It was because I sniffed Eiji’s manly scent from a close distance.

A smell that filled my nostrils, a smell I had hardly ever smelled before.

It was not a sweet smell like Mai’s, but a head-shaking kind of smell.

It was not a good smell.

But like a cat that has been given catnip, Rika is dizzy with a look of debauchery on her face.

Her lower abdomen tingles and oozes a lot of love juice.

Or should I say pheromones? Such body odors that tickle women struck Rika.

“Hmm, oh, oh, uh ♡” 

Guchu, Guchu, Guchu, Guchu!

Perhaps her reason was melted by the smell as well, and gradually Rika’s charming voice became louder and louder.

Moreover, it was not a cute one, but an animal-like gasp that seemed to be squeezed out from deep in her belly, something that could never be heard by others.

“……? Did you hear something weird?”

“I didn’t, but… No, stop it.”

I hear such conversations.

It would be dangerous to continue. Eiji, deciding so, whispers in Rika’s ear, 

“I’m going to let it out now. Where do you want me to put it?”

Rika receives these words and thinks frantically with a head that can’t turn.

Yes, he is not wearing a condom right now. He had not prepared for this because he did not expect this kind of relationship.

In other words, they are now connected raw.

Even with this, the risk of pregnancy is not zero, so I should never have done it… Of course, vaginal cum shots should be avoided.

It is not a dangerous day, but the risk changes to a much greater extent than when it is done outside.

That was something I had reasoned firmly and knew.

But the instinct that was making… my hot lower abdomen was violently rejecting it.

“Nah, inside…”


“Let it… out inside!”

They stare at each other from a close distance.

Rika’s begging, willfully, makes his cock even harder and bigger…

“I understand.”


Their lips met.

Rika’s lips were sealed, for if he did not cover her mouth, the uncontrollable sound of her charming voice would be heard as he was about to shake his hips vigorously.

Eiji covered her lips with such a calculating thought, but Rika’s head was filled with a feeling of happiness that was almost debaucherous.

“Nuu, nbu, nbu♡” 

Jupujupu Jupujupu!

The hips swing violently, and the cock scrapes the vaginal walls and pushes up hard against the cervix.

Rika is about to let out a loud and charming cry as she is hit with an electric current of pleasure that causes her lower body to jerk and quiver on its own.

However, her lush lips were so firmly devoured that they did not pop out to the surface.

This is a hidden intercourse that must never be discovered.

It arouses both of them undeniably.

“(I like, I like, I like, I like…♡)”

Emotions overflow that you thought you would never have for a man.

A heart mark appears behind her eyes and a feverish expression appears on her face.

Her mouth is about to burst open, but Eiji shuts it tight and keeps it from popping out.

Their tongues entwine like snakes mating, exchanging saliva.

Their mouths were soaked with their saliva, and their pubic areas were in such a state that the smell was almost intoxicating, and the sounds were so disgusting that they could be called decadent and vulgar.


I could feel his cock begin to tremble inside my vagina.

Rika had never experienced this before, but I guessed this was the prelude to ejaculation.

He was about to be ejaculated inside. She might get pregnant. As a student, this is something you should avoid.

But… there was no fear, no regret, no guilt, just a sense of happiness in Rika’s heart.

Being seeded by a… strong male of the opposite sex that she likes gives such happiness to a woman.

She hugged Eiji’s body tightly. I hugged him so tightly that there was no space between us.

I put my arms around the back of his thick neck and pressed my lips against his.

Her breasts, which are perky and upturned, are pressed so tightly against Eiji’s body that their shape is almost crushed.

The firm and taut buttocks are grabbed, and his hips are slammed hard into her…

“―――――― ~~~~ ♡” 

Burururururururururururururu! !!

A large amount of semen poured from the penis, which was in close contact with the cervix.

The uterus is filled with semen all at once.

The body fluids of a dirty man, which I had been avoiding, filled my body.

The sensation was not repulsive, but rather filled Rika with a sense of abundant happiness, and the pleasure of being cum inside her again made her body debauched.

Eiji’s hips slammed into her several times.

The sound of his hips slamming into Rika was incomparable to when she had only had her love juices stirred up.

Rika, her whole body shiny with sweat, was shaking with climax.

She almost fell over, but Eiji, who was holding her body firmly, prevented her from doing so.

The sensation of the vagina squeezing him tight was very pleasurable, and she squeezed out all the semen that was left in his urethra. She is quite a masterpiece.

“Hah… ♡”

If you take your mouth off, you get a sticky bridge of saliva.

Some may feel dirty, but at least these two didn’t think about that in the slightest.


Once again, this time the kiss is not as thick as a tongue twister, but more like just touching each other.

There was no pleasure, but a great deal of happiness.

Even though we stare at each other at close range, I am not afraid of him even though he is a man.

More than that, love overflowed from the depths of my heart, and I realized that I had been a bit more naive than I had thought.


“Just… Rika.”

“Okay. Okay, Rika.”

“What’s up…?”

Just the mere mention of my name makes me happy.

This is something that I had never felt even with my girlfriend Mai…

Well, that doesn’t mean that Mai is no longer important to me. She remains important too.

It is just that something more important has come along.

Rika tilts her head and waits for Eiji to speak.

Then he said with a crisp expression.

“Help me get out of this.”


“Whoa! Don’t suddenly tighten up inside.”

Thus, their date to diminish her man-hatred ended in a way that no one could have imagined.

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