Y. NTR Ch.41

Ch 41


“Uh … Mai …”

As soon as the classroom door is opened, Rika lets out a short scream from the impact on her abdomen.

The only person who can communicate with her in this way is her lover, Mai, who is a high school student and seems to make it difficult for people to approach her.

“… Stop hugging me so abruptly.”

“Hehehe! It’s the result of my outpouring of love for Rika-chan!”

Smiling, Mai presses her grizzled face against her stomach with a laugh.

It hurts slightly and is annoying, so Rika wrinkles between her eyebrows.

“Kun, Kun, Kun! Rika-chan smells so good after all…”

He said something outrageous, and Rika struggled to pull Mai away from her by pulling on her cheeks…


It was Eiji, a tall, muscular man with the height and muscle of a student, who entered through the door.

Rika looked at him and blushed, her cheeks flushing with a pout.

Contrary to that, it was Mai who twisted her face in blatant disgust.

“Ugh… I don’t want to see your face in the morning… Why are you talking to me? Well, I’ll give you credit for having the good sense to say hello to me.”

Mai looks pleased with herself when she sees that he is not pleased with her.

Rika is concerned that she may be emotionally unstable, even though she is her lover.

The classmates’ eyes are drawn to her ample breasts, which are visible through her school uniform, which sway when she stretches her chest.

Well, Mai knows that, and she is doing it, too.

By the way, Eiji did not even glance at her.

“That’s terrible. Well, I didn’t come here just to say hi to you.”


Rika’s mouth is open.

Rika steps forward from next to her, fidgeting and showing her a teasing appearance.

“… Oh, good morning.”


The sweet and sour air overflows, making everyone around her smile.

What a teasing and adorable girl.

It is pure, innocent and very beautiful, especially if adults were watching it, they would really get a smile on their face.

“… What?”

But there are others who are not as heartwarming. Mai.

“Why are you and Rika saying hello to each other…?”

“Are you okay after that?”

“… Okay? It was a little tingly.”

“Well, stop for a while and go to…”

“No need to stop.”

Rika’s cheeks puffed out in anger.

“Huh? No, but…”


It was an immediate answer.

“… I see. I’ll see you later.”

“… Hmm.”

Rika smiles muffledly, as if satisfied. Mai’s questions are totally ignored.

The two of them hang in a very sweet and sour air.

“Is it…?”

“Whoa! Don’t get so close to my face, it’s disgusting.”

Naturally, it is Mai who cannot resist.

She stares up at Eiji’s face from a close distance with her eyes wide.

Well, since there is a considerable height difference between the two, she is trying her best to stand taller, so her legs are pulled apart and she lacks power.

However, she was radiating something that made Eiji pull away.

“What do you mean you don’t feel comfortable with me near your face? You should be happy! I mean, why are you hanging out with Rika-chan in the sweet and sour air? That’s my privilege.”

“Shut up, Mai!”

“Rika-chan has gone missing…! I’m not sure if this is all your doing, gorilla!”

The next moment she shows her shock with a gurn, she spins her face around and stares up at Eiji again. She is too busy.

“Don’t blame me for everything…”

“It’s funny! Something is wrong! Rika’s eyes on the gorilla are different, and the sense of distance is also different!”

“… So?”

Rika tilted her head as if she did not understand.

She looked at Eiji’s face again to see the change, and her… cheeks blushed.

“Those crazy eyes ! You’ve never even looked at me!”

“I don’t think so…”

Mai, my girlfriend, is my first priority. That has not changed.

Thinking of this, Rika somehow wrapped her arms around Eiji, who was nearby, and held him close to her. Somehow.

“Why are you snuggling up to this gorilla? Are you betraying me, Rika?”

Mai goes crazy.

However, Rika could not miss a certain word she said.

“… It was Mai who betrayed me first.”

“… What are you talking about?”

“You’re out of character.”

Eiji calmly interrupts Mai, who turns away and speaks in a pained Kansai dialect.

Mai, by the way, has no connection to the Kansai region.

The three of them start to make noise again.

Watching them from a distance are their classmates.

“… Ogiwara is amazing. I’ve seen those two great idols at…”

“The two are Mai-chan, who seems friendly but clearly draws a line between the two, and Onizuka of Absolute Zero, who has no man who tries to get close to her. I don’t know how you can talk that close to those two…”

Mai is a male student idol. Rika is a female student idol.

Even though it’s difficult to get along with each other, They are terrified by the anomaly of Eiji, who is having a very friendly conversation with both of the two major idols.

“Oh, can I go too !?”

“Don’t do it. That’s what happens to people who say that and go in.”


I glanced at the warning and looked nearby, and saw the corpses of those who had bravely charged into the area and were crushed.

Not wanting to be like them, he decided to give up calling out to them.

Mai and Rika’s iron wall still seemed to be in place.

Then the big question arises: how did Eiji approach them?

“… Ogiwara, I wonder how they got along?”

“I don’t know, maybe he has a great personality that we just don’t know about?”

Saying that, they looked at Eiji.

‘You did that to me, and now you’re going to do the same to Rika-chan, you——!”

“What’s the matter, Terui? You suddenly started implying things that I don’t understand. Are you sick? I’m going to take you to the infirmary.

“… Yeah.”

Mai was about to say something outrageous when he covered her mouth with his hand and dragged her slyly out of the classroom.

Eiji was not freaking out, though she was showing fierce resistance, flailing about and biting his hand.

Later, just before class started, the two returned in a hurry.

It was impressive to see Mai, who looked unusually agitated became docile like a borrowed cat.

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