F.G. Ch.4

Ch 4 With Sana at the beach without telling Noboru.

One hot day, I was at the beach with Noboru and Sana. The wide, beautiful blue ocean is the best. It was a perfect day for swimming.

“It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it? But I was surprised. Keita came here too.”

“Well, it’s good to go to the beach once in a while, isn’t it?”

Sana, who is walking next to Noboru, looks at me and gives me a foolish smile. I was going to punish her later.

We walked along the beach and set up our tent in an empty spot.

After setting up the tent, Sana takes off her gray hoodie to reveal a pink tube-top swimsuit.

“Her body is as sexy as ever…”

“What? Keita, what did you say?”

“No, nothing.”

I whispered the words to myself so Noboru didn’t hear what I was saying.

“Okay… Noboru, I’m going to get something. You want something?”

“Oh, great. I’ll get yakisoba. What about Sana?”

“I’ll go with… Okonomiyaki or takoyaki.”


I headed for the sea shop. This was all to get away from Noboru. When I arrived at the sea shop, I sent a message to Sana, telling her to come to the sea shop right away.

After a while, Sana came to the sea shop with slow steps. Sana’s face was already bright red.

“I knew you’d come. What did you tell Noboru?”

“Oh, I have a stomach ache… I said I had to go to the bathroom…”

“That’s a good lie. Well, let’s get going.”

“… You called me here to have sex with me, didn’t you?”

“Yeah. That’s right. To get Sana away from Noboru.”

I grabbed Sana’s hand and took her to the shade of a rock a little distance away. The empty rock shade is the perfect place to have sex.

“I’m going to say it clearly today. Let’s stop this naughty stuff.”

Sana’s eyes were serious.

“I’m not persuaded by a guy in such an erotic and cute swimsuit.”

“Don’t you feel bad for Noboru?”

“I do feel bad. I’m sorry, but I really want Sana. I want her to be my girlfriend.”

I grabbed Sana’s breasts and started rubbing them. Sana didn’t resist.

“I hate Keita-kun. And yet… I don’t mind being rubbed. Why, why? Tell me!”

“I’ll tell you.”

I grab Sana’s head, pull her close and kiss her. I forcefully put my tongue into Sana’s mouth, and let it twirl with her tongue. Sana responds to my tongue by twirling it herself.

“Nchu-chu… Chiru-chiru… Hahhh… Hah… Kissing Keita-kun… I feel lightheaded…”

“Sana’s kissing face is so cute, I love it.”

I enjoyed the deep kiss with Sana and pulled our faces apart. Our saliva was forming a thick line.

“Next up are those ripe, violent breasts.”

Sana’s erect nipples are exposed when the tube-top swimsuit is moved down. I lightly bite the thick scallop-like nipples with my teeth.

“Ahhhh! Ahh!”

“That’s nice. Let me hear you say it more.”

I repeatedly bite and licks her nipples. Sana hid her face with her hands.

“Ahhhh! Ahh… Ahhhh… Nipples, no!… That feels good.”

“That’s a good reaction.”

When I put my hand inside Sana’s swimsuit, it’s a slimy mess. I didn’t think that just her breasts could get so wet. It was almost like a flood.

“You seem to feel good.”

“I don’t feel good at all. I’m not at all happy to be touched and licked by Keita-kun.”

“I get it. That’s enough for today. Let’s go back to Noboru.”

I left Sana and went away. Sana grabbed my hand. Sana moved according to my plan.

‘Wait a minute. Halfway through… are you running away? “

“I’m not running away. I’m losing my will to do it.”

“That’s terrible. You forced me to make you feel good, and then you cut me off in the middle of the session… That’s disgusting.”

“Does that mean Sana wants to get laid?”

“No. But I don’t like it when things are done halfway.”

“I’m not going to do it. If you want to continue, you’ll have to say it in a different way.”

Sana bites her lower lip and looks at me as if she is about to cry. I think I can hear her true feelings if I push her a little more.

“It’s terrible. I hate you, Keita-kun. I don’t even want to see you anymore.”

“Ah. See you.”

“Wait! Oh, God, that’s the worst. I don’t want to say this… I want Keita’s penis! I want it!”

I stopped and turned around.

“I want it so bad. Please. Please poke me hard…”

I grabbed Sana’s hand on the rock, and I thrust into her backside, rocking her hard. My penis slipped easily into her slippery vagina, and it twirled violently with each thrust.

“Oh, it’s still a nice vagina. It’s the best thrusting feeling I’ve ever had. I don’t want to give this to anyone.”

“Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Keita-kun’s cock… My uterus is going to get gouged! Oh, my God!”

“Sana’s vagina is nice and tender. I’m going to impregnate you a lot.”

“Ahhhh! Ahhhh!”

“Sana. How’s the sex with me?”

“I know I can’t do it, but… I can’t stop my body from cumming! I’m gonna cum!”

“I’m going to cum, Sana!”

I ejaculated into Sana’s vagina. The cum covered in slurry spread widely inside the vagina. The refreshing pleasure rushed through my body.

“Huh. Sana’s vagina is so sloppy with my semen.”

“Huh… I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Keita-kun’s semen was amazing…”

Sana was limp with a pleasant look on her face.

“Now, let’s fuck each other while looking at each other’s faces.”

Sana turned her body to me without saying anything and hugged me herself.

“You’re becoming more honest.”

“It’s your fault, Keita-kun. You ruined my life.”

“I’ll take the responsibility.”
I inserted my penis into Sana’s vagina again and thrust up inside her vagina with my penis. The penis goes deep and thrusts hard into the uterus.

“Ahhhhhh! It’s too strong! I’m going to cum so soon!”

“Sana’s vagina is even more throbbing than before. Is she pleased with my penis?”

“Ahhh! It’s so great… The amount of thrusting is just right for my pussy! Oh, my God!”

“Sana, let’s kiss.”

Sana and I kissed each other intensely and intertwined with each other as if we were seeking each other. Sana’s resistance to me disappeared completely, and Sana was completely seeking me on her own.

We came at the same time while kissing.

“Oh, no. I… I understand now. Keita-kun is so ingrained in my body.”

“Sana is mine.”

“I’m… Nob… I’m not. I’m already Keita-kun’s property.”

“You should go out with me. You can’t even keep seeing Noboru, can you? “

“… Right. I can’t keep going out with him now… It might not be possible anymore. It’s all Keita-kun’s fault that things turned out this way.”

“I know. Responsibility. You want me to take it, don’t you?”

“It’s not… It’s so simple.”

I press my fingers on Sana’s nipples and start to rotate them. I spread her light pink nipples with my fingers. Her nipples become erect again.

“You’re all over my nipples again.”

“It makes you happy, doesn’t it?”

“I’m so happy… I’m happy, but… I’m a little mad at you!”

“Let’s get out of here.”

“But Noboru…”

“It’s okay. We can pretend that Sana and I went home separately due to urgent business.”

“Oh, no, that’s absurd… Ahhh…”

“I’ll take care of everything.”

“Oh, Keita-kun’s a scumbag! But I’m even more of a scumbag for being captivated by Keita-kun’s body.”

Once Sana and I got cleaned up, we left the beach and went to a love hotel near the nearest station. I think Noboru has almost disappeared from Sana’s mind.

“I’m so excited! Keita-kun’s penis is in my pussy!”

“Oh. I’m glad that Sana’s pussy is also holding my penis.”

I poked Sana’s body desperately from above as if I was pushing her body against the bed. Sana shows both a pained face and a face that looks like it feels good.

“Aaahhhh! Oh, this is the best…! Keita-kun’s dirty cock is the best! I’ll never see Noboru-kun again, so please give me your cock!”

“I’m going to soak it into your vagina and make it my own and no one else’s.”

“Kyaa!… I love Keita-kun’s penis… I want it all the time.”

“You dirty bitch. Why don’t you apologize to Noburo for coming at me?”

“Noboru-kun… I’m… I love Keita-kun’s… I love Keita-kun’s penis… That’s why… I decided to go out with Keita-kun… Please forgive me for being a leecher and a scumbag… I love Keita-kun’s penis… I love you very much…”

“Noboru, I’m sorry. Sana became my woman.”

We came several times at the love hotel too. I don’t remember how many times I came after I couldn’t count on both hands. Sana would give me kisses if I asked her to. If I asked her for tits, she would turn her breasts to me. She had become a woman who was completely dedicated to me.

“Sana. What do you think of me?”

“I love you, Keita. I especially love your penis. I want it every day.”

“What? I’m just a guy with a dick?”

“I like your face, your voice, everything. Don’t get mad at me? If you get mad… Use my pussy?”

Sana opens her vulva and shows herself her vagina, which is covered with a liquid mixture of semen and love juice.

“Huh… I’m going to make Sana even more perverted from now on. Are you ready?”

“Yes. Make me more perverted. I’ll become the kind of woman you like, Keita-kun.”

I squeezed the semen out to Sana’s body. I pumped so much that my whole body got tired. Sana’s body was also covered with semen.

“Ahhhh… Keita-kun… I love you… I want more… I want your penis to poke my cervix… I want it all.”

“Hahaha. I’ll do it. I’ll give it to you until the dirty Sana is satisfied.”

We stayed at the hotel until midnight. By the time we returned home, Sana had become a promiscuous woman. The serious Sana of the past was gone.

“You’re not gonna wear underwear until you get back home, okay?”

“I’ll report back when I get home. I’ll also take a video of me masturbating and send it to you.”

“Phew. Still not enough?”

“I’m sorry. I want Keita-kun right away.”

“You dirty bitch.”

When Sana and I returned to the station together, Sana’s sister came to pick us up in her car, so we parted ways. Sana asked her sister to give me a ride, but I refused.

“Wait a minute. Yonezura Keita-kun, I’ll give you a ride home. It’s bad enough that I have to let you go home alone.”

Sana’s sister is an adult woman. Her make-up makes her look more sexy. She is a cool beauty.

“Well then, thank you for your hospitality.”

I get into the back seat of the car and put my hand up Sana’s skirt, who is sitting beside me. Sana’s pantyless pussy is soaking wet. It seems to be soaked through to the car seat.


Sana’s sister was telling me a lot of things, but I didn’t get into it at all. Sana, who was standing beside me, did the same.

When we got to the front of the house I got out of the car and bowed. Sana also waved her hand lightly. I looked back at her and waited until I couldn’t see the car before entering the house.

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11 months ago

Wao, this is really like a Bishop game, specially this heroine’s personality. However, there is a little tinge of Miel’s heroine on her. Her pervertness is a little too extreme.