R.C. Ch.5

Ch 5

“Ao-kun! Don’t go away!”


Today is the day of my discharge from the hospital, and there is a huge crowd of nurses, doctors, and all the people who were involved in the hospital lined up in front of the hospital.

“I’m still coming regularly, so please don’t cry.”

“Then give me a hug?”

“No way. Me too.”

Me too!”

Then, a line is formed again and each person is hugged.

“Okay, folks, see you later?”

“Yes, come again. Absolutely!”

“Okay, get in fast.”

Mom urges me to get in the car while she sulks a little.

“Okay, let’s go.”

“Yeah, Let’s get home early.”

We got in the car and drove for about ten minutes.

“This is our home.”

“Oh, yeah?”

I looked at the house, which had a huge lot.

“Is Mom actually a great person?”

“I’d like to say yes, but maybe it’s because Ao-kun is here.”

Apparently, homes with men in them are heavily guarded for security purposes.

“I’m home.”

“Welcome home, Ao-kun.”

“Is Rimi still at school?”

“Yeah, that’s right. Today, Ao-kun is coming back, so she said she’ll be back early…”

“I’m home.”

Just then, you hear the front door open.

“Oh, brother. Welcome home.”

“I’m home, Rimi.”

“What? Did you just call my name?”

“I just read your name.”

“Hey, big brother. Onii-chan called me by my name.”

I wonder how cold I was to my family before.

I was getting a little angry.

“I’ll call you Rimi from now on, and always be with you.”

“Big brother!”

I gently hugged Rimi and patted her head.

She hugged me back and my heart warmed up.

“I’m getting all tingly because you smell so good, big brother. Can you carry me?”



I carried Rimi to the living room in a princess carry.

“… Ao-kun, you haven’t forgotten about me, have you?”

Mom puffed out her cheeks as she said that.

“I’m sorry, I haven’t forgotten about you.”

When I pet her head, she is in a good mood and spoils herself, wanting more petting on her head.

“Me, too, big brother!”

“Yes, yes.”

Rimi puts her chin on my shoulder in a pampering manner, and grips me.

A few minutes of stroking until they were both satisfied.

My stomach rumbles, and the time for petting comes to an end.

“Shall we have dinner? I’ll cook.”

“What? Brother can cook?”

“Uh, yeah.”

I can’t cook in this world?

I can’t speak for others, but I started doing it when I was a college student living on my own.

“Then wait for me. I’ll make it soon.”

“Yeah, I’ll look forward to it.”

I’ll make something simple and put it out quickly.

I looked in the fridge and found eggs, bacon, cheese, and other things in there.

… I decided to make carbonara.

Once I decided that, all I had to do was make it, so it was quick.

Boil pasta, drain, mix with stir-fried bacon, garlic and olive oil, add eggs and cheese, and voila, a delicious carbonara is ready in no time.

“You really can cook.”

“Only the easy stuff.”

“… You seem like a better cook than I am.”

“No, I’m not. Come on, let’s eat.”

“Bon appétit.”

The two of them start to eat with great interest.

“Oh, yummy! Big brother, it’s too good!”

“It’s amazing that Ao-kun can make such delicious food!”

“Oh, thanks!”

They seem to be raving about it.


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An empty existence
An empty existence
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Thx for chapter.

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This smells like incest.

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Reply to  Akirei

Legally it’s questionable
Morally it’s disgusting
Personally I –

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Way too fast.