Y. NTR Ch.42

Ch 42

“Well, what kind of part-time job do you have?”

Eiji suddenly asked Mai.

They were in the bedroom of Mai’s apartment.

Sitting on a large and very soft luxury bed, I asked her somewhat over a cup of coffee she had made for me.

“What? What is this all of a sudden? What are you planning to do with my information?”

“You’re taking a leap too far…”

Mai looked at him as if he were a garbage bug.

The harsh reaction makes even Eiji laugh unintentionally.

The limbs lying prone on the bed have nothing but sheets attached to them.

Her ample breasts are crushed and contorted in a very soft way.

It is easy to imagine what they were doing just a few moments ago, given the beads of sweat floating on her beautiful white skin.

The sweat and the sweet and sour smell of the woman are even more so.

Well, since only he and Rika come here, there is no problem at all.

“No, but it usually bothers me. I’m sure the rent is quite high here. It doesn’t look like it would be easy to live here even with a full-time job, and… Onizuka said you wouldn’t even tell her what you do for part-time.”


Mai understood what Eiji was trying to say.

Certainly, if someone other than herself… had been living in such a luxurious apartment, Rika would certainly have asked him about it.

“Are you doing something bad here…? Well, I’m here…”

As Eiji’s words were about to fade away, Mai jumped out and hugged him in her arms, not caring that she herself was completely naked.

The sensation was slippery, but not unpleasant.

Eiji does not dislike Mai’s sweat, either.

“I didn’t do it! No, well, it doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything, but… anyway, I didn’t do anything illegal!”

“What about subtle illegal things?”


Eiji gives a white eye to Mai, who tries to cover it up by whistling badly.

But is it okay with her that he can see everything?

From Eiji’s point of view, it’s fine because it makes him happy.

It is a pleasure to feel her G-cup breasts pressed against me and to feel her knobbly nipples.

“No, no, no, I ain’t doing anything really bad, okay?”

“Then tell me, will you?”

When I say this, Mai makes a little thoughtful gesture.

“Ummm… well, I didn’t tell you because if I told Rika-chan, she might get dirty, but you’re a gorilla, so I don’t mind.”

“Oh, I’ll just be a gorilla now.”

When we first met, He asked her the same question when she invited him to this apartment to teach him about her attraction, but she did not tell him because she did not trust Eiji at all, and Eiji did not persist in asking her because he did not wanted her to get into a bad mood by going into too much detail.

Now, the relationship between the two has changed.

“This is where I make my money.”

Mai pointed to a computer that was installed in the office.

Eiji tilted his head.

“A… computer? Can you do any programming?”


“Oh, you can’t. Then what the hell is…?”

Certainly, in this day and age of the Internet, you don’t have to go to the workplace to do your work.

For that matter, a freelance programmer, for example, could work from home and earn money.

Eiji thought so, too, and asked, but Mai gave him a look that said, “What are you talking about?”

No, I want to say, what are you talking about?

He shook his head and said, “Oh dear,” and after a bit of a pout, Mai gave him the answer.

“It’s a video feed.”

“Video…? Like O-tubers?”

Eiji had never seen many of them, but he knew that there were such people.

And if you become one of the best, you can become a millionaire.

“Well, I don’t do it on the O-tube. I’m cute, so I’m sure I could make a good living if I entered, but there are others out there that make more money.”

“Heh… what?”

Mai’s eyes twinkled.

“It’s a little naughty video streaming. There is a members-only site where you can post live videos, and there is a pay-as-you-go system, so I get a lot of money from there.”


“On that site, you have to pay a fixed monthly fee to watch my videos, so is that a fixed salary? Well, I don’t know, but it comes pretty well.”

Mai’s chest is heaving.

Eiji asks, his eyes drawn to the bouncing breasts.

“… You sure you want to tell me that much?”

“Ha! The gorilla is so charmed by my charms, you wouldn’t betray me, would you?”



They cackle and play with each other.

They are already like sweet lovers, but they will never admit it.

“I mean, you’re still a student, is that okay?”

“… Well, that’s the thing. I’m not making it clear. I don’t know what the viewers will think, though, right? If I wear a uniform, there is a possibility of being identified, so I don’t do it.”

Mai replies as she hugs Eiji’s muscular body.

He had been exercising earlier and was sweating, which made the male smell much stronger, but her face was smiling and she did not want to leave, even though she said, “It stinks.”

“What about your face? Wouldn’t it be troublesome if they found out?”

“Of course. That’s why I always hide it with a mask.”


Eiji was enjoying Mai’s soft limbs pressed against him as he wondered if such distributors were more common.

While stroking her weighty buttocks, he thought in a daze.

“See, even through the mask, my cuteness will penetrate, won’t it? My dark hair, big eyes, and sexy body! Even with the mask covering my nose and mouth, I’m still the cutest girl in the world!”

“I don’t know if you are the best in the world, but you sure are cute.”

Eiji, perhaps because he was in a daze, was caught off guard and inadvertently uttered his true feelings.

He held his mouth back, but it was too late.

Mai’s eyes were sparkling as she looked up at him while hugging him.

“And the gorilla is finally dere! At last, the gorilla is dere-dere!”

“Don’t say dere-dere!”

Mai bounces around on the bed with a cackle.

Her G-cup breasts are also on the rampage.

Eiji is overcome with indescribable embarrassment and restrains his face.

I must do it back at all costs. It’s impossible for her to feel nothing while I feel shame.



After thinking about it for a bit, Mai slides over to us as if she is curious.

The defenselessness of throwing her upper body on Eiji’s lap makes me want to ask her if she really hates him.

“No, I was just wondering if you had any plans for delivery.”

“Uh, yes. I’m planning to start distributing soon. I’ve got money to spend, and if I leave it too long, people will leave.”

“Hmmm… I see.”

Hearing Mai’s response, Eiji nods yes with a smile on his face.

Mai looks up at him with annoyance.

It’s not amusing that he knows something fun that she doesn’t understand.

“… So what?”

“No, what…?”

Eiji smiled and told Mai,

“I’ll help you.”

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