Y.S. Ch.7

Ch 7 Small counterattack

As it turns out, pasta and pizza is still too much.

I wonder why the dough of a solid pizza from an Italian restaurant is so heavy.

After we managed to finish our meal and left the restaurant, we finally entered a coffee shop.

“Wow, I can finally sit down!”

As we took our seats, Ageha exhaled with a puff of air.

We decided to take a rest at a coffee shop since we couldn’t walk around on such a full stomach.

I ordered a cup of tea and she ordered a café au lait.

While we wait for our drinks to arrive, we go over our schedule for the future.

“Well, after this, we’ll do some random window shopping, then we’ll buy a Christmas cake and go to the Ageha’s house, right?”

“Yes. Haru-kun will come, my mom made dinner and is waiting for me.”

“I’ll take your word for it then. I have nothing to go home to.”

“Yes. Haru-kun will come, my mom made dinner and is waiting for me.”

“I’ll take your word for it then. I have nothing to go home to.”

…I’ll have to start following hot spring trips properly next year.

It would be a nuisance to the mother of Ageha.

“Come home next year too, I’m sure Mom will be happy to see you.”

“I don’t know…? Wouldn’t she enjoy it more if her and your child were alone together?”

I was startled by her words, as if she had read my mind.

“It’s too late for that. How many years do you think we’ve been spending Christmas together? On the other hand, Mom will miss you if Haru-kun stops coming. And my sister won’t be here either.”

“… I see.”


There, Ageha once stagnated.

She turned her head down in embarrassment, and her mouth tightened.

Then, she turned her head and whispered in a hushed voice.

“…I’m lonely, too.”


When a younger girl says this to me, I wonder how I should respond.

At least my mind went blank for a moment.

I don’t remember… Ageha has shown this much favoritism towards me before.

I’m not sure if I just didn’t notice it or if it’s blowing up on me.

Either way, it’s bad for my heart.

“Well, well …, both my father and mother would like to relax once a year without me getting in the way…”


When I said this, she looked up.

She looked at me as if she wanted me to hurry up and say my next words.

So, please don’t give me that look.

“…Yeah, I’ll be staying at the Ageha’s again next year.”

“Heh heh, let’s go on a date next year then.”

“We’ll have to put that on hold.”

“What? Why?”

She blushed once and then puffed out his cheeks in disapproval at my words.

…Somehow, I feel like I’ve been swallowed up by the pace of Ageha all day.

I need to tighten up around here.



In the afternoon, the crowds in the mall grew even larger.

I walked along, taking care not to get separated from Ageha.

Then, I was tugged by the sleeve of the next person.

“You can’t get lost, so…!”

She turns red like an apple and holds out her hand.

The way she asks me is too goofy…

But I can’t make fun of that kind ofAgeha.

There is no way that I, who could only stand by and do nothing to the person I like, can make fun of Ageha, who is actively approaching the person she likes.

…I am still embarrassed that the person she likes is me.

It’s not just embarrassment, but also a little bit of joy.

“Yes, there are a lot of people.”

I gently take Ageha’s hand as I reply with a few words.

Her hand is soft and small.

When I grasped it, she gently squeezed it back.

After walking in silence for a while, she looked up hesitantly and gave me a somewhat flirtatious smile.

“Do we look like a couple to people around us now…?”

“You know…”

“I’m just kidding. We’re not a couple yet.”


I felt my face tighten as she said, “Not yet,” as if to emphasize her point.

I was even more impressed that she could be so aggressive with someone who had just been dumped today.

At the same time, I once again remember the resolve I had in the coffee shop.

I will not let myself be swallowed up by her pace like this.

I was silent, and she peeked at me with a victorious look on her face.

She’s caught off guard, so I counterattack her.

“We look like a couple, huh? Well then, since we’re on the sly, why don’t we put our arms around each other?”

“… what?”

At my sudden suggestion, Sgeha’s expression hardens.

After a few moments, she finally swallowed the words, her face turning red and shaking her head, “No, no, no, no,” she said.

“That’s too early, or maybe I’m not ready for my heart …No, of course, it’s not that I don’t want to. I mean, I’m still embarrassed…”

“Haha, just kidding. Sorry.”


Where was the aggressiveness of a moment ago? I couldn’t help but laugh at her as she began to slur her words.

I was so amazed at the way she was able to get through to me.

I’m honestly glad she said no.

Now If she had said, “Okay” my heart would not have been able to take it.

Anyway, I managed to turn the tide back.

I felt a little sorry for Aheha, but this was for both of our sakes.

As I exhaled with a puff of air, suddenly Ageha stopped in her tracks, and I, who was holding her hand, was pulled back to a halt.


When I turn around, I see Ageha, both shoulders shaking with a pull, her cheeks puffed out and staring at me.

Oh, she is angry.

Before she could open her mouth, I bowed my head with all my might.

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