Y. NTR Ch.43

Ch 43


A man sitting in front of his computer shouts when he sees a notification pop up on his desktop.

He put down the mug of coffee he was drinking and clicked on it.

“Imai-chan’s live feed, huh? I’ve got to watch this.”

It was a notification from a rather naughty live-streaming site.

It was a notification that a contributor whom I had added to my favorites had posted a new live-stream.

Since it was a live streaming, I had to watch it at this time.

I went into the site and waited for the delivery.

“I’m registering on the site for Imai-chan. I knew I had to see it. It’s going to cost me quite a bit of money to throw…”

However, he is also a man who earns quite a bit of money, and it is not a very painful expense to throw money at “Imai,” who does not post every day.

In fact, only those with a certain amount of money would register for the site he is registered on.

If you are taking a certain amount of money per month just to register and throw money to your favorite distributors, it is still a high threshold if you are a student or earn little money.

Therefore, looking at the breakdown of registered users, many of them would have a reasonably high average age.

Well, such things were not known to this man.

“… I think it’s about time.”

“Hi, good evening.”

Just as the man said, the screen brightened.

And on that screen was a girl.

Her beautiful black hair was tied up on both sides in twin-tails.

Her eyes were big and blinked, and her eyes were slightly slanted, which was cute.

She was wearing a large mask to hide her mouth and nose, perhaps to avoid being identified, but that is something most distributors do, so it didn’t bother me.

Even with that mask, “Imai’s” appearance must be very good, as it conveys her cuteness.

That being said, I might even throw millions of dollars at her if she showed me her real face, but since she is rumored to be a student, I can’t force her to do so.

No one wants to force a precious young, pretty, and erotic girl to leave.

“Oh, that’s a lot of people watching the show. I didn’t give much notice, so I thought the number of people would be small…”

Indeed, a glimpse at the bar that counted the number of people watching the broadcast showed that several hundred people had already gathered.

These must be the fixed fans of “Imai”. I was one of them.

“I’d like to start off with a status report. I’d be happy if you could take your time and have a conversation with me.”

Saying so, “Imai” began to speak.

This is her usual live delivery.

She does not suddenly start to deliver an erotic delivery, but rather chats with the audience.

Since many people register on the site for the purpose of pornography, this kind of thing is usually frowned upon.

However, “Imai” was very lively and funny, and her fans enjoyed listening to her chat.

Her communication skills, or rather, her ability to talk with people and make them appreciate her, must be very good.

She is the type of person who will be adored even after entering the workforce.

Well, that was from men, and she seemed to be the type that would be disliked by women of the same sex.

Also, the fact that she would end up delivering a decent sex delivery would be a major factor in her not getting frustrated.

While the man was thinking about this, the chatter between “Imai” and the viewers was spreading.

The chat is visible to everyone when typed, and Imai picks up on things that interest her or that she wants to talk about and responds to them.

Of course, she does not talk openly about being a student, but everyone knows that she is about that age by the way she speaks, and “Imai” is trying to make that clear, so we know her true age.

However, it was an unspoken agreement that everyone kept quiet because if she was too young, she would not be able to deliver sexually.

With this in mind, “Imai’s” banter becomes even more interesting.

It seems that she has found a new classmate who is pissing her off.

Through her mask, it was difficult to see her facial expressions, but Imai, who has a strong sense of humor, was incredibly easy to understand.

She said he was rude, she said she was treated roughly, she said she didn’t like that her was friends with her significant other, and she said she hadn’t been paying attention to her lately.

… She was kind of like a lonely girl who was not being cared for by her lover.

I even wondered if she really disliked him.

After that, she basically talked mostly about the school.

You could tell that she was very happy and smiling when she was talking about a girl of the same sex who was very close to her, while her brow was blatantly wrinkled when she talked about a classmate she didn’t like who she called a gorilla.

I enjoy seeing such a colossal change in “Imai”…

“Whew… I feel a little refreshed. Thanks for listening!”

“Imai” fluttered and waved her hand as she adjusted her mask.

The amount of money thrown at her was already a good amount.

Even though most of the people who register on this site do so for the purpose of pornography, “Imai” may be the only one who can make this much money just by chatting.

Normally… or other contributors who are distributing pornography, would be done with it after making this much money in one distribution.

However, “Imai’s” distribution is just the beginning.

“Okay, so you’ve been waiting… Well, anyway, it’s time for a little naughty delivery.”


The man bites back, as if he had been waiting for it.

He also throws some money using the “change” system.

“Well, isn’t it quick to throw money? No, I’m happy, so it’s okay…”

I guess there are many men who are as full of expectation as I am.

“Imai” seemed to be a bit taken aback.

“Then, I’ll slowly peel it off.”

With that, “Imai” lifted up the sweater she was wearing and took it off.

As she did so, no viewer would have missed the bouncing of her ample breasts wrapped in her shirt.

Then, she slowly unbuttoned the buttons as if to hurry them up one by one.

Just two buttons from the top were undone, exposing the breasts that had been cramped and pushed inside.

They were not opened so far that the bra could be seen, but they revealed a cleavage so deep that a finger could easily be buried in it.

“Hmmm, isn’t the cleavage deep? I’m proud of my tits.”

“Imai” proudly brings her breasts close to the camera.

Just by pinching them between her two arms and narrowing them slightly, the cleavage was even deeper.

So much so that the man couldn’t help but look at it with his face close to the screen.

It would be the same for viewers somewhere else. The amount of money being thrown around is increasing.

“Hmmm, do you want me to tell you? I think more people know about it, but this is a G-cup! I think there are very few people my age that have a G-cup.”

“Imai” puts her finger on the breast meat and pushes it in.

Zupupu…… and sinks everywhere, and when she lets go, it shakes with a plop and returns to its original shape again.

The amount of money thrown at her skyrocketed.

“Oh, another throwaway… I guess everyone loves boobs! I love boobs too! My significant other’s boobs are very shapely and firm!”

“Imai” moves her fingers in a wagging and disgusting manner.

This important person seems to be a woman, but it must be a very enchanting sight.

If I could see it, I would give up all my money.

Many of the words on the screen were asking her to show more of her boobs.

“Hmmm… so it seems like people aren’t interested in this one?”

Saying this, “Imai” picked up the camera that was installed.

What she showed was her soft thighs.

The long, fleshy legs stretching out from her miniskirt were enough to make one’s imagination run wild just by looking at them.

And if you go further down that thigh, you will see…

“Oh… another awesome throwback… You like boobs and you like this one too.”

It seems that viewers who were thinking the same thing threw money around again.

I wondered for a moment if it was okay, even though many of them were relatively financially well-off, but I decided not to worry about it.

‘Woohoo… What is the color of your panties today? Today’s…”

I can hear the cute voice of “Imai” giggling as she picks up the flowing text.

Now, the camera does not show anything above her upper body, just a close-up of her thighs, so it is hard to tell what kind of expression she has on her face right now.

But from the sound of her voice, she must be smiling very happily.

As if to make the men impatient, she picks up her miniskirt a little and flutters and agitates it.

It looks like you can see it, but you can’t. I put so much effort into trying to see that which I can’t see that my eyes become bloodshot.

And then…

“It’s red! It’s pretty flashy, but I think I’d look good in it. I’m cute!”

At last, the camera was in the front, deep inside the mini-skirt.

The light was blocked and it was very difficult to see, but as “Imai” said, the color was red.

It is a very passionate and flamboyant color that looks great on those who look good in it, but can be disastrous if it doesn’t suit you.

However, as “Imai” herself said, the passionate and sexy red shorts looked great on her white bare skin.

“No, I’m still not wet. I’m not a cholo.”

Are you wet? Is it shown on the screen?

“Imai” denies it. Indeed, it is dimly lit and hard to see, but there is no sign of wetness.

It is red, so if it were wet, it would be clearly visible.

“Hmm, fuh…”

“… Hmm?”

As I wait for it to arrive, a muffled “Imai” voice arrives.

She exhales through her nose, and her voice seems to have accidentally leaked out of her…

The man looks doubtful at the voice, which is hard to imagine from her always speaking so clearly.

Other viewers seemed to be the same: “What’s up?” is the text that flows.

“Huh? Oh, oh, I’m playing with my own tits. That’s why I kind of screamed.”

Eroticism! Concerns are instantly blown from a man’s head and he is dominated by eroticism.

Seeing the amount of pawns and throws increased again makes me think again that a man is simple

Just the thought of a beautiful girl with a body like Imai’s playing with her own breasts is enough to give him a boner.

“Of course, you will see her tits later, but I also want you to see if they get wet.”

Seeing the words “I want to see boobs,” “Imai” unceremoniously replied with such words.

However, it is not to say that there is no benefit to the viewer at all.

It is quite exciting to see her plump, fleshy thighs, which look very pleasant to touch, wriggling and writhing, and her red panties showing.

At the end of that thin piece of cloth is the secret part of “Imai,” which no one would have ever seen before.

Will there be pubic hair? No, of course she has pubic hair. Even though she is quite young, her body is already as good as an adult’s. It is impossible for her not to have pubic hair.

Then, how thick is it? Is it thick? Thin?

How about her secret cleft? Probably, she would have no experience, so it would be closed very neatly and snugly.

If I fantasize about my penis prying it open, I would almost ejaculate.

Is it tight in the vagina? Or will they be welcoming and moist?

The content delivered from the camera was a wonderful image that stirred up men’s fantasies in such a way.

“Mmm, choo-choo, choo-choo, mmm♡”

So I can say that very few were able to pick up such a watery, muffled “Imai” voice.

The voice sounded somewhat sweet, and a heated exhalation leaked out.

“Puhah… hah, hah…♡”

Rough breathing. And when a sweet voice filled with heat came through, there was no way the men could have missed it.

“Hmm? What, nothing?”

When asked what is happening with the text on the screen, she brushes it off as such.

In an attempt to solicit further questions, the… man’s eyes are caught by the sight on the screen and he instantly bursts the thought out of his mind.

Bright red shorts. A place deep in the plump, meaty thighs that would have been sweltering hot.

The red shorts that hid the secret part, which would have been filled with a large amount of female sweat, and sweet and sour smell, had changed its color.

In other words, she was soaking wet with the love juice that “Imai” had secreted in her excitement.

The fantasy generated by this scene was driving the man crazy.

“Noooo, am I wetting myself?… No, it’s your fault! It’s not a good time to get caught, so keep your hands off me!’

Since all the viewers were like that, no one heard the voice of “Imai” in the latter half.

“Then, I’ll show you my boobs next!”

With such a voice, the camera was lifted up.

The viewers, including the men, had nothing but anticipation.

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