B.P. Ch.5

Ch 5 “Little devil junior”

◼︎Side Akira

I’m so sleepy. I’m walking to school in the morning. My eyes are stinging from all the hard work I put into stock trading yesterday. Finally, I’ve reached about 30 million, so I have to think about what to do next…

By the way, Mika was great yesterday… I would have thought about it if she wasn’t a bitch. But it was a bit of a waste, wasn’t it?

I was thinking about this when I arrived at the classroom and someone hugged me from behind.

“Akira, good morning~❤︎”

Isn’t that Mika!? What the hell is she doing in front of the classroom with everyone?

“Hey, what are you doing⁉︎ Don’t hug me! And why did you call me by my first name all of a sudden?”

“What…? No?”

You’re looking up at me with such a sad look in your eyes. You’re so cute!

“No, no, it’s fine, but…”

“Really? I’m so happy❤︎”

What is she thinking? This girl…?

When I was about to use the appraisal, the guys around me started to make noise.

“Oh, hey! Yano! What the hell’s going on!”

“Explain! Why are you with Shirogawa-san? You don’t mean…? Are you dating her?”

“Akira! You traitor!”

The noise gets louder and louder. Mika is so popular…

While I was somewhat puzzled, Mika put a bomb in my head.

“Mika and Akira are not dating♪”

Oh, this will soften the blow a little…

“Mika just has a crush on Akira❤︎”

The air instantly froze.

Oh, hey! The killing intent all around me is dangerous! Oh, man, that’s not good… At any rate…

“Hey, Mika! Come here!”

“Eh? Ummm, yeah❤︎”

Anyway, I decided to take Mika and run away. The place was the rooftop. What the hell is she doing? This girl.

“It’s just the two of us. I’m so happy❤︎”

“Explain what’s going on. People will misunderstand us if you say something like that?”

“It’s not a misunderstanding. Mika likes Akira and doesn’t want to cause trouble for him. Because it’s a one-sided love of Mika’s…❤︎”

“One-sided love…?”

“So I’m not going to ask you to go out with me right now, and I’m going to do my best to make you fall in love with me❤︎”

Is she serious? This girl…?

There is no indication that she is up to something when I appraise her.

“Mika is still a devoted woman. I made lunch today, so why don’t we eat together?”

You mean a girl’s homemade bento…?

“Oh. And… I’m done with that spending money stuff. And I broke up with my boyfriend. I’m devoted to Akira, so don’t worry❤︎”

“Oh, hey you…”

“And if Akira wants to have sex, just let me know, okay? You’re always welcome❤︎“

Isn’t this girl too cute? Well, I think I’ve found a friend I can have sex with anytime I want…

Result. I couldn’t beat the girls’ homemade lunch boxes. We just had lunch together, but Mika’s bento was delicious. She has a lot of female power. Well, let’s see how it goes for a while. She might get bored of it soon.


◼︎Side Heavenly Voice

But the girls around him were different, though Akira was unaware of it. Akira is not handsome. He is a normal guy. But when an S-ranked girl like Mika shows her affection, a strange thing happens. “Maybe it’s a good stock?” And so it goes. The grass looks greener on the other side. Little by little, Akira became an object of interest for the girls.

Have you ever heard of a science called “love engineering”? In one of its passages, there is a phrase that goes like this.

[A popular man is not popular because he is a good man. He is popular because he is popular.]

It is the so-called “popularity spiral”. Men who are popular seem to be attractive. And Akira had one foot in the spiral.


◼︎Side Akira

On my way home, I was walking along the shopping street.

Mika has turned out to be cuter than I thought she would be, and she looks like a different person. Maybe it’s not a lie that she’s a devoted woman. Well, I want a girlfriend too, but I’m not in a hurry.

Oops. There’s a LINE from Rumi. What’s up? “I want to meet Akira-kun”. I replied, “I want to see you too”. What’s that? It came right back. “I love you.” “I love you too,” I replied.


Hmm? Did you hear something?

“Akira-senpai! Here!”

I’m not hearing things, am I? Where is it?

I turned around to look in the direction of the voice, and there was a beautiful girl being tangled up with two guys.


The beautiful girl ran up to me and hid behind my back.

This beautiful girl is Yamamoto Aya.

She’s my younger sister Sakura’s best friend and my junior. She’s one of the seven most beautiful girls at Hakuo Gakuen. Oh, so is Mika. We’ve known each other since middle school because of my sister

“Hmm? Aya? What’s wrong?”

“Help me, Akira-senpai! Those guys keep hitting on me! I told them I don’t want to!”

I turned around to see a guy who looked like a delinquent. He was approaching me with a smirk on his face.

“What? I said let’s go play!”

“What? You. Aah⁉︎ If you don’t want to get killed, go away!”

He has blonde hair, piercings, tattoos, and… How can you pick up a JK with this? Usually, they’d be scared of you, right? Are you stupid? Well, Aya is cute, so I can see why these guys would be persistent.

“She’s with me. Can you find someone else?”

I guess he was annoyed with the way I said it, because he grabbed me by the chest and threatened me.

“Hey… are you kidding me? I’m gonna fuck you up. Oh, yeah.”

“He’ll get the death penalty, right? Come back here for a minute.”

What a pain in the ass.

I grabbed the hand that was holding my chest, and while I was at it, I grabbed the other’s wrist and squeezed it as hard as I could.

Shhhh! Pikk!


“You bastard!”

Crack crack crack!

Gradually, their faces turn blue.

“Let’s not fight, okay? It’s not popular. Right? Love and peace! Yay.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll go..⁉︎ Get off me!”

“It’s broken! It’s broken…⁉︎”

I let go of his hand and they ran away. What about the abandonment line? You’re not going to say it?

“Aya, it’s all right now.”

“Hey, Senpai! I was so scared!”

Saying that, she hugged me.

Oh-ho? Small boobs are nice and soft, aren’t they? I’d like to taste this feeling a little more, though.

“Akira-senpai, thank you very much! In return, Aya will take you out for tea! Please buy me a drink!”

Hmm? As a thank-you? You’re thanking me, and I’m buying?

“Cute little Aya is going to accompany you to tea? Isn’t that a reward❤︎”

She gives a devilish smile. Her double teeth are cute. This girl is petite but has a slender body with a plump spot. In short, she has a naughty body.

She has semi-long black hair, a small face, bright eyes, long eyelashes, and naughty lips. She has always been a devilish girl. No wonder she is popular in the school. By the way, my Sakura is one of the seven most beautiful girls in the school.

“I’m sorry, but I’m tired. I’ll see you next time.”

“What? I don’t want to be tangled up with that thing again! Please go out with me, senior! If Aya gets attacked, will you take responsibility?”

Huh… I guess it can’t be helped. If I could, I’d avoid having tea with a beautiful girl like Aya because of what happened to Mika… I don’t want to make a bad name for myself any more.

“Hmm… I can’t help it. You’re Sakura’s best friend. I’ll go out with you.”

“Wow! Then, Akira-senpai, why don’t we go this way? There’s a cute cafe.”

Aya took me to a cafe on the main street.

She casually crossed her arms with me. She’s so cute and coy, isn’t she? This girl. Well, she’s popular with men. She’s cute.

We went into the restaurant and I ordered a coffee and Aya ordered a café au lait. She also bought me a cheesecake. Well, it was a small amount of money for me now. It doesn’t hurt or itch.

“Wow the Cake♪ is delicious❤︎ Senpai, would you like a bite? Aahn…♪”

Oh, you’re making fun of me, aren’t you? This girl has been making fun of me for a long time. But don’t think it’s the old me, okay?

I eat it with a crunch and without embarrassment. Mm, it’s quite tasty.

“Mu~… You’re not as shy as you used to be.”

Aya looked bored. I’m sorry, aren’t I? I’m no longer a virgin, and I’m not embarrassed by this. I’m doing something even more amazing.


Aya thought silently, then cut in.

“Hey…? Senpai isn’t a virgin, right?”

“Hmm? Oh, well, yes.”

“Then, have you ever made a girl cum?”

What is this girl asking?

“Well, yes, I have.”

“Heh… Hey, Akira-senpai. Can you help me for a bit?”

“An? What?”

Do beautiful girls like Aya have problems too…? Let’s see, Appraisal.


[Aya Yamamoto

16 years old, 153cm, 48kg, B82W56H83, B cup

Hakuo Gakuen, 1st year, class A, Cheerleading Club


Strength: 48

Physical fitness: 52

Intelligence: 78

Agility: 63

Dexterity: 55

Attractiveness: 93


No experience, virgin, has a boyfriend

Attribute: Little devil

Sexual Zones: Ear, Neck, Nipple, Clitoris, Shallow Vagina


Appraisal result: She has a boyfriend who is a classmate. She has experienced kissing and hand jobs. Recently, she is dissatisfied with her boyfriend’s desire to be sexually active, and is distrustful of sex. She prefers older men.]


Hmmm. Things aren’t going well with your boyfriend? Is this what you want to talk about?

“So… it’s a little difficult to talk about it here. Aya’s mom works late today. So can we go to Aya’s room?”

“No, no. You can’t have a man in your room when your parents aren’t there.”

“Akira-senpai, are you going to do something weird to Aya? If you do that, I’ll tell Sakura.”

“No, I won’t.”

“That’s why I’m relieved. Akira-senpai and Sakura are cherished. Besides, there is only Akira-senpai who I can talk about this kind of thing with! So, please!”

Well, I guess it can’t be helped.

“All right. Let’s go.”

“Really? Senpai! Thank you! I love you so much!”

That’s how I ended up in Aya’s room.

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