F.G. Ch.5

Ch 5 I, Otonashi Sana, and Keita-kun

My name is Otonashi Sana, I am a senior in high school and will be a college student next spring. When I was a freshman in high school, I had a boyfriend named Sasaki Noboru.

Noboru is a serious, sincere, and good person. I have not moved forward with him since we started dating, except for kissing.

Discontent… I don’t think I was, but maybe deep down I was hoping for further development.

In the summer of my senior year of high school, I met someone. It was Noboru’s old friend, Yonezura Keita. He was one of Noboru-kun’s trusted friends and always talked to me about him.

So I also thought Keita was a very nice person.

But in fact, he was not. Keita took advantage of the opportunity and started to press me for a physical relationship. I asked Keita-kun what I could do to help him since I was visiting his house, and he asked me to do something naughty.

I had never shown the inside of my clothes to any man, not even to Noboru-kun. Normally I would have refused, but for some reason I could not refuse Keita-kun’s words.

In the end, I did as Keita-kun asked, stripped naked and let him touch me all over my body, using my body for his sexual gratification many times.

When Keita-kun’s cock entered my pussy for the first time, I felt his thick masculinity. Then the lust that had been sleeping deep inside me woke up. I want him to thrust his penis hard inside my vagina. Keita will do what Noboru can’t do.

I should have hated it, but my body was trying to accept Keita-kun.

And the more times I piled up my body with Keita-kun, the more addicted I became. I became so addicted to Keita-kun that I didn’t care about Noboru-kun anymore. I became his girl, and Noboru almost disappeared from my mind.

“Whoooaaaaaa… Keita-kun’s… Keita-kun’s penis, please poke my vagina full of it.”

As soon as I woke up in the morning, I rubbed my pussy with the handle of my hair iron in my room.

It felt so good to rub it while imagining Keita-kun’s penis.

“I did it again.”

I continue my fantasy while changing my clothes. Keita-kun’s sweet voice invites him to roughly munch my body and have hard sex with me. Just thinking about it makes me wet.

“I love you, Keita-kun.”

After getting dressed and finishing breakfast, I am about to go to Keita-kun’s house. At that time, I received a phone call from Noboru. However, I ignored it and went to Keita’s house.

When I arrived at Keita-kun’s house and pressed the intercom, the door opened and Keita-kun appeared from inside.

“Sana, what are you doing here?”

Keita-kun greets me with a grinning, sickening expression. At first I didn’t like this expression, but now it tickles me.

“I was thinking of having sex with you, Keita-kun.”

“Come to my room.”

I go to Keita-kun’s room and he touches my breasts over my clothes. He rubbed my breasts again and again with his rugged hands. It felt so good that I couldn’t believe it.

“I was so excited. Ahhh… The way you touch me feels so good.”

“Sana. Your body is really great. It’s a national treasure. I’m so lucky to be able to fall in love with such a Sana.”

Keita continued to rub my breasts eagerly as if he was kneading the dough. Not only my body, but also my mind is being unraveled.

“Keita-kun ah… Nice chest… I love… I love the way you touch me, Keita-kun.”

At first I really didn’t want to tell Keita-kun that I liked him. But now I want to say I like him. If I don’t say I like him, I feel like I’m going crazy.

“Sana is my woman. I’ll do whatever I want, and I’ll keep doing it.”

I’m happy to be monopolized by Keita-kun. Just being called “my woman” makes my pussy tingle. I’m so crazy about Keita-kun that I wonder why I went out with Noboru-kun.

“I love Keita-kun!”

“Sana, I like you too.”

We kiss. A hot, heart melting kiss with our tongues entwined.

“Mmmm… Buchu… Chuuuuh… Muuuuch… Huff… Keita-kun, poke my pussy.”

“Do you want my stick already?”

I was pushed down by Keita-kun and his big cock was inserted into my vagina. The big, thick cock fits perfectly in my vagina. I can feel my vaginal meat expanding as the cock enters.

“Ahhh… This… Keita-kun’s penis… It’s inside… It’s all over my pussy.”

Keita-kun thrusts into my vagina so hard that my pussy almost breaks. I feel as if my body is going to float away after each thrust or two.

“Fuwaaa… Your cock is so hard!”

“Sana’s pussy is more sensitive than ever. What’s wrong?”

Keita-kun grabbed my breasts and moved them violently while at the same time shaking his hips strongly. I came many times before Keita’s overwhelming power.

“Sana comes so easily, doesn’t she?”

“It’s Keita-kun’s fault. He’s too good at thrusting.”

Keita-kun folds his arms and looks at me with a smug expression. He has a habit of looking like he’s plotting something wrong.

“Sana’s dirty body is the best. I’ll have to introduce Sana to Noboru someday.”


“Let’s show Noboru how me and Sana want each other with all our instincts.”

I’m embarrassed and I don’t want to do it, but I’m getting excited. My mind is tingling. I want to show Noboru the intense sex I had with Keita-kun.

“Ahhhh… Keita-kun! Me! I’m! I’m!”

“Hmm? What’s wrong? Are you about to cum again? You really cum soon, don’t you?”

I was never an “M” kind of girl. But when Keita-san says intimidating words or naughty words to me, my body gets hot and I want him to say more. I want him to treat me more roughly. I want him to treat me like a slave, like a pet.

“Keita-kun… I have a favor to ask.”

“What is it?”

“… Treat me like a slave or a pet.”

“Huh. You mean you want SM?”


“But I don’t have any tools for that kind of thing. I’m going to slap you on the ass today.”

I got down on all fours and turned my ass to Keita-kun. I was so embarrassed. Keita can see my pussy and anus. I’m embarrassed, but I’m addicted to it.

“You big ass! You’re making me squirm! You’re a fat lump!”

Keita-kun slapped my ass hard. My buttocks made a nice sound that reverberated around the room.

“Hyahahahahah!!!! Hnnnggg! My ass!!!… More ohhhh… More ohhhh!”

I had thought that I had become erotic because of Keita-kun. But that was a shift of responsibility. It seems I originally had an erotic mind of my own.

I realized that Keita-kun was the benefactor who brought it out.

I am grateful to Keita-kun, whom I disliked so much, and I want to have a lot of sex with him in the future.

I am Noboru’s girlfriend in the relationship with Keita, even though my body and mind belong to him now. I am Noboru’s girlfriend for one reason: he won’t break up with me.

“Sana, what’s wrong?”

Keita-kun asked while stroking my breasts on the bed.

“I want to be Keita-kun’s woman. But Noboru is in the way. He won’t break up with me.”

“What do you want to do, Sana?”

“I want to break up with Noboru as soon as possible. I like Keita better, who satisfies me from the bottom of my heart, more than Noboru, who never satisfies me.”

“I see. I have an idea. But you still have to wait a little longer.”

“I don’t know what Keita-kun’s good idea is. But I am sure that Keita-kun would do something about it.”



The next day, I visited Keita-kun’s house again. Wearing a thong I had bought by mail order, I entered Keita-kun’s room with a sense of excitement.

“Keita-kun. Let’s have sex today, too.”

“You came, Sana. I won’t let you go home until tonight, is that okay?”


Today, too, I’m going to have a lot of sex as Keita-kun’s woman.

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11 months ago

I feel bad for Noboru, but this is exciting.