Y. NTR Ch.44

Ch 44

The man gulped from the beginning.

This was because a very shocking sight was shown on the screen.

Before the camera’s viewpoint was shifted to the shorts, only a deep cleavage was visible, not even a bra.

However, the scene had changed.

The shirt Imai was wearing was wrinkled.

Her body was also covered in sweat, and the shirt had become a very disgusting item because it clung to her body and clearly showed the lines of her body.

The sweat also made her bright red bra, the same color as her shorts, show through the shirt.

The deep cleavage had been visible before, but the beads of sweat were floating on the pure white skin, clearly showing how it flowed down the skin and disappeared into the cleavage.

It was too sensational, too sexy.

The amount of money thrown increased again. The man was one of the throwers.

“It’s hot. The windows are closed, so once I start sweating, I can’t stop.”

“Imai” tries to cool her body by flapping her hands.

She pulls on her shirt to send air into her sweat-exposed cleavage, and she lets out a squeal as if she is truly comfortable.

What a lewd scene this was!

The man was trying to look into her cleavage from above, even though there was no way he could do it since he was looking through the screen.

‘What? Uh… well, I was playing with the top myself, and it got all crumpled up.’

“Imai” laughs.

I see, that makes sense.

‘Ehh… I don’t have a choice…’

A straightforward text flows through the screen, asking her to quickly take off her shirt and bra and show us her boobs.

Seeing this, “Imai,” who, instead of feeling offended, smiles somewhat provocatively, she can be said to know very well how to treat a man.

She slowly removed her shirt in response to her appearance.


A man’s mouth leaks out in delight.

The woman’s breasts, covered by a bright red bra, were full and voluptuous. They were G-cups as “Imai” said, and radiated a violent sexuality.

It was not that he had no experience at all, but he had plenty of it.

However, even wrapped in a bra, it was a rare thing to see such a large cup.

The bright red, provocative bra also made her dangerously attractive.

“Fufu. I’m going to do it… eh ♡”

A very happy “Imai” voice comes through.

She pulls the shoulder strap off her shoulder with a quick pull and drops it down…


The amount of money thrown at her skyrocketed.

The reason was that “Imai’s” magnificent breasts were exposed in front of the screen.

Her skin was spotless and pure white, with beads of sweat floating on it.

Her large, heaving breasts looked so soft that we felt as if we were about to be swallowed by their power.

With breasts this large, no matter how young “Imai” is, they are likely to lose their shape and sag, but they are still beautiful and well-shaped.

It is only natural that the center of gravity is a little lower.

And, cherry-colored nipples are on the top.

They are already obscenely erect, and you will surely enjoy the feeling of their nipples hardening when you touch them.

“I’ve already shown it to everyone, so it’s natural to get excited.”

When the words “nipples standing up” were played, ‘Imai’ sounded a little embarrassed and said so.

“Well, then, please enjoy my tits.”

As she said that, the camera brought up to “Imai’s” ample breasts.

The rest of her breasts were too large to fit on the screen. We cannot even see her face.

It was a little disappointing, but since more than half of her face was covered by a mask, it was not a problem.

Rather, the fact that her breasts are so beautiful even when photographed in such close-up shots keeps the man aroused.


“Imai’s” small hands reached out and squeezed her voluminous breasts.

Not that her hands were particularly small, but the breasts were not small enough to be completely covered by a woman’s hands.

The milk flesh leaking between her fingers was so obscene that it was enough to make a man’s groin harden.

The small, gnawing hands played with the large breasts.

She rubbed the entire breast as if stroking it, and then squeezed it so hard that it left a mark.

She lightly pinched the nipples and supported them from below to show off the weight of her G-cups and shake them.

The viewers are transfixed by the various changes in her breasts and focus their attention on them.

“… Idiot, where are you touching…!”

Therefore, the small, muffled voices could not be heard.

The fact that the camera was not of high enough quality to pick up detailed sound was a major factor.

The body of “Imai” was moving in some kind of a wriggling motion.



Suddenly, the camera blurred with a loud voice, and the man let out a surprised sound.

A large number of letters flowed through the screen, asking what was wrong.

“I’m sorry. I played around with my bottom a little bit, and it’s more than I thought it would be…”

What a…

Isn’t she a wonderfully naughty girl?

Unexpectedly, the man smiles and throws money. He is a pervert.

“Nngggghh, hihi…♡”

The screen again shows only her tits.

Her soft breasts dance on the screen, swaying with her movements as she must be in agony.

The man stares at the scene as if it were burned into his eyes.

Even though there was a faint sound of something slurping, he did not notice it.

“Ki, Ihi, Fu, Hmm ~~~~ ♡”

Plump and bountiful breasts were swaying.

It was as if she was running her hands over her crotch area, her arms were narrowed so that her G-cup breasts were gathered together and their size was further emphasized.

It seems that she is trying to escape from something that keeps burying its face in her crotch area and licking her pubic area insidiously.

“Oh no, you can’t go there…! It’s too sensitive…♡”

I can hear her huffing and puffing and sniffing roughly.

The woman’s body is shaking in a distressed and disgusting manner.

Sweat is also floating on her white skin, making it shine suspiciously.

She seemed to be trying to push something away from her, but the thing stuck to her crotch was so strong that it did not seem to budge.

However, only a few viewers noticed the change in “Imai,” and unfortunately, this man did not seem to notice.

This was because he was devoting all his attention to seeing her powerful breasts, soaked in sweat and with obscenely erect nipples, which rivaled those of gravure idols.


However, when “Imai’s” limbs jumped strongly, many viewers noticed something was wrong.

What’s wrong? were flowing across the screen in large numbers, but she did not seem to notice.

The only thing shown on the screen was a pair of sweat-soaked breasts that were shaking and pulling.

The body of “Imai” was quivering and stiffening for a while, but…


The screen shook.

“Imai” tilted herself backward, and the camera was knocked down accordingly.

There seemed to be a bed right behind her, and there she was lying on her back, her whole body on the bed.

Her hair was sticking to her forehead, and her face was shown with a flaming expression.

It was the kind of eye that, even though the mask did not show the lower half of her face, you could tell that she had an incredibly erotic expression on her face.

The eyes were so sexy that they looked like they were in a feverish state of debauchery, and I almost ejaculated even though I had not even touched them.

“I came…”

“Imai” exhaled hot breaths as if entranced.

Probably, she climaxed by playing with her groin area by herself.

Guessing this fact, the amount of throwaway money increases.

… But the man suddenly wonders.

I’ve been watching all this time and have viewed all her masturbation feeds, but I’ve never seen her climax so deeply.

Something seems different from the “Imai” I’ve seen before.

With that in mind, I type and send the text but…

“Nn~? Ggh, ah…♡”

With a jerk, her body jumped and her eyes widened.

She was looking at the text, and she let out a hauntingly charming cry.

And the image being delivered in front of the wide-eyed man was the light creak of the bed and the gently swaying body of “Imai”!

“This is…”

“Ah! It’s time to go! Thanks for watching! And thanks even more to those of you who gave me some change! I’ll be back… Bye!”

As I was about to type one thing that came to my mind, feeling so excited that I was about to lose consciousness, “Imai,” who uttered the words at once as if in a panic, cut off the delivery.

The screen changes to black.

The man could do nothing but continue to stare in amazement at the change.

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