R.C. Ch.8

Ch 8

“Mom, please.”

“No. I can’t do it! Ao-kun is my Ao-kun! Other women can’t hear your voices, and I don’t want them to see you!”

“Please, Mom.”

It’s been about thirty minutes since we’ve continued this exchange.

“I will do whatever you want in exchange for letting me do it.”

“… Kiss.”


“Yeah. Can you kiss me?”

Kiss, kiss?

… We’re family, so it doesn’t count.

I gently kissed my mother’s lips.

It was only for a few seconds, but my mom’s lips were so lush and soft… I was thrilled.

“Ao-kun, I can’t believe you actually did it. I’ll do anything you say, Ao-kun. I love you!”

“It’s not fair, it’s not fair, it’s not fair! It’s not fair that only mom gets the kiss. Can I have one too?”

Then Rimi closes her eyes and offers her lips to me.

“Okay, okay.”

I gently kissed her.

She reacted as if she were flustered, her cheeks turning bright red.

“Oh, big brother. I love you. I love you.  He kissed me, right? It’s a privilege that only family members have. Stupid women would never be able to do it. All they can do is kiss the screen. Hmm, I kissed my brother.”

Rimi returned to her room with a dazed look on her face.

I wonder if she is okay.

“Ao-kun, you can broadcast the video, but you must wear a mask. Don’t show your whole face.”

“Okay. Thank you, Mother.”

“I’ll listen to anything you say, Ao-kun. I love you.”

She hugged me tightly and I hugged her back, smiling happily.

“Ao-kun is really cool and cute and the pride of all mankind. I have to thank God. God let me give birth to such a cute little boy. He is kind to women. Please keep it that way.”

“Yeah. I’ll never hurt you again mom. I love you.”


She was so happy that the power to hug me became stronger and I was held firmly.

I spent a few minutes comforting my mother.

When she finally let me go, I proceeded to prepare for the streaming and sat down in the chair.

“Well, let’s begin.”

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1 year ago


An empty existence
An empty existence
1 year ago


10 months ago

Finally here, incest! Now the question is: how much time would it take to become sexual?

4 months ago
Reply to  Akirei

The girls here are the predators, so…